John Edwards ‘Used to Beat Elizabeth Edwards’

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

John EdwardDISGRACED politician John Edwards used to beat his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth, according to a bombshell new report.

Two-time Presidential loser John — who had an affair with some woman called Rielle Hunter, with whom he fathered a love child– and Elizabeth announced last week that they’d be divorcing.

“John lost his temper big-time,” a source close to Elizabeth told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence.

“She’s holding that over his head right now — and he’s scared. Elizabeth is in control.

“Elizabeth has slapped John in the past during fights over his extramarital affair with Rielle.

“She was so tormented by John’s cheating and lies that she lashed out physically at him many times, even slapping him. On a couple of occasions, when the fights became heated, she grabbed him by the shoulders and screamed, ‘Why, why, why?!’

“Elizabeth would break down in tears and try to make John explain why he was throwing his family and political life away.

“During one of the confrontations, Elizabeth grabbed his arms and shook him so hard that John had to restrain her.”



  • Yami

    He’s a total jerk, but i’m not sure restraining someone who’s slapping YOU qualifies as domestic violence. It all depends on whether the force was proportional to get her to stop. If he pulled a Chris Brown and started punching her til her face was black and blue, that’s a clear case.

  • http://ShowbizY Rose

    Good for Elizabeth for dumping his sorry a__. I always thought he was a ladies man and I am sad to say I was correct.
    One day when his wife loses her life to cancer, he will have so much guilt his own children will turn away from him. He’s a piece of work!

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  • http://Yahoo Karen

    I believe completely that John Edwards hit his cancer stricken wife being the fine example of a man he has been over the last several years. He is a despicable human being who belongs behind bars for assault. I hope when his children get older they will find out exactly what kind of person their father is and exclude him from their lives just as Elizabeth has now done.

  • Abby

    Can you imagine if he’d been elected president and all this crappy stuff came out while he was in the White House?

    I can just see Elizabeth moving her stuff out and Rielle replete with all the baby gear moving in!!

    Should have know somebody who got $400 haircuts was a axxhole.

    Just a darn good thing he is not President.

  • Leonardo Zwiebel

    Good job, i need some time to think about this. Thanks

    Follow me on Twitter

  • Keith

    If you look up ‘white trash’ in the dictionary, I’m sure you’d find pictures of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter there…

  • Carol Gibson

    Very good, Keith! It scares me when I think he could be President.

    • greeneyedjo

      And you do???????????????????

  • renay

    like so many men he got tired. I don’t think he is the monster he’s portrayed.That’s too easy! Ever wonder why some “news” sees the light of day and some doesn’t? Grow up boys and girls; ya’ll have no clue what goes on ”up there”.

  • pAT CALA

    Rielle is the villan in this saga, and John was sucked in. Anyone that has been active in politics knows that they all fool around. As I reread my sentence I thought, sorry biblial, but well known. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
    Did any reporters think that what they were printing, would help save this marriage, family?
    I would hope that Elizabeth would have some guidance to say to herself and her family….. Live like it’s heaven on earth.
    “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

  • Gioconda Pachay

    Elizabeth Edwards should think about her future and her children’s future. Elizabeth, “you need to make sure that once the divorce is settle, you get all the money that John Edwards has and leave him with nothing and I mean nothing; because he cheated and he wants out make it cost him.” Please do this honey because I really feel what this man did to you. God Bless.

  • Marla Lopez

    Rielle Hunter’s latest photo shoot with GQ is proof that this woman is a completely wrapped up in herself. But the worst thing that she is is an insensitive and vindictive human. It’s not enough that she had an affair with John Edwards and got herself pregnant, but she doesn’t care about the hurt and pain that her constant public portrayals cause John Edwards wife and children—and her own child. Most women in her situaiton would be content to be living in a lovely “free” home with monthly checks to boot–not her–she is an attention seeker and will stop at nothing. John made a VERY HUGE MISTAKE IN BECOMING INVOLVED WITH THIS SHE-DEVIL!

  • Lois

    And I thought he was a gentleman. Guess they all think
    with the wrong brain!

  • Poopsie

    AND, we thot. John was the perfect example of what a husband and father should be!!! How badly can one person disappoint so many people. John will get what’s coming to him one of these days and I would not want to be in his shoes. It takes a very very little man to abuse a woman.
    Elizabeth is a lady first,a very good mother secondly and I want to think a good wife BEFORE John decided he needed someone or something more exciting in his life. Well, he got it. His future is ruined and rightfully so. I hope he repents of his sins before he loses Elizabeth.

  • JOJO

    I agree with Elizabeth not to divorce John Edwards, why give them the easy way out. Better to stay together and make John’s and Hunter’s life miserable.

  • kevin

    Isn’t it true (can some one comment on this?)in most states that either partner in a marriage can file for divorce, regardless of reason (including alienation of affection or irreconcilable differences)? I don’t think that John has to have her approval, just as he didn’t ask permission to hop on that home-wrecking slut.
    He’s already had his punishment, and he’ll only receive more (deservedly) if he remarries. He is a figure of fun, a confirmed example of the classic two-faced politician-lawyer with a Saville-Row suit, a $400 haircut, and a whoremonger’s character. We reap what we sow, as anyone can see if they but look.

  • Jay Pee

    Who said that this man was thinking with the wrong brain? Its more like he was thinking with the south-of-the-border parts.

  • john pater

    I think most of the respondents are a bunch of hypocrites. All judging about things they know nothing about. What do we know what went on between man and wife? It is all based on hearsay, rumors and spicy tabloid talk. I think John has been punished enough by the media, hope the wife will have a healthy prosperous life and let her husband free and for Ms. Hunter, there are no laws to forbid you to fall in love, but in this overly religous country you are condemned by default.

  • http://yahoo nanci

    I think John is still seeing Reille because how come she have so much confidence that John is going to marry her, and John even told her he will marry her when Liz is dead, so look out for the roof top wedding. I hope Liz gave the house she was renovating to her oldest daughter, so John wont get to carry Reille in there. But Reille is a selfish narrow minded woman, she ran after John with heels blazing, cause he’s rich and not a bad looking guy.

  • Katie12

    I don’t think he beat her. She is the type of women that would have put him in the “The Burning Bed” if ya know what I mean. Like me he would have been very sorry pay backs are a BITCH!

  • Nicole

    I do not trust anyone whose hair looks better than mine. It’s just too much perfection on his part. Everytime i think of him or attempt to read his book, i hurl to my stomach, but i am reading his wife’s book. May God smile upon her memory and to her children’s future…

  • Mark

    these celebs are absolutely nuts!