Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler ‘Getting Cozy to Benefit Film’

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard ButlerSOURCES close to Jennifer Aniston insist the actress isn’t dating her The Bounty costar Gerard Butler — they’re just good pals who are being seen together to benefit their upcoming movie.

The Aniston insider told FOX411 that Butler — who set the romance rumor mill into overdrive when he joined Aniston, Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox Arquette in Cabo San Lucas Mexico last week — is enjoying playing the field and simply engaging in Jen’s PR antics.

“Jennifer goes to Mexico every year with her girlfriends for her birthday and this year she decided to invite Gerry along for a bit of fun, to,” blabbed the mole.

“She doesn’t mind that rumors spread like wildfire about their non-existent romance.

“He’s just having fun and he agreed to tag along for the big bash. Jen likes having him around, he’s funny, always cracks jokes and he loves partaking in the cocktails with their whole crew.

“The other girls don’t mind having him around at all. He’s a hilarious addition to their vacation.

“Gerry will put on a show with Jen and spend time with her, but it is for the good of the movie.

“They are friends. They get along great. It’s an easy relationship and the rumors will die out after the release. Gerry is single and always on the prowl for a pretty lady. He’s enjoying his Hollywood bachelor lifestyle so much that even Jennifer Aniston can’t get him to give it up.”

Gerard recently insisted he and Jen are “just friends”.

“We are just friends,” he said. “We are going to release a film together in March.”



  • Ethan

    I believe it a part of me has always thought she is doing this to sell her movies. What a WHORE

    • Camile

      She is a WHORE! I totally agree. She is just trying to get people to go see her new movie since her last ones did so bad.

  • Callie

    I can’t stand the woman, horrible actress and now she sleeps with her co star to sell movies what a prostitute!

    I never liked her movies but still gave them a chance now I wont go see them. Never more. She did the same thing with Vince Vaugh, atleast Gerarld is not willing to play along as her pretend boyfriend. I know Owen didn’t but she did get naked to sell that movie. We all know she did. Horrible woman

    • Camile

      She is getting nakes again to sell this new movie with Gerard. Wait for the pictures to come out.

  • Curious

    I guess everybody who does PR to promote their movies are whores then. They say they are just friends – what is wrong with that. And if they are more than that – It’s none of our business. Anytime a new movie comes out – the stars do the rounds of talk shows, etc. When it is two single people who go places together – you people make it sound like they are shacking up. If she was a horrible actress – she wouldn’t be doing so many movies and making the money she is. Jealous are we????????

    • Marie

      What money? Jennifer Aniston boomed the box office last year, the most she made per movie was 6 million. Her last hit was marley and me and that was more than a year ago. In 2009 Aniston movies all suck and they did horrible, by her own admission she did bad in 2009. She is now fucking Gerard so she can have people believe they are a couple. They are not, Gerard did say he was screwing her in a november 2009 interview (look it up). But thats all they were just friends with benefits. They are trying to sell a movie and he is getting to bang her while they sell it. After the movies is over Gerard will probably stop communications with Aniston. Also they have a W magazine nude to semi nude photo spreed coming out late this february. Jen is willing to do anything to make sure her latest film does good. Even if it means sleeping with every men in hollywood.

    • Curious

      She made almost as much money as Angelina did in 2009. Check your facts!

      • Clara

        Yes she did make almost as much but Angelina banked 19 million a movie and JEn made 6 million per movie. The rest of her money came from re-runs of friends that pay her royalties. Not from her movies. YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE TALKING!

  • Guest

    They have said they are just friends – even if that isn’t the case, they obviously aren’t using whatever they are to each other to promote the movie since they don’t claim to be any more than friends. Besides, this source has two other details wrong, so why should we believe they have any truth to tell at all? 1) Jen does go to Mexico, but hasn’t for her birthday at all in the last several years, if ever. Papparazi photos from the last several years could easily prove this. 2) Gerard doesn’t drink, and hasn’t for the last 12 years…so he wouldn’t have been sharing cocktails with Jen. If the source can’t even get these easily fact-checked points correct, chances are they don’t have much at all in the way of truth to offer.

  • Pat

    There is promoting a movie like everybody else does: doing interviews, attending the premiere. And then there is promoting a movie an a completely different level, by feeding all kinds of stories to the press about your private life. It may work for a while, but people will see through it in the end.

