Katy Perry Loves Her Curves

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ALO-1105982KATY Perry loves her “voluptuous” body.

The I Kissed A Girl singer — who is known for her skimpy stage outfits — doesn’t need to work hard to maintain her figure, but thinks she will be more prone to putting on weight as she gets older.

“I don’t feel pressure, no, as I know I’m kind of voluptuous and I’ve always been that way,” Katy said.

“Saying that, I’m young and metabolism is on my side and my schedule is so crazy that I lose weight from the intensity of it. But if you ask me that question in five or six years and I’ll probably have a different answer for you.”

However, the 25-year-old singer — who is engaged to British funnyman Russell Brand — is constantly nagged to eat healthily by her older sister.

“My sister makes me watch what I eat,” she said. “She’s a pescatarian, a vegetarian who eats fish, and she’s lost so much weight from being that.

“She’ll scream at me if some of the crew on my tour get hot pizza for a snack and I want some. Sometimes I can grab a slice, but if my sister sees me, I get a verbal lashing! I eat secretly in the corner – my one pepperoni slice.”