Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jennifer LopezJENNIFER Lopez has sunk into a deep depression over her career, insiders claim.

The Do It Well hitmaker — who is married to singer Marc Anthony — was recently dropped by her record label, Sony Music Epic Records, after her comeback single, Louboutins, failed to fly off the shelves.

The release date of her new movie, The Back-up Plan, has also been pushed back several week.

And Lopez — who has largely put her career on hold to raise twins Max and Emme, born in Feb. 2008 — is struggling to accept her star is waning.

“Jennifer is really depressed over the state of her career,” said a source close to Lopez.

“She’s gone from being one of the world’s biggest stars to being dropped by her record label. It’s been a bitter pill to swallow.

“I’m sure she’ll pick herself up and bounce back, but she’s not in a good place right now as far as her career is concerned.”

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  • Lieu Fatale

    Keep your head up Jenny.

  • Anonymous

    We are rooting for you Jen!

    • guikllermo

      nena you will always be the bomb stay srong

  • Troy

    Jennifer Lopez should know that nothing is promised when it comes to these record companies/labels. It’s all about image and youth. She should realize that the moment she or anyone in the music biz decides to take the smallest amount of time off, chances are the fans have moved on. The record companies will take that one chance once you come back from hiatus, but if those records don’t hit that mark or make the charts, it’s a wrap.

  • David

    She’s a STAR to those two kids. Perhaps she should concentrate on being a Mom instead of trying to make it big.

    • Tbone44

      Its too bad, but I never did think she could act. She was just a hot commodity at the time.

  • scooter

    Nothing lasts forever and her carear is her business but If I had the kind of money J lo has I be happy and retire. she is worth like 50 to 250 million. I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity forever.

  • CeNoel

    Since the inception of her “career” and her foray into the music and fashion worlds, I never thought of her as a legitimate talent. She never perfected her acting chops, and her voice has always left a lot to be desired. I also never liked how she handled her “friendship” with Marc Anthony, and his marriage, she must’ve been such a pariah. Perhaps she will take this setback and chose ONE thing and do it right. I wish her luck in her endeavors, but if she fades into the background, it is hardly considered a loss.

    • Hi

      I agree with CeNoel. Pack it up Jen

  • Pete

    After seeing her sing on SNL last night, I see why she is so depressed. Her voice sucks!

  • marie from tennessee

    Sorry Guys, I love jennifer, It’s so good to see her in anyway. i’ve raised 8 kids. She should take this time and raise her babies. They are only young once!. Seeing Jennifer on the screen and in front of a microphone is allways a treat. So lightened up people. Tis woman is a talent. You should be so blessed. So lay Off!. Jennifer you go girl. Never change and good to see you whenever we can. You are a beauty and a talent. We all embrace you!

  • Manny

    I knew one she got with that looser Mark Anthony that her career was soon to be over, But the sad thing about it she will keep the guy around.. Sorry Jenny you are no longer from the block, Just a round the way girl, stay home with that jackass

  • Chaz

    I hope no other record lael picks her up. She’s just horrible whe nit comes to music. Kinda of catchy songs…But come on now….Nothing impressive. Her albums ( espically the last 2 flopped ) Her movies….well….i’m sure its going to bust. Nobody wants to seee her anymore. She should face the fact that she just dosent have it. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she will off herself like most the stars do these days to be cool.

  • Sara

    I like some of Jennifer’s music, but not because I ever thought of her as a fantastic singer. The producers she’s worked with have just managed to know how to pick danceable music for her and work with her voice limitations. Also, I think she’s an O.K. actress, but not fantastic. I believe the reason her star is fading is because she was just always O.K. at what she did and not the best. I think she just got most of the attention because of her looks. But having said that, I don’t wish her bad luck like some people do. I agree with CeNoel, in that she should chose one thing and work on getting better at it, primarily her acting since she doesn’t have the strongest singing voice. Maybe if she focuses on acting, she will see her career comeback.

