Angelina Jolie ‘Wants Four More Kids’

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie wants ten children.

Sources close to the actress — who already raises six children with partner Brad Pitt — say Jolie wants to add “at least four more kids” to her brood.

Meanwhile, recent reports have claimed Brad and Angelina are already planning baby number 7.

“Angie is really happy with the state of the family, but yes, she wants more children,” a source revealed.

“She’s ready to roll again.”

Angelina, 34, has previously spoken of her desire to have another child.

“I can see further additions to the family — both adopted and our own,” she told British magazine Stylist in its October issue.


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  • stellar

    Four more! Why stop there? Make it an even dozen. If you want to read more about Brangelina’s big family, pick up “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”. The first chapter of the book is available online at:

  • Aqueline1

    Go away Ian Halperin. Your stupid book bombed a long time ago.

  • Annie

    4 more kids in addition to the six already in the shelter ..easie peasie. all it wd take is
    - a further army of nannies (she changes them every 2 months to not allow kids to get too attached. Most moms try to engage the same help – as the child has some bond with her.. strange)
    - another load of drugs (to escape it all)
    - some knives for their future – I don’t see one kid out of these developing into a secure human being.

    but hey each to their own – i know people have upto 20 kids.. so there is scope for more also.

  • frankeeeeee

    Oh yeah, Angelina. weren’t you the one who called Shiloh the ‘outcast’ of the family? What great parenting skills.

  • A

    Having grown up in a family with 6 children I would think that is the absolute maximum. Parents can only be in one place for each child for so long. Was never enough for me.

    Sure, nannies help and their wealth but this couple is kidding themselves if they think having 10 kids will be fulfilling ALL ROUND. (Meaning for the kids AND parents.)

    Kids need their parents and with 9 other siblings competing for their very busy parents attention I do not see a happy outcome.

    If in their shoes I would sit back and make the most of the wonderful family they have NOW.. Enjoy and cherish the 6 great kids you have NOW!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    I’m really beginning to think there’s something wrong with the two of them. {if it’s true} Brad, get a vasectomy.

  • zimasa madikizela

    hey, they are giving more kids more than they could ever get and by the looks of things, they make as much time for their kids as they possibly can even though they have busy lives the kids seem to be a priority, if they want more what the hek? i say way to go

  • sureshot

    One word sums it all up the mother teresa that spends so much quality time with her current 6 children working 12-14 hours a day on set….(MENTAL)

  • kelly

    dumb women

  • Arman

    I think it’s great!if she wants to have 100 kids why shouldn’t she?her children are happy so she finds time for them,she’s the greatest wo
    an in the world

  • Brie

    I love… angie and brad and i think 4 more kids are great but at the same time it is to much