    • Cassandra

      I believe it, they arent just promoting a movie. Jen is purposely trying to mislead people getting close to Gerard at the Golden Globes, giving that interview to people magazine talking about their steamy nights. Making comments that contradic his about just being friends. Also having him go to her birthday bash and then saying he organized it which she did say. She is totally trying to make her and him look like they are a couple. She is a WH0RE. A real actor would just talk about the movie and about their co star in a normal way Aniston is making it seem like they are more, he is the one that keeps saying NO. She also did a photo spreed for W magazine that is being released this month and has them in their underwear together. That is not something actors usually do to promote a film. She is doing it to get people to believe they are together. I wouldn’t doubt that they are fucking, but they are nothing more than friends with benefits.

  • Susan

    Jennifer Aniston is just trying to sell a movie. We know that already, we are not idiots we picked up already. Stop pointing out the obvious!

  • Curious

    Last comment…..You people are determined to be Jen haters. It’s like banging my head against a cement wall. You make comments like you were right there in the room with these people and your language shows your intelligence. Waste of time……Just try being nice – you might be surprised how much better you feel.

    • Miri

      You belive Jen is perfect, you refuse to believe Jennifer is just trying to sell a movie. She will do whatever she has to do in order to get people to go watch it. Included sleep with Gerald, pose naked and lie and lie to the world about their relathionship. Jen will sleep with anyone that helps her sell a movie. She is desperate to sell her movies. I don’t hate Jennifer Aniston, but I am not an idiot. Jen actions around Gerald lead anyone to believe her and Gerald are more than friends, Gerard has said they are fuckin*. Also why would she put such a espectacle on the Golden Globes? because she wants people to believe they are together so they will think she has moved on and go watch her movies as a way to support poor Jen.

      Jen loves to play victim, and loves to get fans to get on her side by reminding them she is the wronged woman that is still alone and whos husband she couldn’t keep.

  • Curious

    I rest my case……

    • Ashley

      Well the definition for prostitute fits her well. Woman that give sex for something in return. Jen sleeps with her co stars to get the public to go watch her movies by making the public believe she is with the co star. If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck then it must be a duck.

  • Bratt

    Okay lets get the facts straight….1. Jen dosen’t sleep with her co-stars thats Angelina and Angie has admitted to it,out of Angie’s own mouth…..2. It dosen’t matter who Jen is sleeping with, cause really its none of your business.Jenis 41 and doesn’t care what you Brangeloonies think!!!!…3. Jen may promote her beautiful body for premiers but at least shes not promote pregnancies or adoptions. Like Angelina and Brad….ROTFLMFAO I bet $100.00 Angelina will either be pregnant or is going to adopt for the premier of Salt….

    • latestnewsonJennifer

      Ellen Wu
      Jennifer Aniston faked sex and relationship with Gerard Butler for publicity.

      OK! Magazine reveals that the spicy rumors between Aniston and Butler were all a set up by the actress herself for the promotion of her film.

      Just weeks before the release of their new film The Bounty Hunter, the two ‘love couple’ were spotted in Mexico with the film crew. Paparazzi leaked photos of the two ‘flirting.’ However, no one expect this to be sham.

      Aniston had this planned beforehand. In her lilac bikini, she made sure to look her best as she showed off her best angle and then posed casually for the cameras.

      Recently, the magazine reported that Jen thought the sex with Gerard was amazing but it was just another sensationalized rumor told by the actress.

  • JM

    lol this chick sleeps with every dude she co-stars with, typical chick/whore… synonomous with each other.

  • eon klinger

    Gerard doesn’t want her old cooch.If he does her it is out of pitty.Please there are too many beautiiful women at his disposal.He can have his pick unlike most men. She is a little plain jane with a lot of connections in hollywood to get her where she is.

  • jake willis

    I agree Jenifer Aniston has paper slits for a mouth,eyes to close together,Jay Leno chin,crooked jawline.they call this beauty?Please Jenifer quit.I’m sure there is a lot of other people out there that feels the same way.You have enough money now. We want to see a beautiful woman with some acting ability.You can’t act at all. Do us a favcr and retire. Please we beg you. Brad Pitt only married you because your agents got together and thought it would promote you.It worked because your where you are at,but I knew your marriage wouldn’t last because I think it was a publicity stunt. Any girl involved with Brad Pitt automatically their career soars. I knew he would move on the a serious relationship with a beautiiful woman.Your a plain jane he wanted beauty.