Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie ‘Looked Happy at Super Bowl’

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Monday, February 8, 2010

BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie looked “perfectly happy” at the SuperBowl last night.

The couple — who raise six children together — fought back against rumors they are on the verge of splitting and couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the annual American football championship game at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

“Brad and Angelina looked perfectly happy together — so much so that it seems impossible that there were all of those recent reports suggesting they were separating,” a source told X17.

The pair and their eight-year-old son Maddox watched the game in their VIP skybox as they saw the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.

Brad and Angelina weren’t the only famous faces at the game.

Tom Cruise also attended with his three-year-old daughter Suri — his child with wife Katie Holmes — and son Connor, whom he adopted with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Demi Moore and her son husband Ashton Kutcher were also watching from the crowd, as well as John Travolta, Gloria Estefan, and LL Cool J.

Author Ian Halperin — who penned the tell-all tome Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolieclaims Brangelina’s appearance at Sunday’s big event was simply a PR stunt.

“They’re trying to do as much damage control as possible,” said one insider.

It was recently claimed that Brad and Angelina once got into such a heated row, the Tomb Raider actress ended up throwing the kitchen sink at her hunky partner.

“They’ve been drinking in the last-chance saloon for so long the bar’s virtually dry,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine.

“The most worrying sign is that they’ve stopped arguing. Angelina has a vicious temper and has thrown the kitchen sink at Brad in the past — but these days they barely bother to fight. It’s like they’ve given up.”

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  • opiz

    i don’t know..there’s just something about their appearence at the super-bowl that seemed fake, overly-done, staged…he looked like a brain-washed bum, holding onto his last piece of bread, and she was oohing and aahing at the game, in a similar bizarre fashion. the other people around them, although they were excited by the game, didn’t seem so overly theatrical about it…i guess that’s the word i would use…they seemed very theatrical…i felt like i was watching a performance, rather than two people being in love..and if that was love…it seemed co-dependent, dark and bizarre…everytime he was alone with maddox, he looked like he was 80 years old..he reminded me of that book, the old man and the sea…

  • Anak

    I don’t buy it! Too much love in front of the cameras.

    • http://yahoo Varu

      Their love is not for you to believe in. Do you live with them by the way? or even related?

  • aana

    i think she ate his soul and now he can’t leave her.

    • Elizabeth

      You are 100% right. Angelina is a vampire. And she has slowly been killing Brad over the last 5+ years. He is abused and hasn’t gathered the strength yet to take back his self-esteem and leave her.

      And then we have all the Angeliloonies who defend her to the death even though THEY have no personal knowledge of that relationship. They are only speculating like the rest of us.

  • laila

    this is what happened: that sociopath has completely brainwashed him, abused him, sucked him dry. that’s why he looks like that. now, since he no longer has a mind of his own (the brainwashed part) he’s clinging to her for dear life, because inside he’s a jumbled mess. brad pitt was once known as the cream of the crop. now he looks like billy bob’s copy, in fact billy bob looks better than him…she’s actually turned him into her. because she used to dress like that, bummy, all in black, goth, grungy, and sh’s taken on brad’s qualities, sunny, ‘warm’, glowy..she’s done the classic BAIT AND SWITCH, EMOTIONAL VAMPIRISM AT IT’S MOST OBVIOUS. he’s like a robot, operated by a remote control that is in her hand… so sad..where’s his mother? she needs to give him a good talking too..

    • Clarissa

      You are hillarious just let them be HAPPY! I like them togehter they are a loving couple. I believe they are finally feed up with the gossip and want to have a more normal life withouth lies on them very day. Brad and Angelina look in love. Why must you wish them the worse? calling her names and making Brad a controlled man. Have you ever considered that they might be really happy with one another, that they love their life together and that they just want to be happy? Come on do you really believe they are together for publicity? for 6 years . They are bound to have real feelings for each other by now, they have 3 bilogical children, and that creates bonds. I believe they are in love, please let them be. Stop the mean accusations, you don’t really know them.

      • Liz

        Excellent comment

    • http://yahoo Varu

      She will have yur ass too for breakfast.

  • livitup_1978

    Weird–they’ve left out a few highlights. The source at X17 said that they acted a little too over-the-top. And the quotes from the lawyer said “misuse of private information” and “we can deny, under instruction, that they’re not breaking up”. Under instruction? Misuse of private information? It sounds like they struck a nerve by revealing more than the public was supposed to know. Why not sue anybody else? Maybe because this has some truth to it.

    • Melissa

      Maybe its a lie, maybe they are mad that more lies started thanks to this newspaper. Have you ever considered that they might be a great couple that just feels used by the tabloids who make up a new story about them every day, better said every hour.

      • Clarissa

        You have a point just consider it from their perspective, they are probably very upseat about all the rumors. specially if they are really lies about them.

    • Liz

      Who cares how they acted? I don’t. I just wish them the best in the world and hope they continue their humanitarian work and being a family with their kids. I have seen now 32 pictures of the superbowl with them and for me they looked like any other couple in love. I hope its true and they are really in love, if they are not then I hope they can split while still being friends. I really don’t believe the break up rumors, but in the case its true then best for Brad and Angie wherever life takes them.

      I believe they are in love !

      • Kate

        Brad + Angelina = LOVE

        No matter what anyone else says!

  • Aqueline1

    Leave them alone they are in LOVE!!

  • Debbie

    The day before Brad announced his split from Jennifer Aniston he was seen walking arm in arm with her, all cuddly-like, down a beach in the Caribbean. These people are actors. I don’t buy their PDA at the super-bowl

    • Liz

      Yeah but we all know Brad wanted kids and Aniston wanted to be childless forever. They are just different in what they wanted.

  • Kim

    The only one who looks happy in every picture is Angelina. Brad clean up! You have the money!The last REAL smile I saw on his face was when he posed with george Clooney and Quentin Tarentino at the premiere of Inglorious Bastards.

  • angela

    thwy are SOOOO over !!!

    • Kate

      You wish, but sadly your wish has yet to come true. Well sad for you I like these two together

  • rocky

    The looks on their faces at the Super Bowl were bizarre. It appeared to be a performance of Academy Award proportions. Suddenly they’re in everybody’s face, falling all over each other, when the best way to counter any “false” reports would be to just act normally (whatever that is)

    • http://yahoo Varu

      I am glad that they have come this far and you guys if you dont get to know whatthey are on or off it bothers you and you write this junk about them.

  • kkjdhaskhdgf

    I can just smile and pretend to be happy person
    stop it..he said he’s so tierd of babie’s pee and poop everywhere

  • http://don'thaveone Kathleen S. Clark

    Today I saw a quote that said George Clooney is so happy
    that Brad broke up with Angie so Brad could return to the
    Boys’ Club for drinking & playing. No wonder Angie wasn’t
    crazy about George. Brad wanted children, so he
    got them and now he is tired of pee and poop? That comes
    with the babies. Jennifer wanted a career in movies? She
    got that even though they are insubstantial movies. Brad
    is not doing well at all with his choice in movies he
    makes. Poor fellow thought he would receive an Academy
    Award for the Basterds film? I hope he was joking. Awful!

  • http://don'thaveone Kathleen S. Clark

    what happened with comment?

  • Cyd

    Only loons believe these two are “in love”


  • Clubber Lang

    I think he is cool too.