  • http://stillunderconstruction Joseph Velez

    Just like in your words People will always have things to say and sometimes things said can be very hurtful. Truth is they only wish they had a fraction of her God given talent and Beauty. God bless you Max,Emme,Mark and both your families. You have and will once again come back stronger than ever. You and your families will always be in my prayers. from your former Security Specialist and loyal fan.keep smiling,stay beautiful,God Bless,Joseph and Linda Velez “Boricua hasta la muerte”

  • http://showbizspy PENNY

    lets just keep it real, when you used people to get your big day, refering to p diddy , with out him she wouldn’t have gotten to where she was at the time, she knew she didn’t want him, she used him and honestly i think he really loved her, would have done anything for her, i knew that relationship wasn’t going to last , she wasn’t genuine,to make a long story short, you REAP WHAT YOU SOLE, TRUST IT IS A KNOWN FACT!!!!IF YOU DO THINGS TO PEOPLE THAT YOU AREN’T SUPPOSE TO DO IT COMES BACK HOME TO YOU ,IN THE WORST WAY EVER, MAYBE NOT TODAY,ONE DAY. I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR HER, I WILL PRAY FOR HER, OKAY

  • Will-Edward

    There are those who say Jenny can’t act or sing. Well truth is, the ones who are saying that about her has never been on the silver screen or had a record contract to begin with. Personally, I have never been a real fan of hers simply because…well I don’t really know why. But I must admit that when I learned she had taken up with Marc Anthony, I kinda saw this coming. In hollywood, if you decide to marry, you better hit the mark or they will cast you aside and keep on moving. Fans like their stars single and available. But there is an exception if you become a beautiful couple or a power couple. If you are neither, then you’d better keep you marriage very very very private and your spouse completely out of the lime light! Sorry Jenny, I wish you well.

  • Tim

    What is she depressed about? I thought she was just Jenny from the block.

  • Gino

    This is an example of a shallow, immoral, and ungrateful celebrity. She has wealth, health, and a beautiful family…..but is depressed that she is not as big a star as she used to be. It is just disgusting that she would rather be constantly working or the center of attention and allow her children to be raised by strangers and nannies, than be overjoyed that her and her husband have the means to spend time with their children and raise them right without worrying about finances. This is why family values and structure are deteriorating in this country, because parents put their own happiness ahead of the wellbeing of their children.

  • byebyejblow

    your 15 minutes are up, your butt is no longer relevant, and no one cares about your music…on the bright side, you went farther than any of the other fly girls or whatever they were called….now go away and leave us alone.

  • Greg

    She should be thankful that she made it as far as she has with no talent. She’s a joke.

  • http://defiancespitz Angie Franz

    JENNIFER, You are a big star and a raw model to us moms!
    I am your avid fan since Selina movie…you are fantastic
    and with beautiful voice…I always love you! There is nothing to be depressed of, you are so blessed with your
    loving hubby, Marc Anthony, and very adorable twins Max &
    Emme. You Have Everything & you’re so famous…God bless you & your Family! I collect all your movies and CDs. Take care, my Gorgeous & Sexy JENNIFER LOPEZ!

  • Puff

    Can you say J-HO! on da LO…

  • Mavey

    J-Lo is known to be an overbearing diva, nobody wants to tolerate that. What did she expect, flowers?

  • ChrisPBacon420

    Wah, wah. Cry me a river. Hopefully she has invested her money wisely. She might have to rent out a couple rooms in those multiple mansions they have. Maybe clip some coupons like the rest of us. Jennifer Lopez is depressed? Up her Prozac. Who really gives a sh!t. Not this middle class citizen living paycheck to paycheck while my tax dollars go to bail out the banks and big corporations are giving it to me up the a55 without the courtesy of any lube.

    I’ll keep ya in my prayers, J’Lo. May God give you the strength to function in the REAL world.

