Brad Pitt ‘Regrets Dumping Jennifer Aniston For Angelina Jolie’

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brad Pitt and Jennifer AnistonBRAD Pitt is desperate to jump back into bed with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

It’s just a shame she’s no longer interested.

According to a report in America’s OK! magazine, the actor has told pals he sometimes regrets leaving Aniston after five years of marriage and actually still loves her, but he stays with Angelia Jolie for his children’s sake.

Meanwhile, Ian Halperin, author of Brangelina: The Untold Story, predicts Brangelina will announce their split “when no one expects it.”

It was recently claimed that things have gotten so bad between Brad and Angelina that the actor has been slagging off the Tomb Raider star to anyone who will listen.

“Brad’s been calling her a bitch behind her back,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

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  • Kate

    Of course Brad loves Jen and is not happy with Jolie – it is written all over his face so it is not because tabloids say it why one can believe it – of course they create things – but it is enough to see the expression on his face once – not to mention the same unhappy expression last 5 years – especcially when he isa standing next to Jolie. Maybe it is better that he can’t leave now because the public will think even worse of him – so he is stuck now to drink his misery all life after hurting jen.

  • jesse

    Amen. Can’t say it any better Kate. Even though most of these mags report sh*t, the face tells all, as does body language, and gestures. She is a control freak, who’s insecure, and fears lonliness, and he is regreting everything he has ever done. I want them to split, only so that full of herself jolie realizes she can’t always win, but in reality he needs to stay with her to regret more and more each day what a fool he was for letting something good go for something random, exciting, but not everylasting.

  • Truth

    No he doesn’t….Brad & Jen were a FAKE HOLLYWOOD COUPLE put together by their agents to make MONEY….When Brad decided he wanted children he left because Jen DOESN’T want to have kids…He may regret being with Jolie, but he doesn’t regret leaving Jen.

    • You’re pathetic.

      i don’t know if any of this shit is true, but the fact that they set up by their agents doesn’t make this relationship fake. actually, how did brad and angie met? on the set of their movie. isn’t this an agent’s job?
      i have to agree that brad looked more happy back then, but hey- what do i know? i’m sure he left jen for a reason. you don’t just leave such an adorable chick for no reason aren’t ya? :)

      • Julie BubbleGums Lil SIS

        I know why he left Jen…It was a piece of *AHEM* (sorry no other way to put it)strange, exciting are we gonna get caught tail. And it was all that at the moment. But when people divorce common friends have to decide which side of fence on friendship field to go to. And usually after the loss of the common friends is the new friends of the new exciting flavor of the moment or month depending on how stupid they get with the cheating. Usually if it happened once it will happen a million times… Trust me seen it too many times counseling. And after he stepped it was into a pile of Jolie ewwwwwwwww. Along with her child so he was finally able to play daddy. I think Pitts wants to become a father were based on his family being close, having siblings, and being part of a in my humble opinion because I have not seen his family interact happy family. And with Jolie her relationship with brother is questionably incestuous. And her relationship with her father is often strained on a good day. So he has stepped into a pile of crap with out the benefit of hip waders. And it is not a kind world he has entered into. If you ever notice the press with him & jen was not a photo op every corner they turned. And thanks to the breakup of him and Jen, Angelina has gained what she set out to do. Play the people like morons and ewwwwwwwwww look at me I did not ever never sleep with then now or ever would I sleep with a married man. I personally think she sees her self being with the next Ronald Reagan. And that is fine. But it is time for people to stop buying into her and allowing her to exploit 6 children. And has anyone noticed that she pr he or both are attempting to turn Shiloh into a boy and at a time when it is most crucial for her own identity as a person to learn there are differences in boys and girls. Fine let her be a tomboy don’t confuse her about her sexuality and allow her to grow up insecure. There were way too many kids way too quick!

      • lovely

        Of the three of them (Angelina, Brad, and Jen), only Angelina is the FAKE one and so her relationship!


      SO TRUE….ANTISON…is a skank…home wrecker..bitch

      • River

        Are you freaking kidding me!! Aniston the home wrecker?! Who slept with another womens husband? Jolie – and Brd Pitt wasn’t the first guy she’s stolen. Remember Billy Bob Thorton and Laura Dern?

    • mp

      ur wong wrongg wrongggggg… expressions says it all

  • sandy

    It doesn’t matter if he regrets leaving Jennifer or not its his own fault and he heas to live with it. Jennifer is free to do what she wants and I do not believe its him.So good luck Brad.Live happily ever after.I never saw so many nieve people.

  • wikig

    What a load of BS from Halperin I mean his book is based on unamed sources hell I can be an unamed source and say some BS about Brad and Ange??? Halperin and the other rag mags have never ever had a one on one interview with Brad or Ange!?
    I agree with Truth Brad will never go back to Jen he has been there and does not regret leaving her if Brad was so in love with Jen why would he have left her and not worked there marriage out?? Get over it Brad and Ange are together now!!!

    • Chrissy

      Gawd you are a pig. who cares who Pitt is with, calling someone man faced or horse faced, that is low maybe you should look in a mirror and find your own flaws instead of inventing flaws in others. I find it sad you people yep I said it YOU people have nothing else to do with your time but pick on someone who would not give you the time of day, go eat some more cheese balls cry in your cerial and leave the famous alone your just jealous you do not have the wealth they have.

