Brad Pitt Spends $10k on Boys Clothes — For His Daughter!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Brad PittBRAD Pitt just loves splashing the cash on his children!

The Hollywood superstar — who has six kids with partner Angelina Jolie — reportedly shelled out a whopping $10,000 on boys clothes for his daughter, Shiloh.

Pitt took Shiloh and sister Zahara shopping at the ultra-exclusive Bonpoint children’s store in Rue De L’Universite, Paris, on Tuesday afternoon.

“Shiloh was getting antsy while Zahara shopped in the girls’ department and she finally started whining to get Brad to take her over to look at the boys clothing, which he finally did,” a source told X17.

“Shiloh wanted ONLY boy’s clothes. She had absolutely NO interest in the pretty dresses or skirts.”

The source says Brad bought Shiloh the entire Spring/Summer 2010 Bonpoint boys collection and her favorite item was a pair of boys acid-yellow jeans.


  • demi

    this is so beyond twisted. that girl has been dressed as a boy since she was 2…so now that she prefers boy’s clothing, it’s shiloh’s choice??? no, the girl has been “groomed” into wanting male clothing..because that’s how her mom raised her to dress…someone is trying to turn that little girl into a boy period, and it seems like the process is already working, since shiloh is not interested in female clothes whatsoever…this is beyond twisted…to change a kid’s gender is illegal and above all amoral…they’ve already been calling her john, giving her only swords to play with, she’s dressed in ties, fedoras…that’s child brainwashing…

  • Anon

    I think you’re too concerned with the sexuality of the child. If she wants to be a boy then so be it. Have you ever considered that not every girl wants to wear dresses or floral, frilly clothes? I know I didn’t when I was a child. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her or her parents… God forbid she turns into one of those lesbos right? Please.

  • sam

    anon 2…if u dress a kid in paper bags since they’re 2 years of age.they’re gonna get used to wearing paperbags…she’s been dressed as a boy since she was 2…so now she wears boy’s clothes…that’s not right…because it wasn’t right to dress her as a boy in the first place, when she was 2…i mean who does that? parents know the gender of their kids and dress them appropriately…who dresses a 2 year old girl in completely boy clothes…what if maddox was wearing dresses since the age of 2? would that be ok?

  • sandra

    i agree with are pictures of shiloh dressed as a boy when she was 2 years old…a 2 year old doesn’t even have a developped enough personality/identity to be able to change that identity…know what i mean? how can u want to change something u’re not even fully aware of…and no 2 year old..goes on a mission to change his sex/gender…that’s just propaganda…by angeloons.×0.500×792.jpeg

  • sandra

    i agree with sam…type in new orleans shiloh, and shiloh dance class..and u’ll see that when the girl was a mere 2 years of age..she was being dressed as a complete boy.

    a 2 year old doesn’t even have a devlopped enough identity/personality to want to change that identity…how can u change something u’re not even fully aware of…and no 2 year old goes on a mission to change his sex/gender, that’s just ludicrous, and it’s propaganda spewed by angeloons…

  • Anak

    Hope those now are better than the trash she has been using!

  • jess

    seeing those pictures..i gotta ask…how does a 2 year old dress himself? comment 5 is right…if u “accustom” a child to only wear boy’s clothes then that child is going to have a natural proclivity toward those clothes..that’s just human nature…a child is impressionable..u could have him wear a fig leaf in his hair…he’s gonna get used to that fig leaf…why do children carry around blankets..they get used to them…

  • jonas

    A 2 year old does not sit in front of the armoir thinking. Ok which clothes do I want? And they must be completely male? Because I hate being a girl. Pee and my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  • jen

    angelina jolie is a sociopath. even other sociopaths think she’s a sociopath. PERIOD. That kid has been put in boys stuff since she was an infant! We’ve pointed out many many times their is a difference between tomboys and straight up making your little girl into a boy.

  • Nanny

    Bullsh*t – my 21 month old knows what she likes and doesn’t like and she hates dresses – they get in her way. She wants to climb, run and jump and most time she does it after she strips down to her pullup! So what, this means that she’s going to be a stripper? She leans toward being gay? What about her sister who at four wears a purple sparkle dress over jeans pink snow boots, red cowboy hat and lime green glasses while using her plastic baseball bat as a sword. All this tells me is she may be fashionly challenged not anything to her sexual preference. Case in point Cher, her daughter was always decked out as a little girl and she always looked and out of place. The clothes don’t make the man or in these cases the kid. Climb down off your high horse people, kids are smarter and more savvy than adults give them credit for. The kid’s happy, she loves her parents and she loves her siblings, nothing else matters or should matter in her world. Grow up.

  • EJ………

    So what if Shiloh wants to wear jeans and t-shirts.Can you picture her climbing trees,riding her bike,playing in the sandbox while she is wearing a $100 pink lacey frilly dress.I don’t.All girls and women(including me and you)wear jeans and t-shirts sometime in their life.Isn’t that what people wear on the weekends when they are running erands?So what if Shiloh is going to be a tomboy and Zahara is going to be more girley girl.Let me repeaT:”It doesn’t mean anything”.

  • bagonia

    10,000 on kids cloths is absurd, they should shop at Gap kids,old navy or on Ebay and use the money for their charity purposes instead. A three years old may care about style but not pricey labels.

  • Kate47

    you are crazy ! I was the same way as a kid and I am happily married today 25 years with 2 kids and a great career. If you see pictures of me as a kid I was always wearing boy clothes. I only started wearing the girl stuff at HS. But even as a toddler I loved to play with balls, was great at boy sports and loved to play pirate, cowboys and indians. It is a face, girls grow over it. I did and I grew up to be a normal woman. I really dont think there is anything wrong with Shilou. Who says that all girls must play with dolls and dress in pink, purple and pastel colors? why believe that there must be something wrong with her just because she prefers boy clothes? I bet she will become a wonderful young woman and will love to dress up like one.

  • concerned

    Zahara , who is much older than Shiloh, must be bullying Shiloh into choosing boys clothes, while she chooses girlie clothes. You never know, Zahara maybe a mean little girl. Angie and Brad does not know what kind of persons Zahara’s parents are. Sometimes, these personality traits, one of these being a bully or domineering, are hereditary or genetic. People are born like that and even if given the right environment, the hereditary traits from the real parents still take over. Poor Shiloh. I hope Brad and Angie should be around Shiloh and Zahara more and observe their behavior dynamics and save Shiloh from Zahara before it is too late. Being bullied can destroy a person, especially if it occurs at a young vulnerable age.

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