Taylor Swift Texting Taylor Lautner!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taylor SwiftTAYLOR Swift has been texting ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

The singer — who recently split from the Twilight heartthrob after a brief romance — says she and Lautner are still in touch, and have remained friends.

“Everybody sees my every move now,” Swift, 20, said in an interview with Britain’s News of The World newspaper.

“I’m seeing him next week to film more scenes for [upcoming movie] Valentine’s Day. We’re texting.”

Unlike other young stars, Taylor realizes that being in the public eye means she has to behave herself.

“I hope I never change the way I live my life just because everyone’s watching it,” she said.

“If I don’t want to be photographed doing something, then I probably shouldn’t do it..”

Swift is due to perform at tonight’s Grammy Awards.



  • Sam

    people should really give them a break, screaming fans papperazi and rumors. someone’s there everywhere they go.its so crazy

  • Anonymous

    Swift said this AGES ago when they were still filming ‘Valentines Day’ (Back in 2009) So it’s kinda quite old, AND before the

    This interview was officially published in the most recent issue of Sugar magazine, and it is fairly obvious that the actual interview took place a while back, as one, they aren’t filming anymore and two, this interview has been passed on from Sugar, to News Of The World and so on, the interviews were EXACTLY the same.

    This is how rumors start and so what if they are texting? It has been claimed that the two never had chemistry in the first place AND that Swift has been spotted with John Mayer as well as supposedly reconnecting with Joe Jonas too, so they can’t be that much in love…that’s if they ever were in the first place…

  • Ellen

    Taylor Swift has been spotted EATING with John Mayer, not DATING John Mayer. She has been very honest and said he is just a musician mentor. People want to make more of it than there is but Taylor is not into John Mayer. He is old and not her type. She “reconnected” with Joe Jonas as in she started talking to him again in a NORMAL, professional way. They run in the same circles and it’s immature not to be on a speaking basis. She is NOT going to be dating Joe Jonas again. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are both nice kids and don’t need people spreading false rumors about them.

  • http://dancersunitecharlotte.blogspot.com/ charlotte

    ***If I don’t want to be photographed doing something, then I probably shouldn’t do it.***

    So true!!!

  • http://Change123 Hannah

    hi im a big fan i love ur music but to much makup u would look dater with out makup it couse way people have macup on u look like a hore with makup :)