    • Chrissy

      OHHH yes and I was talking to you Lara not wikig

  • Lara

    People are tired of your lies. You are one bitter magazine because Brad and Angelina would not sell you their pictures of the twins. So this is how you get your revenge? How despicable you are.

    Brad said to Parade Magazine, “I have love in my life’ (speaking of Angie, and “Angie and I have laid down roots!” He said she is his soulmate. Parade Magazine is a LEGITIMATE publication.

    You print your lies about him wanting to go back to Jen because you are paid to do so. No man wants Jen, especially NOT Brad Pitt. He is with the love of his life, Angelina and with all the beautiful children he longed for which selfish Man Face Aniston would never give him.

    • Salty

      Yeah, Brad with the self-centered Angelina who uses 6 innocent and beautiful children to make Brad her prisoner. Angelina hates to give him just a drop of freedom because she knows for a fact that Brad is so tired of her insecurity. Ladies consider yourself warned, this is a lesson of women who entrap their men and oneday those men will going to wake up and wants nothing but to get out. Love is not imprisonment, its about freedom….feeling free to choose to stay or TO GO!

  • Hanna

    Yeah, Brad is so “desperate” to get back with the old Hag Jen A that he ignored her completely at the Telethon, and loves up on Angelina every chance he gets.

    Let’s take good look at Angie and ugly jen.

    Let’s see. One has a hot man, 6 gorgeous children, and a hot career. The other one has men running the other way, her movies flopping, and the only way she can stay relevant is to be associated with her EX-husband. Yep, I’m sure Jennifer is much happier than Angelina in her dreams.

    • Chrissy

      why are you so mean to Jenn? would you like someone calling you a hag or names? you people are disgusting have nothing better to do but cut down someone jesus get a life, get off YOUR ugly haggard a$$ and go to a gym, jesus you make me sick.

    • Judy

      One has a hot man that she seduced from his wife,6 children that have MOMMIE DEAREST as a mother,and a hot career???that has alot to be desired,on the other hand the other one has class,dignity,and a old hag,you have got to be serious,Jolie looks like she’s been around the block so many times she’s exhausted,she looks at least 10 years older than Pitt.You can’t compare the two women,one has major issues(beyond useing sex to steal husbands)and the other just dosen’t want to make the same mistake she made with trusting and loving her husband.

  • SassyChic

    It’s obvious that Brad is not happy just by looking at his face. Angie doesn’t look happy either. Here’s a message for the both of them: Don’t think for one minute you can fool those kids. They know what’s going on and you can’t hide it from them. Also, coming from experience – don’t think staying together for the kid’s sake is the right thing to do. Being subjected to an environment of continual strife, friction, mixed messages and emotionally distant parents is the worst thing you can do for your kids. Take it like a man (and woman) and do the right thing as soon as possible. Forget the PR bull crap, you both have enough money to live well and raise your kids for the rest of their lives, even if you don’t ever work again.

  • no

    Look at these comments. These are the kind of people who BELIEVE THIS SHIT! Ridiculous…

  • Kanesha

    Here’s what I say. WHO CARES! Quite frankly I don’t give two cents about the personal lives of Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile and Jennifer Aniston. If any of this crap is even true, it’s really none of our business and shame on Brad for opening his big mouth about his unhappiness and speaking about it in public. Sheesh, leave Brad, Angelina and Jennifer alone and let them wallow in their shit that they call lives.

  • Yessy

    lol…funny…come on..Brad of course wanted to hit a hot lady like Angelina…and also he want it to be a father…Aniston is a cute pretty lady…Angelina is a hot hard to handle woman…if Aniston takes him back after all the crying out loud she did all over tv and magazines she will look so stupid…like a puppy begging for his master to come back and lick his hand like nothign happen…come on Jen..he cheated on you!!…you deserve someone better.

  • Sue

    Brad was so stupid to leave jennifer, shes a lovely person and not false like Angelina well now he has learnt an important lesson its too late. Angelina is so cheap and tacky that even make up carnt hide whats inside. Sorry Brad but you left class for trash.

  • Richard

    I agree, jennifer has always carried herself well. Angelina is too sweet to be wholesome ( other words completely false). What a fool you are Brad.

  • Steve

    If Angelina had even a little class she wouldnt have made a play for a married man . Shes nothing but a cheap tart

  • Eva

    Given a choice, who would you choose? Big chin boring Maniston or Angelina Jolie who, lets face it, is gorgeous, smart and just a bit dangerous.
    It makes me laugh that there are so many women furiously defending boring big chin over a relationship that they know nothing about. Would you be happier if Pitt and Manniston stayed together even though they were unhappy, just so you could feel good about yourself? Let these people live their lives and try to find happiness where they can, even if (god forbid) their life decisions make you unhappy.

    • Chloe

      A bit dangerous! Please, a very dangerous and insecure woman that Angelina is. Angelina is one manipulative and pathological liar. Brad screams to every pictures with her that he is “Trapped” with this woman’s sick manipulation. She knows that Jen and Brad didn’t have a child, and voila, she gives her 6 innocents kids not only to love and care but so he will be left with no choice but to stay for their sake. He loves the children true, but he is so unhappy with that Angelina. The body language and his looks in every pictures with that woman screams beyond Misery!


