Rachel Weisz: ‘Being Happy Keeps You Healthy’

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rachel WeiszRACHEL Weisz thinks “happiness is the secret to health.”

The British actress — who has a three-year-old son Henry with her long-term partner, director Darren Aranofsky — believes her contentment with family life helps keep her looking good.

“I’m pretty healthy but I don’t have any fad diets or anything. I eat meat and drink alcohol, but everything in moderation,” she said.

“I think happiness is the secret to health.”

The Lovely Bones star also admitted she doesn’t feel the need to take time out of her schedule to work out because looking after Henry uses up so much of her energy.

“Carrying a toddler around is incredible. I’ve got in shape from the baby, not from the gym,” she said.
In Lovely Bones, Rachel plays a mother whose teenage daughter is brutally raped and murdered.

Despite the dark plotline, the actress says being able to go home to her family helped her switch off at the end of every day.

“Any mother has worries about the death of her child, but as an actor you have to imagine all sorts of things — some beautiful, some ugly — and one isn’t necessarily harder than the other,” she said.

“In a way a film set is a safe place to imagine it because it’s not real. It’s just fantasy. When I went home I left it at work.”