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Kourtney Kardashian ‘In Paternity Dispute’

Posted by Adam

Kourtney KardashianKOURTNEY Kardashian‘s ex-lover Michael Girgenti claims he is the father of the reality TV star’s newborn son.

Girgenti apparently had a night of passion with Kardashian exactly nine months before she gave birth to son Mason — and is now pressuring Kourtney’s beau, Scott Disick, to publicly prove he is the real daddy.

“Kourtney’s teary over Michael saying she conceived when she and Scott were fighting and avoiding each other,” a source close to the Keeping up with The Kardashians star told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“And of course, it stunned Scott since he took it for granted Mason was his on.

“Haunting Kourtney is Michael saying he wants a paternity test for Mason’s sake and she hopes Scott’s also man enough to do it. Even if it proves Scott’s the father, he’ll still be left wondering if Kourtney really played him for a chump with Michael.”

Girgenti, an aspiring actor, adds, “If Mason is Scott’s son, more power to him. But if he’s min, I need to be with him, to be a part of his life. It’s been eating away at me for months.”


  • ash

    Mason looks exactly like Scott so who the hell is Michael whatever his name is to claim that Mason is not Scott’s baby? So this guy needs to stop trying to get famous through this dumb publicity stunt, and get famous the old fashion way: with talent.

  • Jenny

    The baby is too little to tell if he looks lIke Scott or not, but honestly I think this Michael dude is just tryna gain some type of fame. If he’s the father that would totally be so lucky for him, and if he’s not the father, he’s still getting money for going to the media with the story in the first place. For Kourtney and Mason’s sake I hope he’s Scott’s son because that bond has already been established.

  • Where i’m at

    Well ash you must be damn blind if you think that baby looks like Scott. And thats bull he’s not at all too little he would in someway resemble Scott somehow if he was his. But he does not at all look like Scott. He does in fact however resemble Michael Girgenti in the eyes and and nose.

  • Shunny

    This baby is Micheal’s, Scott you are NOT the Father. Which for Kourtney and Scott’s recent interactions, that would be a great thing and she will not need to feel compelled to continue to deal with such a Douche. I gave big ups Khole slapped his azz. She would be a fool to have a kid with him, if she seriously want to have a second one so soon!

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