Jennifer Aniston Having “Amazing Sex” With Gerard Butler

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard ButlerJENNIFER Aniston has told pals she’s been having “amazing sex” with Gerard Butler.

The pair recently spent time together in Los Cabos, Mexico, for Aniston’s 41st birthday celebrations.

And insiders say Jen and Gerard did more than just celebrate!

“How could she anything but on top of the world?” a source close to the actress told Britain’s Heat magazine. “She says the sex is amazing.

“They have great chemistry across the board — sexually and intellectually.”

Meanwhile, sources recently claimed the pair are just hooking up to raise their profile of their upcoming film The Bounty Hunter.

“Jennifer goes to Mexico every year with her girlfriends for her birthday and this year she decided to invite Gerry along for a bit of fun, to,” a source said.

“She doesn’t mind that rumors spread like wildfire about their non-existent romance.

“He’s just having fun and he agreed to tag along for the big bash. Jen likes having him around, he’s funny, always cracks jokes and he loves partaking in the cocktails with their whole crew.

“The other girls don’t mind having him around at all. He’s a hilarious addition to their vacation.

“Gerry will put on a show with Jen and spend time with her, but it is for the good of the movie.

“They are friends. They get along great. It’s an easy relationship and the rumors will die out after the release. Gerry is single and always on the prowl for a pretty lady. He’s enjoying his Hollywood bachelor lifestyle so much that even Jennifer Aniston can’t get him to give it up.”



  • Stephanie

    I think to be sex buddys with jen a is every mans dream isnt it?
    Gerry seems like a easy going bloke but Jen seems to be to to demanding. I cant see this couple making it passed the sex.
    Jen needs to get with Owen Wilson, how good was that relationship in marley and me. They seem to balance each other out.
    I also think jen is still pining for Brad.

  • Kevin

    I think Jen will sleep with anyone if it helps her sell her movies. She is just that kind of woman, a real wh0re. It makes sense she gets involved with her co-star so she can make all her fans think she has moved on and support her movies. I bet Gerard is getting to fXck her brains out, and leaves her right after. Jen seems like the kind that men screw and leave after. She is not serious material.

    • Victoria

      Yeah YOU know her kind-are you a psychic?I bet every woman you wish to score with leave you before you even start.

  • Gracie

    All you guys, need to seriously quit hating on Jennifer. And btw, according to an insider close to Jennifer, as what I have read in People Magazine, Jennifer sees Gerry as nothing more than a friend. Period!!

  • frankeeeeee

    OMG who cares! Gerard is so bloody lucky to f*** a woman as hot as Jennifer! Who cares if is she’s a slut! She’s THE HOTTEST slut ever!

  • latestnewsonJennifer

    Ellen Wu
    Jennifer Aniston faked sex and relationship with Gerard Butler for publicity.

    OK! Magazine reveals that the spicy rumors between Aniston and Butler were all a set up by the actress herself for the promotion of her film.

    Just weeks before the release of their new film The Bounty Hunter, the two ‘love couple’ were spotted in Mexico with the film crew. Paparazzi leaked photos of the two ‘flirting.’ However, no one expect this to be sham.

    Aniston had this planned beforehand. In her lilac bikini, she made sure to look her best as she showed off her best angle and then posed casually for the cameras.

    Recently, the magazine reported that Jen thought the sex with Gerard was amazing but it was just another sensationalized rumor told by the actress.

    • Victoria

      she ALWAYS looks great doesn’t matter what color bikini she’s wearing

  • kelly buller

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