    Jennifer will never take Brad back. She is to good to take second best. She will get the right partner at the rigth time and have kids , her own or his kids or adopted kids. she dont need a men to have a life. She looked so pretty at the awards. I am glad that for men who likes to make her feel good, like gerald. They knew all eyes were on

  • ela

    whether this is true or not. IT’S NOT NORMAL TO PATHOLOGIZE THE VICTIM. the victim here was jennifer aniston. to verbally and rabidly attack the woman who was cheated on signifies that whoever does this is a PREDATOR. an emotional, unethical, immoral predator. if these people were running things, rape victims, murder victims would also be to blame. this is TWISTED SICK THINKING. jennifer aniston DID NOT NOTHING to either of those two…she didn’t even publicly speak about it for years…here and there she did, but maybe once or twice, while b and a, all they kept talking about on tv, is how much they’re in love, how they’re soul-mates, how they found love on the movie-set, how they couldn’t be happier, and look at the ruse it’s turned out to be…
    anyway…whoever pathologizes the victim is a predator. PERIOD.

  • ollja

    whether this is true or not. IT’S NOT NORMAL TO PATHOLOGIZE THE VICTIM. the victim here was jennifer aniston. to verbally and rabidly attack the woman who was cheated on signifies that whoever does this is a PREDATOR. an emotional, unethical, immoral predator. if these people were running things, rape victims, murder victims would also be to blame. this is TWISTED SICK THINKING. jennifer aniston DID NOT NOTHING to either of those two…she didn’t even publicly speak about it for years…here and there she did, but maybe once or twice, while b and a, all they kept talking about on tv, is how much they’re in love, how they’re soul-mates, how they found love on the movie-set, how they couldn’t be happier, and look at the ruse it’s turned out to be…
    anyway…whoever pathologizes the victim is a predator. PERIOD.

  • Kate

    People so desperately want to see Pitt and Jolie as soulmates too – not just a good looking couple but with the whole package – ultimate love, lasting passion soulmates etc.. – just to “seal the deal”. But it is not there, all you see after 5 years is her throwing promiscuous looks on anything that moves – be it him or other people she talks to – and then in fron of media she will always once force a laugh (always after something she says herself) – just to show how “easy” they are.. Man you have to be really uneasy and distant with your partner to so desperately try to create an opposite picture in public – even be it fake. And Pitt always has this expression on his face like he is embarrassed of her and just waits for the moment to pass.. I really would not wish such “happiness” to anyone.

  • det

    i agree with kate. i really don’t understand how people don’t see her facial expressions, and her overall behavior as fake. first people generally have the same types of expressions throughout their whole life…a certain way of talking, certain mannerisms, certain posture…etc. angelina jolie, in her billy bob days, looks, talks, and behaves nothing like she does today. that is not natural…yes people change, but to do a complete overhaul of ALL your mannerisms and personality is a sign of a con-artist. look at madonna, she all of a sudden, as if by a stroke of lightning, starting speaking with a british accent, and started behaving as if she was the queen of england. THAT IS NOT GENUINE. so watch interviews of aj before brad, and after brad…it’s like night and day..before she was a goth, grungy, tomboyish, direct person, who smeared blood on shirts, wanted a velcro wall, f**** in the car, french kissed her brother, wore vials of blood..then all of a sudden, AS IF BY A MIRACLE, SHE BECAME MOTHER THERESA..who smiles glowingly in front of the camera, tears up every few seconds, is soft and shy, and just can’t help but talk about how life is perfect. BS. absolute BS.

    • shelly

      How lame can people be.
      Just because a person makes changes to her life, and finds a goal in lfe. To be coming a better a person, and becoming the parnet she beleaves her kids should have. Gives no the right to judge her. I’m shure to look in most people lives, you always find wronge choices. But it’s not nor would I ever want it to be my job to disresect anyone or talk about something so meanless about who she use to be. I really hope, she finds the happyness we look for.

    • sweetgirl

      A person has right to transform into somebody they wish if they make effort to be. We have all read real life stories about how a person with humble background have risen to riches. By your example above, does it mean that a person from humble background must remain in such or similar conditions? There should not be a complete overhaul. To some yes when they dont want to, whereas to others, it can happen if they set their mind to. When there is a complete overhaul of thinking and practices, miracles do happen!!!

    • Renee

      You are so RIGHT ON!! I have been saying the SAME THING for years!!

  • Mahsa

    You see, I don’t think Angelina has what it takes to be Brad’s partner, on the other hand, Jennifer seems far more perfect than Angelina. I adore Brad if he stops this fake relationship and goes for the real one

  • Jo

    Brad Pitt is an cheating a$$hole and Angelina is a trashy wh0re. Now that the sparkly glitter has rubbed off, they deserve to be miserable together. Too bad their children are the innocent victims here.

  • Fesheca

    Ha ha! Yeah, they’re happy alright…they’re looking like they’ve
    both been dragged through the mud…very unhealthy looking. Very unhappy looking. AS for Jen, she looks healthy and happy, because she is. She’s not drowning her poor luck with alcohol and drugs like the other two.

    For the idiot that said Jen wouldn’t give him children…ha! A lot
    you know. They planned it that way…I guess the nursery they
    built for their first child was just for looks. You dumb-whit!

    As for men running from Jen…you got that backwards…she’s not settling for just anyone. Jen is well loved but she’s not going to get into another relationship with a guy that doesn’t feel it’s natural for people to stay with one person their whole life. Maybe that happens to a lot, but how does anyone create a life together when you know the other feels like this? With that said, the same feeling pertains to Jolie too…but with them, which one will be the first to leave? Neither of them have a good track record and Pitt is so full of himself, he doesn’t feel one woman is enough.

