Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Melissa Joan HartMELISSA Joan Hart is getting back to work!

The Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress is teaming up with Joey Lawrence for a new sitcom.

The show, called Melissa and Joey, will air on the ABC Family Channel — possibly as soon as this summer.

Hart and Lawrence have a lot in common — they both competed on US TV show Dancing with the Stars and appeared as a TV couple in record-breaking 2009 television movie My Fake Fiance.

Melissa and Joey, which revolves around a woman (Hart) who hires a male nanny (Lawrence) to help her take care of her incarcerated sister’s kids, was written for the pair.


  • chris

    I was about to say the same thing. Sounds like Who’s the boss. instead of her own kids there her sisters big twist whats the spoof a camio from tony danza

  • Ricki Lake

    In the first episode it will show Joey banging Melissa doggie. And Joey Screams out “Woa”!!!! when he is done….

  • http://Showbiz ME

    Yea, I am glad that Melissa is coming back to TV Land. I trully am still watching her Sabrina the T-Witch and recording it daily. She has a way of bringing Joy to the screen and I am over 55 and a African-American woman and I still enjoy the clean and fresh environment from the the sitcom. I do not watch a lot of them. I think most of them are CACA.

  • Jules

    I am one of the ones who liked who’s the boss! I actually named my kids jonathan and samantha, haha!!! I think this will be a good show, melissa is a good actress and well as for joey he’s just funny!!! Can’s wait 2 see it.

  • roberta baker

    i’m unsettlingly excited about this.

  • JON

    Sounds like a remake of who’s the boss?, hummm, replaced with nephews instead of her own kids, nice twist. Melissa and Joey sounds pertty good, hope it does not flop!

  • Panther6170


  • charlotte

    I am so excited about this show! I love Melissa, Joey, My Fake Fiance, Who’s The Boss, Clarissa, Sabrina, Blossom, and probably a lot of other things somewhat related to this new show, LOL.

  • Malz

    I have a better name for the show….”Who’s the Boss?”

  • mike

    i want a spanking by melissa joan hart she a sexy female. alway want be spanked by her joey is funny and great iam big fan of both of them i seen all the shows they been on

  • Hadee

    I’m glad she’ll be on tv again. I’ve always liked her. She always seemed really mature and responsible. I’m glad she didn’t end up messed up like a lot of child stars did. Melissa and Alyssa Milano have both done well for themselves. And, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, too. Congrats to Melissa and to Joey! They’ll make a great pair and bring family fun back to tv again!

  • Cathy Viviano

    I honestly think that in my personal opinions, this show will go down the draino.

    Think about it, two “has beens” from TV. Actor Joey Lawrence and actress Melissa Joan Hart on a new show for ABC Family. I think ABC Family already has their hands full with other shows ie Step By Step, Sabrina the teenage witch, Full House, etc.

    Sorry Melissa and Joey, you’re just too “old” for TV.

    Catherine Laurence Viviano

  • RWoody

    It’s about time! I’m glad Melissa is coming back to TV! I’ve been a huge MJH fan since Clarissa Explains it All. I loved Sabrina as well. I hope this show takes off. They Should Put it on ABC After Scrubs (Push “Better of Ted” to before Scrubs).

  • Tina

    I will check it out..i wish that the show was going to be based
    on the movie they did “My Fake Fiance”…that was cute and
    would have made a cute show!!

  • Allan

    I never saw Clariss, but I loved Sabrina, I hope she does great. As for Joey, they should go with someone else. He’s too much of a troublemaker. None of the Lawrence boys are worth a plugged nickel.

  • Rommel

    Who will be Mellisa’s little GAY son ? And will her daughter be as hot as Alyssa Milano ? Legitimate questions !



  • Bill Stell

    I’m counting on MJHs new show to be a big hit. You don’t need all
    of the vulgarity and sexual overtones for a TV sit com to be funny.
    Sabrina the T-witch was a perfect example of hilarious comedy without venturing into the bedroom or the sexual preferences of
    perverted deviates. I still watch Sabrina’s re-runs and get the same
    uplifting feeling from laughter when the show is over every time I
    watch her and her aunts. Personally, MJH is an absolute class act,
    has a great family and amazing talents as an actress. I wish her the
    greatest success in her new show.
    “The Reno Kid”

  • Mellisa Joan Fart

    Ilike it Doggie Style!….I also like to give a nasty sanchez to my co-stars!

  • http://MelissaJoanHart Roni Aloisio

    I think it is Ok they are both great actors, but there is another reality show coming out and I would be interested to be on it. About your long lost love well mine goes back to before Jr High and I am no 50 and so is he’ but we are still seperated by distance. How can I find out about this show and bridge the gap in our lives? P.S. Melissa & Joey.

  • Freelance Sam

    She is without doubt my favorite actress right now. What an amazing performer. Just wonderful!