Michael Jackson ‘Trusted Dr. Conrad Murray With His Life’

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michael JacksonMICHAEL Jackson trusted Dr Conrad Murray “with his life”.

The Thriller star, who died aged 50 last year, told friends Dr Murray was the only medical professional he would trust just days before his death of a Propofol overdose on June 25, 2009.

According to British newspaper the News of the World, Jackson said, “My doctor is the best in the world.

“I feel completely comfortable with him. I trust this guy with my life. He’s an incredible guy and understands what I need. He is a friend to me and my family.

“He makes me feel good about myself, and young again. Without him I wouldn’t be able to function.

“I need him to make my body — this machine — work the way it does.”

Jackson praised the doctor as he was preparing for a dress rehearsal in Los Angeles just two days before his death.

He was also insistent Dr Murray be paid $5 million to be available for him 24 hours a day.

The singer’s manager Frank DiLeo, said: “I said, ‘Michael, for $5 million, I’ll buy you a hospital’. He said this guy was his family doctor. It made sense to me, to a degree.”

Last week Dr Murray — who has pleaded not guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson — admitted he made a “mistake” with the version of events following Jackson’s death he first gave to the Los Angeles Police Department.

His lawyer Michael Flanagan said, “Dr Murray’s timeline of events that day when Michael Jackson died is wrong. Doctors make mistakes, and that is what he did, and it was simply that, a mistake.”

Initially the doctor claimed to give Jackson Propofol at 10:50am, left the house momentarily and returned to find the pop star unconscious.

After trying to revive Michael, he then left it for an hour before he called emergency services and called a fellow patient of his to discuss the results of a heart scan.

However, Murray has now admitted there was an error in the timeline of events.



  • Elizabeth

    This makes it more tragic because Michael trusted his doctor too much although who would think that this doctor was so inept & really the wrong one to trust. Michael trusted the wrong people which caused betrayal. Michael was a good hearted trusting person & that was his undoing. He was a great man. He would be alive if it wasnt for Dr Murray. He trusted the doctor (I choke when i say that) with his most prized possesion, his life. Dr Murray doesnt even know what he did & left his patient who trusted him to go do whatever he did, makes calls or whatever, while he was supposed to be watching his patient to make sure he is ok. He is a heart doctor & should know the patient has to be watched, then panicked. He wanted the money & has the nerve to say he did nothing wrong after giving Michael 3 other drugs before the propofol(which he should not have given). MICHAEL WOULD BE ALIVE NOW IF NOT FOR A DOCTOR WHO WAS OUT FOR THE MONEY ONLY & DIDNT CARE ABOUT HIS PATIENT. Michael trusted the wrong person. He had a hard time realizing that people are mean & unkind & out for themselves. He was too trusting. I love you Michael & always will. We need more people like you. I wish I was more like you. Thank you

    • Lvllady

      I think this story is bogus and believe the people who really hired and were suppose to pay the doctor put out this lie and they are behind Dr. Murray and condone the murder of Michael.

    • Pansie

      Elizabeth you could not have said it better. You are right on. Michael was humble and much too trusting for his own good. He always spoke about humility and the fact that he was aware that God had given him the talents he possessed. He was such a good person, they dont come like that too often. that’s why his accusers try to extort from him. Seems to me that Dr Quack was a hired assassin who went to great lengths to get Michael’s trust knowing full well he was only out for Michael’s money like so many that was around him. Latoya his sister also did a lot of damage to Michael, and now pretending that She is going all out for Michael. She knew he was innocent and chose to bash him instead, perhaps she could not get her hands on his money. She should have known that he had vitiligo but she bashed him every chance she got. She needs to find the nearest exit and step off planet earth, because noone wants to hear her now. She is just a washed out wannabee

  • Jay

    Miss You MJ

  • http://www.yahoo.com Mumofcheeky

    If I was a jury I would be totally confused. First we hear that Murray went to the toilet for 2 minutes and now we hear he left thepremises momentarily and then stops trying to revive Michael to make a phone call. Why on earth would somebody call a patient before they called 911? This story is a mess.

    Anyway, taped phone recordings mean nothing. Everybody knows that times and even days can be altered on machines. I have a fax machine that keeps literally losing days on its transmission sheet.

    I hope the jury doesn’t fall for this new story with the amended timeline from the defence. The new lawyer is obviously just trying to make it look better for Murray. Dr Murray, if Michael Jackson trusted you with his life then why didn’t you honour that trust and do your job? You had an agreement with Michael Jackson to at the very least protect him while he was under the effect of an anaesthetic drug and you did not do that and what is more you did not call for help in time to even attempt to save his life.

    No more excuses or cover ups please – let’s just have the truth from you Dr Murray.

  • hasi

    I completely agree with Luvllady.Michael saw good in everybody but not to the extent to leave his life on a doctor who was hired to make sure that he was in good health for the tour.Thank God for This is it. It shows that Michael was healthy and so alive as does the coroner’s report.The coroner writes HOMOCIDE!!!!!! I pray and hope dr.killer rots in jail,i wish he dies in jail.It serves him right! the MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!

  • rara


  • im4us

    Murray was getting $15,000 a week. I agree there is way more to this story than they are telling. Latoya is on it. She also believes more people were involved and vowes to find out who. GO LATOYA! And as you all say, whoever did this, will get what they deserve on Judgement day from GOD. But I am wanting to see what happened and who the players were. I have my own thoughts about it and his brother Jermaine is a major player imo, so far.Not to mention maybe the NOI that Jermaine sent to him, or Tomhe Tomhe??? Who Jermaine sent to him. Connect the dots. Whos face was on TV for so long after MJ died? WHO was trying to take over his concerts? JERMAINE! Who wrote the words to “the word to the bad”? Jermaine! And just a footnote: named his son…”JERMAJESTY?????? He was SO jealous that MJ made it and he didn’t.Jermaine is around all of this and it stinks to high heavens. I smell a murder by deceit!

  • dominique jones

    i hate mr. murry