    Brad and Jen will always share a love for one another because there’s still respect, but being “in love” is not something Jen is interested where Brad is concerned…not anymore.

    Best of luck Jen, you deserve happiness as anyone else does.

  • http://yahoo harold

    I feel sorry for Brad, he has and will always love Jennifer. That is the reason he is staying with Jolie, due to so many children. I hope they will not have any more children.

    • Nancy D

      I AGREE completely! She is NOT pretty and every time I hear someone say that I am like “WTF??”

  • laila

    what about Jennifer Aniston? Forget that gorgeous hair. Forget that glowing tan skin and that perfect figure. Just look at the face. Long nose. A chin that could be used as a weapon,sunken cheeks,those super-close beady eyes and horrible thin lips.her face actually looks lik a a pizza with cheese ripped off.its so amazing how Hollywood and media can brainwash people by calling somebody beautiful on TV and films who is actually is so ugly even after having so much surgery.

    • Nancy D

      I completely agree with you. She is NOT pretty and why everyone believes that she is is beyond me. NOT attractive!

  • amanda

    Brad, take the kids and raise them with Jennifer instead! Even if she deserves a better and sexier man! (: They were actually really happy together.

  • jg

    Sounds a little harsh to be calling Jen Aniston an ugly hag. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion I guess, but if saying negative things about another person makes you feel better about your deep loyalty to Angelina Jolie, more power to you. Jennifer Aniston has her own wonderful life and is doing really well for herself, even if Brad and Ang were breaking up, WHO CARES, she has proven she doesnt need him.

    • Ntsedy

      Seconded.That is because she’s also one but she is living a fake life.Shame brat couldn’t see through her

  • endee

    I personally think only lesbians find Angelina Jolie attractive.

  • Jan

    Anyone who says Jen is ugly is either very very jealous of her or they need glasses. She also does a lot of charity work without dragging the media with her every time so she will look good. People who work or have worked with her say she is very gracious and kind. You do NOT hear that about Angie. They are supposedly not even allowed in the same area with her or to speak to her without permission while making a movie.

  • nini

    hey hey!!!
    dont say that in this wayif brad goes back to jen then he’s really really bad!
    cuz he’s now a father of angie’s babies and how could he be ok in ur eyes?he has just broken 2 hearts and angie’s more!
    i guess this is all rumor!he loves angie that he had chosen her to be the mother of his kids,dont be a fighter to angie,she wasnt normal person first but she’s now a great mom and she’s kind
    and why everone says angie has surgery angie has…jen has more than angie!
    i like jen but be a judge..real judge!if a person is guilty that’s brad none of angie or jen!

  • jose

    hey LAILA – are you looking at Jen or Angie???!!! Because “the Long nose. A chin that could be used as a weapon,sunken cheeks,those super-close beady eyes and horrible thin lips.her face actually looks lik a a pizza with cheese ripped off.” That sounds like ANGIE to me. She is so anorexic she’s all skin & bones!
    You are right about Jennifer Aniston.. “that gorgeous hair & that glowing tan skin and that perfect figure.”
    Don’t flrget the healthy face she has instead of SUNKEN CHEEKS LIKE ANGIE!!! HA HAH

    • Loretta Montgomery

      Julia Roberts, the woman who stole a married man and had his kids. Oh that is a great role model to emulate, why not real role models for women, Victoria O’steen, Joyce Meyer. Those are women to emulate. certainly not Julia Roberts

  • Leslie

    I strongly suggest that Jen Aniston should move on- and look for somebody else. Why? The reason is- Angelina and bradd are not Jen’s kind. These two couple have charecter not of Jen’s type
    Why? Angelina is kind of “Anything goes- low-moral and dirty.” She will do anything to keep Brad and end up wasting “jen’s time-
    she already had kids for brad Pitt,3-biological- a son and two daughters and 3-adopted- total kids- 6; 3girls and 3-boys.”
    Jen waste no more time- Hurry to get a father for your kids- please the sooner the better. Waste no further time- Brad will never leave “Angelina- they are birds of same feather- which flocks together. For two people to be “partners means- “they have similar characteristics and of like minds. Brad is very relaxed with Angelina more than with Jennifer, Brad wanted kids- Angelina has given him 3-kids ok.
    Jennifer Hurry and go get your kids- time is running. Jennifer follow the footsteps of “Julia Roberts, I would suggest, ok.
    Jen try- “Strenght- Be very strong- PICK One Man AND COMMIT TO A RELATIONSHIP – SIMPLE

  • natashasmith

    I agree Jennifer is beautiful, and her personal loss of her marriage has led her on her personal development and growth to the self empowered woman she is. It is natural for her to want a mate however she obviously is not settling.. She has the reputation of being a genuine caring and loving person, she isso totally different from Angelina who has no boundries and seems to want children to somehow fill her hole without really understanding they need the commitment and attention as well as time she she clearly does not yet have the inner resources to provide. Brad does not look happy to be with Angelina now. Not like her seemed with Jennifer. All couples go through rough times and obviously Brad and Jennifer did, I belive there would not be too many men who would not surcome in dificult times to some one like angie who has no moral boundries. How many men who do love there wives fall for the trap of sex…… Why is the oldest proffesion fequented by sooo many men who love their wives. Jennifer is class all the way.



