Kate Hudson ‘Makes a Play For Justin Timberlake’

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kate HudsonKATE Hudson has been making moves on Justin Timberlake!

The Bride Wars star — who recently split from beau Alex Rodriguez — has apparently always fancied the SexyBack singer, so decided to go in for the kill when she heard Justin’s romance with Jessica Biel had hit the skids.

“Kate’s always had a thing for Justin, and after reading that his romance with Jessica Biel is over, she’s decided to make her move,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They’ve known each other for years, but up until now the timing has been bad. Kate was married for a long time and Justin’s had several girlfriends.”

Hudson and Timberlake were reportedly seen getting cozy at the recent SAG Awards, where the pair presented Alec Baldwin with the Best Actor trophy.

“Kate flirted with Justin outrageously that night, and he was all over her,” the source adds. “They exchanged numbers in the green room.

“Kate wouldn’t dream of stealing another girl’s guy. But in Hollywood, most people believe Justin and Jessica are now all but over. They’re certainly not red-hot for each other anymore. Their relationship has evolved into a friendship.”

Kate, the source says, is lonely and desperate for a guy to keep her company.

“She wants a man who is easy to be with,” dished the pal. “And that’s certainly Justin.

“Kate’s not rushing into anything. But she’s always had a crush on Justin, and she’s following her instincts.”



  • winecountry

    Please, Justin, do not waste time with this shallow bed hopper, who is not very talented and only gets acting jobs because she is cute and her mother is Goldie Hawn.

  • AM

    Just when I thought my “respect” for this needy bed-hopper couldn’t go any lower ………

  • AM

    “Kate wouldn’t dream of stealing another girl’s guy.” — sure she would! She was all over A-Rod before he became “available.”

  • boe m

    ..kate hudson had no right to give arod ultimatums, he loves his two daughters and will always have excynthia in his life, hudson was dreaming if arod was gonna toss all that away and follow her to LA. stupid arrogant selfish slapper, no wonder shes still single..