Angelina Jolie, Lady GaGa Affair Rumors Intensify!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Angelina Jolie and Lady GaGaREMEMBER that report from Friday about Angelina Jolie and Lady GaGa?

Apparently they’ve been having some kind of affair!

Well, now there’s more information!

Author Ian Halperin — who first floated the Jolie/GaGa affair rumor — says the Poker Face singer has always been infatuated with the Tomb Raider actress.

“If there’s one person in the world she talks repeatedly about it’s Angelina,” a source said. “For years GaGa has had a thing for her. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’re having a fling. I think they’re like two peas in a pod.”

The source even speculates that GaGa might meet up with Angie after the Grammys.

“Apparently GaGa will not stay long at the after party,” said the insider.

“She is supposed to be going somewhere that’s top secret. It wouldn’t surprise me if its somewhere to meet her someone special.”

Another source revealed that GaGa splashed out almost $80k on lingerie to impress Jolie.

“There’s a someone special in her life that she wants to please,” said the source.

Of course, all of this is pretty ludicrous.. But it’s fun to read nonetheless!



  • Xisme

    What a lode of rubbish… that is just a hilarious fantasty rumor hahahaha.. how stupid..

  • Aaron

    There is no more “information.” There is just more BS. That Ian idiot is so full of BS it’s embarrassing that anyone repeats any of his crazy stories. This guy sure is milking his 15 minutes of fame.

    One day you are going to mindlessly repeat a BS rumor that really causes damage.

  • Jennifer Angela

    Jolie is bisexual. We all know that. So why should she NOT have something going on with Miss Gaga? I believe she had.

    Apart from that Miss Gaga would jump into anybody´s bed just to gain more popularity. So Jolie was not very picky!

  • Gaguita

    Didn’t Rosie O’Donnell say Jolie went after her? So why should it surprise us? Angelina and Lady GaGa both say they are bisexual, and Angelina recently said to a German magazine that she and Brad have an open relationship… Why wouldn’t Jolie be attracted to GaGa’s incredible talent and unique personality?

  • REALbarbwire7

    PLEASE, tell me you’re joking that you want us to believe this. It’s as stupid as Brad and Jennifer Aniston getting back together. How sad that we can’t just let them be a couple. If they break up, it will be their doing, and I’m sure we’ll know when they confirm it. What a shame that the media has to wish that kind of heartache on anyone, just to get their rocks off. You know? I would not be surprised if Angie thought Gaga was a great talent. She is! And Angie has an open mind…..she’s also a mom, a humanitarian (whether or not she is married, divorced, single, or otherwise), and as far as we know, in a long-term, committed relationship with Brad. Leave them the “F” alone already.

  • REALbarbwire7

    Can you imagine being Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, and seeing this trash? I feel for them. Regardless of how their relationship is going, I cannot fathom being watched under a microscope, and when nothing is found, making up the most ridiculous news possible. I’m sure they expect untruth’s, but COME ON….GET REAL.

  • http://yahoo Tochi Opara

    why all the hoopla abt Brad & Angie? What goes around comes around.What was she thinking when Brad left Jen for her? Quintessential woman,the solution to everyman’s fantasy? Get real,the game is up & if the gossip columns have it right Jen may just have the last laugh for the dignified way she handled her pain. Cant say Angie will do same only time will tell.

  • Troy

    They’re both pigs. Used-up goods.

  • Troy

    Angelina and Gag-Gag = Used-up goods.

  • sani

    both of them R great

  • Calista Preli

    Such a pity that negative folk are still out there thirsting for a pound of flesh.

  • SugarDiamond

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  • http://yahoo amy

    this is crazy angie have kids with brad first they say she is a man eater now a lesbian too much rubbish no days GROW UP.

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