  • Werewolf

    Go Jen, Go Jen, Go Jen
    LMFAO to all you sick dogs dumping on one of the strong women of the world. And thank God we have many. I was reading a few msg from these nasty pyscho’s dragging Jen. And we all know in order to do it you must be nasty whores like Jolie,lol. Now listen hoes, this should be a lesson to you and your bastard female children. Dumping kids on a weak man gets you nowhere but pain and misery. Anniston has something that you whores don’t have because you are to busy trying to be porn stars. That would be you grade school drop-outs, A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT that reflects from the inside out. She doesn’t need a thousand men inside her body, she does not need drag queen makeup, she does not need fifty million kids, plastic surgeries, fad diets, voodoo, and sick bytches in her face. She already has what many woman can’t buy. Go Girl !!!!! Luv you Jennifer Aniston, keep it real and show them these dogs that what God has gifted a demon even if it becomes a legions can’t destroy.
    Luv You Jen
    We got our own money
    We got our own house keys
    We choose our battles and win
    We go on dates the way men do
    We vacation and travel the world
    We are strong and independent AND NOT ON WELFARE !
    Luv you and continue to represent
    From a strong black woman like yourself.

  • Werewolf

    They crucified her on a cross and she came back strong and resurrected. That demon diva Jolie will not stop because she is jealous and probably wanted her for herself they way she kept trying and is still trying to toy with anniston. it is amazing that idiots can’t see for themselve that brad was nothing but a toy for jolie-i mean the first person she went after was anniston. first trying to apologize, than make up, and when none of that work she went after her the way a man trys to degrade a woman that has rejected him. look at brad all worn out and ugly. no real woman will sleep behind jolies nasty A—.
    LMAO – they both want ANNISTON !
    Go Jen !!!!!!!

  • http://showbizspy Susie

    I agree on two othings about Angelina Jolie. She has no moral boundaries ans she uses people men and children to fill her emotional void. Its fake and obvious. She was just in lust with Brad not love and was too selfish not to destroy his marriage. They should give some love to the children they have and stop adopting more children. That alone must be putting a huge strain om their relationship. How can they get any quality time alone or the children any quality time with them. And Jennifer Aniston is beautiful from the core and outwards. She is real not fake like Angie. She is sensitive to others feelings not just to her own, like Angie. Angie needs serious psychiatric help and shouldn’t be anywhere near children or in a relationship!!

  • FEly

    Angie is human and a very kind human being…who oves children and that is why God hath given her childen of her own.that means she is not selfish..unlike anone who doesnt want to chnge her body by having children…wants to mentain the body great figure for not having children….The beauty of the body will subsides and will fade…buhaving a family is moethan having a great body…and having a family is really happiness in this life and forever….More power to Brad and Angie for being a tue human being in this planet….

  • Investigator

    There are fans for the sick and twisted, and there are fans for the decent and caring. It’s a sad world when so many defend a woman who manipulates, schemes, and hurts others, and then laughs about it.
    Angelina saw BP as a challenge. She won him over with lies and sex, they jumped into a relationship way too fast before they really knew each other. Brad and Jen had some difficulities to work out when Angelina came into the picture. Brad regrets what he did to Jennifer, but because of it, Jen has grown into a self-confident and more loving person. Angelina does not even want this man now. Brad is miserable. Jen has moved on with her life and could never trust him again, however, she cares about him and she is “a shoulder for him to cry on.” All these people’s lives have changed, some for the worse. Jen is happy without Brad. I hope Brad can heal himself from the guilt and mess he’s gotten himself into. Angelina on the otherhand, needs a few years of intensive psycholigical counseling. She has scars that will not heal. She’s a very unhappy person, and is known to take her unhappiness out on others. The current relationship of the Jolie/Pitts is a business arrangement only. They will not continue their farce on much longer. Even though Brad would like to get back with Jen, it’s too late. End of Story ~

  • Facts please

    keep it moving people and stop portraying Jen as a saint she wanted a career more that she wanted a family Brad found a woman willing to do just that he did nothing wrong. Maybe next time Jen will put family first

    • andy

      NO NO NO, she just got lucky with brad, tell me what other man she was with that looked as good as brad before and after, NONE! she is one bossy bitch brad is such a good person that is why the marriage work all those years, he made it work, till he meet angie, and he fell for her beauty and difference she is unique full of life and joy, no BS she can carry a conversation with anyone unlike that shallow jen,

    • Leah

      Angelina is on a mission to not only destroy her life but the people around her. She wanted Brad, she got him, she is still not happy because her insecurity keeps shining through. Angelina is one sad human being who is so out of conrol but still wants to announce to the public that she’s okay, her big family are tight and happy. But all words and no actions to back the claims make it seems foolish to believe. You can see through her empty stares how she is exaggerating her stories and wants to convince herself that they are keeping it all together. Brad is having a breakdown when he always put a sad face anywhere he goes. He may love her but she is destroying him.

  • Tell the Truth

    People you all want to cast the first stone, but history repeats itself with Jen she cannot keep a MAN, there is seriously something wrong with this chick probably because she did not have a healthy relatiuonship with her mom. Anybody that hates their own mother hates themselves. You can live without a father but a Mother come on and she will never be happy because she wrecked her own marriage clearly she did not need any help, it just happened to be Angelina, it could have been Mary Poppins Brad needed what he got a family. Looks can only take you so far, Jen cute little face does nothing for me.