  • C. Martinez

    The last I heard of “J Low” she was calling Sarah Palin “una cabrona”, just because you don’t agree with someone’s politics you don’t have to make a vile, sexist insult towards her (how liberal and tolerant *rolling eyes*), she’s a mother and her eldest son is serving overseas in the war, I have more respect for that young man than “J Low” and her non-existant “acting” and “singing”…she could dance back in the day but In Living Color was 20 years ago…don’t let the door hit ya on your “culo gordo”…14:59…tick

  • mike hock

    this woman has enough money to ensure her great great great grandchildren are well off. hell with her, you got people starving and dying right now. people losing their houses, and she is depressed ? cmon, get real.

  • mike hock



  • TheBride

    I saw her on SNL last night. She was terrible–she would have been rejected on Idol.

  • http://yahoo Vicky

    Well I think that karma is one of the best things that happen to people. She had no problem hooking up with the looser of Marc.J lo you have the best thing that any women would want a beautiful set of twins. let’s say you no longer make it in Hollywood. you more than anybody know that you will be just fine for the rest of your life if you wanted to call iy good.i guess for you guys is all about being up top if people llok down you just can”t take it great a grip and move on.Maybe now you can see what it feels like being a normal human being. hAve ever tough of helping people in need like donating your time to get a feeel of what goes on in the real world. Shake it up and move on.

  • Sheeba2012

    Karma for the fur hag.

  • Maelo

    @PENNY: P-Diddy used his friend Big Poppa to launch his career. Can you say “double standard”?

  • Ron

    Well J Lo,

    Finally do a nude layout for Playboy or better yet self publish a coffee table art book featuring nude photos of yourself wearing corsets, open bottom girdles, garter belts and stocking and other lingerie, showcasing that absolutely gorgeous delicious derriere of yours.
    Be honest with yourself, if not for your bubble butt derriere you would not have a career you have. It is what got you your first big movie role in “Selena”.

    You said one time you would do a nude scene in a movie. Well, now is the time. Personally, I would rather see a nude 40 year old in all her well rounded, full bodied glory that some skinny model type 18-20 year old.

  • http://yahoo greg foster

    like a typical crybaby spic that did not recieve her last welfare check,jlowclass who can not typically sing or dance or act is now sad.Whats the matter,afraid of going back on public asst where your kind belong?

  • Melvin

    Jennifer Lopez should realize that she has shown longevity in show business she was a flygirl on In Living Color, had a couple of hit songs and been in a few films where her acting was acceptable. She dated a high profile producer/rapper Sean Combs. Then had a very public high profile relationship with Ben Afflect and is now married to a singer/songwriter/musician Marc Anthony. I think she should be grateful, accept the consequences of her decisions and focus on being a mother. After her highly publicize, hyped but disasterous performance with him(Marc Anthony), a couple of years back and her recent fall during her dance performance that had a bizarre theme and equally hideous costume she should have seen it coming. She has been given several opportunities but has not delivered. So it is what it is, Jen.

  • rod77

    The problem with JLo isn’t because she cant sing or act; thats not the problem . The problem is
    Marc Anthony. There is no buzz about him which means there will be no buzz about Jlo . When She was with Puffy good or bad she had buzz, people were talking about her. The Same with Chris Judd and Ben Affleck were talking about her. You rarely hear Marc Anthonys name mention on any of those Hollywood access shows unless you mention Jlo . That big a** fell off . Good Job Marc

    • Randy Kazandy

      Randy Kazandy thinks you are a wonderful actress. Keep in the movies. Your feeling is deep when you act. That is your forte.

  • Sharon Salcido

    Stay strong Fly Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AsiaA

    I never thought of her as a singer in that sense. She didn’t even go on concert tours because she would rather make movies. She didn’t start touring until she got with Marc.

    Now as far as her movies and acting ability; she does romantic comedies. You don’t need to be a Kate Winslet to do those. Seriously. She pulls her weight, and the movies do well (both box office and DVD).

    Mind you, she has her fragrance empire, and the JLO clothing line, although not sold here in The States anymore, sells like crack in Russia. Her albums sell pretty good there too.

