Josh Duhamel Stripper ‘Pregnant With His Child’

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fergie and Josh DuhamelJOSH Duhamel is set to become a dad if these latest reports are to be believed!

Nicole Forrester — the stripper who Josh allegedly had an affair with this past fall — has been telling friends that she is “95 percent certain” she’s carrying the married actor’s unborn child.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” Forrester said, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer. “Yes, it’s probably Josh’s. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.”

Although the Transformers star — who’s wed to Black Eyed Peas star Fergie — vehemently denied claims of an affair, Nicole passed a rigorous independently administered polygraph test that showed she was telling the truth about her marathon sex session with the 37-year-old actor.

“Nicole told me she’s three-and-a-half months pregnant. She said, ‘I’m carrying a million dollar baby!’” a source added.


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  • Crazy Kitten

    Okay, this woman is a big liar.

  • Kiki

    I agree she is a big liar. Look at Fergie!!! She looks great! If you can’t keep your pants up for her than you have a BIG problem.

  • webcamim

    Josh Duhamel is a joke and TOTAL LOSER! If you put Josh in your movie it pretty much guarantees it will be a flop. Josh is a dog. The only scripts he gets are table scraps. As far as renewing his marriage vows, Josh is just trying to fix his based on fact image of being a cheater. The only thing he has been good at was cheating on his girlfriends and wife. He couldn’t even be faithful for his first year of marriage. Josh is arrogant and sexually promiscuous just like Tiger Woods. Fergie is in denial or just dim-witted. Fergie is soooo talented but obviously she has low self-esteem. To bad Josh doesn’t share her views about not cheating on your spouse. Josh Duhamel needs to keep his penis away from vaginas that do not belong to his wife. Mother’s keep your daughters safe and mother’s (and/or women in general, oh ya the gay guys too) stop gushing over a loser. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. Future headline: “Josh Duhamel Gives Fergie a STD”.

  • Crazy Kitten

    I totally agree with you Webcamim and Kiki.

  • Joanie

    Crazy & KiKi: Of course he cheated on her; damn,don’t be so stupid, LOL LOL

  • Nick

    Fergie’s face is So F*ing UGLY! GROSS! BEASTLY!
    Can’t blame Josh for cheating. She’s got a decent hard body, but her face is HIDEOUS.

  • Dasche Bledsoe

    If Fergie is smart she will ditch him.

  • ALI

    The guy is a total jerk for cheating. But Fergie is so ugly. You can’t get past her face – she just has an ugly, ugly, ugly face.

  • Crazy Kitten

    Hmmm, I wonder if they will do a dna test? I hope so, this damn stripper is trying to ruin their marriage and Fergie ain’t so bad looking, it’s just a shame she married such a jerk who cheated on her already, I mean come on? They’re married and he went after this disgusting woman, but she’s wrong too anyway for sleeping with him. I hope for Fergie’s sake, the child is not his.

  • Becky

    Nice for this baby to grow up knowing it was concieved to be a million dollar baby by it’s mom.How discusting. What a sad way to grow up. Josh looks very guilty and I wouldn’t be suprised that he did cheat.He needs to ask himself why. What a jerk.Not even a year of marriage and he cant control himself?
    Not much of a man in my book!

  • http://facebook Melanie


  • http://facebook Melanie

    Becky, strippers, aka, hookers rarely know who the baby’s
    father is. I think he is so upset & willing to take the
    paternity test because he knows he is not the father. I
    know most men in Hollywood & all over can be liars & cheats.
    I just hope Josh comes out of this like the classy guy he
    seems to be.

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