    • Anonymous

      Angelina is the one with a mental disease. She is the one who can never keep a relationship, give it a few years more and you will see what I mean.

  • Issues

    WEREWOLF clearly you have issues, DID your husband leave you too? Strong means when you can get on with your life and move on, you must be a woman scorned and JEN is clearly not a black woman because she would stop mentioning BRAD he will never come back to her even if he and ANGIE do not make it. HA HA HA

  • anHOston_is_an_aging_whore


    • Lol

      Brad is already plotting his ESCAPE away from the evil whore and waits for the right timing. lol

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    let them figure it out.

  • Joe

    Whooooooo cares???????

  • Joe

    Poor Brad, poor Angelina; Bwaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I’m posting this because I’m bored and just cruising the net but as I read some of these posts, I am realizing some of you are trying to actually analyze this issue ala’ Doctor Phil or some other nut cracker and are offering what you think is “real good advice”. Grow up, get a life fellow nutballs!

  • Denise

    Let me understand, Brad is not married to Angelina…he has millions upon millions of $$$…so why doesn’t he just split from Angelina if he desperately wants out? Do you realize these tabloid lies, exploits public stupidity?

    When has a millionaire ever NOT been able to up and leave anyone? He cannot be denied custody or visitation of his kids SO why would Brad stay with AJ if he wanted out?

    • andy

      it take one to know one whore, i never hear angie was a drug taker, never hear she has been in rehab, maybe you are getting yourself confused, did you go and see you brain massager please go and get your drugs, oh and call your sister chinnifer, and tell her to stop giving you the wrong info., and i see a lot of stars kiss their children on the lips i really believe she kiss her brother as a brother, you have issues to believe different go and bath your body and mind, because its you who is sick, sick, sick!

    • whomever

      Because he doesn’t want the bad publicity, this man is still trying to sell his movies, remember?

    • amanda

      Brad is not married to Angelina but she doesn’t need a marriage certificate to entrap him. She is bringing 6 innocent children into the equation, if there are no children involved, Brad would have been out the door. He is a good man, he loves children especially his 6 children and Angelina use that as a ploy to not leave her. Its a heartbreaking situation for Brad.

  • natashasmith

    Agnie is emotionally unstable moodswings, The woman’s history, drug addictions, self harming, rehab over and over again, french kissing her brother, sleeping with her mothers boyfriend, bi-sexual, her own father has said she needs has mental health issues and needs help has herself proclaimed she wants an open lationship…..So do you need a degree to realize the woman is not stable. Top that off she does movie after movie, six kids even if she did not have so much emotional baggage no wonder she is starving herself and is nurotic….. I do not think it is a far strech to see that Brad and Jen’s marriage just like 99% of marriage went through a rough patch and Angie who has a history of toying with danger (mariied men) pounced on Brad and how many men do you know would not fall at the low time with A no limits sex maniac like Angie. and how hard is it for you guys to belive that when the sex died down and Angies unpredictable tantrum, she said she would do less movies and she has done them back to back . If Brad
    stills cares for her how hard would it be for him to miss her genuine caring nature. I know there are millions of people who stay a lot longer in a distructive relationship unhappy for the sake of the children and you would have to be blind not to see how unhappy brad is. Jen is to good to be saddled with brads baggage. I hope they all find happieness and Angie checkes herself back into coucelling, with her baggage those kids need her to clean up her act.She is supposed to be a rol model.?????? Look at Natalie wod and robert Wagner who divorced and got back together …. timming and lessons in life teach us to value what we had and clearly Brad must be learning.

  • Kat

    Do you all actually believe these lies? They sell stories. There’s no ethics in journalism anymore. Keep swimming sharks. lol

  • david white

    Why would Brad Pitt want the little tramp Jenifer Aniston back when he has got a beautiful kind and caring woman like Angelina Jolie. Angelina gives one third of her salary away to help the poor,and works excessively for the poor,and adopts impoverished children.She is wonderful and beautiful besides. They want to appoint her as an ambassador she works so hard for the downtrodden. Brad Pitt don’t want that little shallow plain jane Jenifer Aniston back.She is anything but a beauty.I can’t see why he even married her to begin with.I predicted when he did that he would leave her because she was too plain and there was to many beautiful women in Hollywood and that is exactly what happened.

    • Leah

      If you are a great woman and you want to donate, you don’t have to announce to the whole world that 1/3 of your salary goes to donating for charities. It just makes you think she is trying too hard to be called a good woman. An anonymous giver who donates from the heart even a small amount is greater than a woman who donates millions then announce her donation.

  • andy

    who the hell writes this BS, brad doesn’t regret leaving jennifer, he regrets being with her for so long for nothing, he wasted 5 long years with that plain jen, can’t even carry a conversation with anyone, didn’t want a family, thinks of herself only, please brad is happy with angie, and his kids, he will never leave angie, and if he does, angie will not be doing what that slut is doing, lying every man she works with

    • whomever

      I think you’ve got Angie and Jen mixed up. I don’t recall Jen dating married men or having affairs with married men behind their wives back. Brad obviously still has feeling for Jen or he wouldn’t be trying to see her all the time. Remember it’s Brad seeing Jen that Jolie is irate about. Jen isn’t making the moves toward Brad, it’s Brad making the move. Jen moved on and Brad can’t deal with it. Let’s see, Brad 48, Jen 40, Angie 35?

  • maria silvia saldaña


  • Ego

    You never value what you have until you’ve lost it….That goes for Jennifer Aniston. Pls face it and leave Brad and Angelina Jolie alone.Go get a life!

    • whomever

      I believe it’s Brad seeing Jen, not the other way around. What you need to be saying is Brad, leave Jen alone. She has better things to do.

  • Judy

    From Brad Pitt to Vince Vaughn then John Mayer in five years and wanting to get back with Brad again?Jenn sure must be toying with guys and doesnt want to settle down.

  • http://showbizspy mh

    People you act like you actually know Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer? It is all probably BS anyway, as most tabloids and journalists make things up just to make their money. That is what they do for a living and if something isn’t happening with the celebrities then they make it up. Leave them all alone and worry about more important things in the world like crime, the unemployed, the homeless and the oil spill that will affect all of us. Once you give credence to these people the more they will try to destroy people’s lives.

  • Benny Henney

    For the most part people are just plain stupid. All of this is just crap for you to purchase slut magazines. There are more important things to discuss, like ending the war, firing generals who are totally incompetent, hiring generals who are competent, unemployment, homeless people and their needs how to stop the oil spills and as well clean them up. Why no one ever just mind their own business and live and let live.

  • ohmygod

    All this speculation about what is going on in Brangelina and JAs lives! The reality is that this whole conversations was initiated by distorted facts in the first place! If Brad was happy with JA, he would be with her. But hes with Mrs. Tomb Raider, and I think he has the money and influence to do what he wants.

    I agree that time would be better spent focusing on the real problems we have as a nation! Like all the ungrateful, unrealistic youth and young adults running around with their hands out expecting the federal government to take care of them! Have another baby so the federal government will write you a bigger check each year! Problem is, this system doesn’t work. History has taught us that time, and time again. So you ask when is the economy gonna get better… Answer, its NOT! Not when the great redistributor (starts with O) gives free handouts to all Americans, legal or not. But don’t take it from me, read below posted direct from wikipedia (about the fall of the Roman empire)


    “Bread and circuses” (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for handouts and petty amusements that politicians use to gain popular support, instead of gaining it through sound public policy. The phrase is invoked not only to criticize politicians, but also to criticize their populations for giving up their civic duty.

    In modern usage, the phrase has become an adjective to deride a populace that no longer values civic virtues and the public life. To many across the political spectrum, left and right, it connotes the triviality and frivolity that defined the Roman Empire prior to its decline and that may contribute to the decline of modern society.


    • Leah

      If you can remove the children in the relationship mix, it would have been ages that Brad left Angelina or Mrs. Tomb Raider. His situation is no fun. He is dying to leave her, yet, he is helpless to leave the 6 innocent children he dearly loves. That woman is so self-centered to use the children as pawns.

  • Clarity

    As a therapist I think its not about any of the parties and about everyones personal past experiences and stuff thats dated. stuff like Jen will never get a man is from the 50s. Making fun of their looks, God is so petty, as their all attractive and I have a huge scar on my nose so does that make me ugly. I will never fall for that control crap people, if God made you your beautiful. Beauty is that glow we get fromn being happy, serving society and giving love. Life is about love and respect of all people and we all need a wake up call. Love everyone and let all have their ideas, yet know only the parties envolved know the truth and your reacting to media. Lovein ya’ll. xoxo

  • Lovett

    AS a believing xtian I would advice that Brad & Angie should get properly married as a measure of doing d right thing b4 God & their children.As 4 Jen she should let go of her past & trust God to give her HER own man after God,s heart.With God notthing is impossible.

  • John

    In reference to the title of this story “DUH”. Of course he regrets his decision. It’s really unbelievable that his relationship with Jolie has lasted this long.

  • JA

    Yeah, Angelina seems to have all kinds of issues. What a no-brainer.

  • tanya

    I met Jen and Brad once many years ago in an acting class in LA. I never thought she was anything more than cute, at best, on television… but in person, she was really beautiful. Luminous. Giant smile. And they were so gracious to the students. And got up and practiced acting scenes with everyone. And at one point, the teacher asked Brad and Jen to do an improv together… Jen was supposed to get a quarter from his hand, and he was supposed to make it difficult… but before she even had a chance to say anything, he said “aw, now that’s too easy”. and he got on one knee and reached out his hand to her, with the quarter in it, and said “here you go baby”. It was really adorable. And they were so obviously in love and had such a great dynamic with one another. When I heard they were divorcing, I felt truly saddened.
    As for those who say he clearly must love Angelina more simply because of her looks…. Yes, it’s true, Angelina is beautiful… but people, come on… love is about SO much more than beauty. It bums me out sometimes to read these comments. How can people be so incredibly shallow?

  • Patricia Mann

    when do you people work????????? Get a life. I was just surfin’ and wanted to see how fascinated people are with celebrities like Brad and Jolie. Live life, let others do the same!

  • oldgal

    The only first hand knowledge that I have concerning J.Aniston and B Pitt, concerns a young volunteer for an organization endorsed by Aniston and Pitt. The young lady was an admirer of the two and so had given her time to make phone calls to raise funds. She had been caught in a campus bar with a fake ID, as are many college students. Because of her Father’s position she made the papers. Aniston passed through the room and rather cruelly mocked her in front of the other volunteers, suggesting that drunkenness was a family trait and telling her there was some warm beer outside in her car if the girl was in need of a “fix”. the girl was not in a position to retort and because of the Paparazzi, found herself back in the tabloids. Pitt seemed to find Jennifer very amusing.

    • Annette

      So would I. Is it their fault she got caught? I don’t think so.

  • Louise

    Brad has been regretting his decision since the day he knew what truly kind of woman this Angelina is. He is with her every seconds of his life and you can see how he is the opposite of a happy camper guy. After tasting the wildest sex ever, he realized that relationships are more than about libido and hormones. If Angelina is truly a great person she don’t have to do anything because it will show and people will be there for her side who will support her and love her but she has no one but Brad. Her a great person? No. she is not, not just by observing her past activities but her present state of mind: Brad can’t stand her, the children can’t stand her, and even Brad’s mom can’t stand her. Many says Jennifer is boring that’s why Brad left her, true maybe, but why did he change his mind and is full of regret now. Exciting and wild sex can pump up the relationship but it is not the GLUE that holds two people together. If there is no Mutual Trust and Respect, True love cannot thrive. How in the world can Angelina trust him when she got him by stealing. Now, she has NO right to complain. She could only blame the law of the universe or KARMA!

  • http://showbizspy PAGGIE

    I had a feeling,( Just a feeling) that Brad was doing a little bit of drugs with Angie when they first got together. And I had a feeling that he was still taking the drugs until after Shiloah was born. He really looked and acted stupid stoned every time I saw him. Now that he’s not high on anything but pot, reality has set in. It would destroy his career if he left Angie, after all the publicity surrounding his breakup with Aniston. He may not want Aniston, but he’s not happy where he’s at.

  • Farrah

    Angelina will never change. A drug addict whore will always be that especially that she has mental illness. The sad thing is, she makes Brad an alcoholic and a drug addict, too. They are both look stoned in every pictures. Angelina is such a horrible, bad influence. Brad will continue to deteriorate physically and mentally if he stays trapped in that relationship.

  • Aubudabi

    Angelina is a disgusting “B”! I never liked that crazy “B” with her BIG blow fish lips. At least my man Johnny Depp has better taste then to leave his wife for this man eater. It’s ok because she’s getting older, you can see it more and more. Then what will she have to offer the world? Just remember the world if a terrible place for an over the hill “c*ck tease!”

    Jennifer would be STUPID to take his a@@ back after what he put her through.

    • http://deleted andy


  • sunshine

    To Angelina and Brad, i wish you both well and I hope a two-way love would be the only reason why you stick together, love for one another and love for your children. To Jennifer Aniston, I wish her a good life too and may she be able to find her true happiness.

  • luis

    angelina jolie loves to buy niggers like they cars and jennifer aniston is only good at getting dumped… brad pitt is a pussy whipped BITCH! just like all his whores. Brad pitt and his whole family including his children should die and get raped! I can’t wait till jennifer aniston wakes up at 80 still a loser. Fuck u all! :D

  • Mr.G

    If You analyze them as ordinary humans, if you analyze body and face language.. it is written on Angelina’s face.. I RULE…. Jen is ready to give love, and if its hers choice not to have kids.. thats just cuz she knows.. shes the carrier… I was raised by abscent parents..and we have so many issues in life.. we dont need extra ones…i have no doubt than When time is right Jen is goin to be the awesome mommy… she is always true to herself.. she is the good side…. it really plain to see… im not sayin angelina is a freakin demon… but do we have any doubt that she is the controller? theres a huge difference.. some relationships are based on exchange.. others are based on sex love control and vanity… can we see the difference now? brad is a man… angelina is like that vuitton bag… we dont want cuz its worthy… we want it..cuz its vuitton….everybody wants it.. and i have it… im the man! as i said.. vanity….

  • Frenceso Emiliano

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  • Ermelinda Mims

    Hard to tell. I dont see either team going the whold distance to the Super Bowl again. It’s a great time to make Superbowl bets though, the odds are really high.

  • punk porn

    i dont understand really :X

  • fairy

    its sooooo shocking tat sme people are on angelina’s side.How will you feel if your husband cheats on you or your father cheats on your mother ?And Jen is such a fantastic women…looks are not everything ,just bcoz angie is hot doesnt give her the right to do watever she wants.if you ask me ,angie is way more womanly that angelina can ever be.

  • fairy

    sorry i meant jen is way more womanly

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  • Beb

    LOL!! Looks like you projecting skanks and fools will have to re-think your stupid remarks considering what Brad just said about being bored during his Aniston marriage because he was having to pretend it was something it was not.

    Awwww….shucks. It must hurt you idiots to realize how wrong you have been.

  • el jeran

    WHO F*CKING CARES WHO BRAD F*CKING PITT IS WITH????? Is he some great catch or something? He is a terrible actor, a drunkard, a pot head, and so incredibly stupid. He embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth. And last but not least, he aint cute anymore at all. And his cuteness was ALL he ever had to offer Hollywood int he first place, those days are all but gone. He deserves Angie. She has a ton of exes and none of them ever pined for her. And Jennifer was the one who filed for a divorce, not Brad. He probably thought he could get away with it until AJ made sure the paparazzi photoged her, brad, and Maddox in Kenya. Jennifer didn’t seem to want him back or want to work it out at all. Good Riddance moron. I bet he’s a lousy lay too.