    And her record label dropped her? Okay. Most artists are going to Live Nation now because labels are worthless if you’re already established. You basically need a record label to build your image, connect you with producers and songwriters, and distribute your albums.

    Her image is already established. She knows everyone in the business that she needs to know. And hell, with Twitters, and the Myspace, you don’t need to have a traditional distribution outlet in order to get the music to your fans. There are plenty of artist out there who are independent from a label and do well. No middle man to split the money with either.

    All this is to say that her life is not over. She can always make movies. As far as her music, if she changes her audience (go adult contemporary) she has a better shot. She can still use her limited vocal range.

    And WHO the hell you think is that close the Jennifer to know that she’s depressed and have the gall to tell everyone in the media???

    From the looks of Jen last night on SNL, she was beaming. Didn’t appear to be depressed at all. But what do I know?

    • Knowledge Moves

      AsiaA ~ You have said all the right things and even in the right way!!! Your insight is beautiful. You should be working with Jennifer Lopez she needs people like you in her life if in fact someone from her camp talked!!

      Thank you for your time


    All you guys need to lay off her. Everyone in this world has a right to be happy and if she wants her career then she will somehow come back. It is so sad that people with jealousy will say she had no talent yet they are the ones who will never be known by anyone.

  • Alinghi

    You guys must be kidding. Lopez is a mediocre singer, and no better actress. She’s got to accept it… The On the 6 & J Lo times are over…

  • kirb

    it is not her fault if she is handed bad scripts to work with or so so music to record.she seems to be good at comedy when she has half a chance.jealous people always like to tear down someone when they have a rough streak. she will bounce back

  • DP

    LOL.. I think it’s great she’s depressed. Welcome to the real world. What a joke..

  • http://N/A Alex J. Kenner

    FUCK YOU WHORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir topham hat

    Look at who she married. Marco Antonio is a control freak, enough said.

  • Stephanie Claytor

    Stay strong Jenny, You have 2 children that NEED and LOVE u for u. You are a remarkable woman. Life will always have bumps in the road, as long as you go over them, then nothing can stop you.

  • Glenn

    She’s trying to hard. She’s old and past her prime. I hope she saved enough Benjamins when she was raking them in from over-exposure a few years back. Just like Whitney…time to hang it up. When you fall on your ass at the Grammy’s…it’s a good sign to stay home and leave the entertaining to the kids!

  • Real Talk

    I’m going to keep it real for all those scared to tell the truth about your girl Jenny J-Lo aka. Jennifer Lopez No Hatin’ here.. just callin’ it like I see it. J-Lo’s real talent is manufacturing an image for a good run without any real talent and build a nice nest egg $250 Million before the public woke up! Of course the Latin community embraced her career, because they needed one of their own in hollywood and the music business. But to continue to pretend like she’s a talented singer and musician does a real disservice to other up and coming latina singers. So..let’s recap. J-Lo you sustained a music career, acting career clothing line,etc.. Married well and should be set financially for the rest of your life. You were lucky, had nothing to do with talent accept that,walk away from the limelight gracefully.. you have nothing to be depressed about.. know when you’ve been blessed!

  • curt

    I think I’ll watch Gigli and mourn her carrer

  • Lucy

    She can act and she can sing…but her fur line is a testament of her greedy selfishness that keeps me from being star struck by anyone. Killing animals for your own greediness sucks! If it wasn’t for the fans, they would be nobody…if we didn’t buy their music or go to concerts, buy their movies or pay to see a movie in the theatre, they wouldn’t be the rich snobby people they are. So, I have no sympathy for any of them! Want to impress me? Go feed the homeless and pay some bills for those on hard times!

  • http://google Ivonne M

    Please left her alone.Now she is marry whit another child is gad if not where she is,right now. Soy Boricua, dont speak to well. She is wanderful but whit the run spouse he need to be growing. is time to be along like four or five yeas and she will be happy.

  • Anonymous One

    Start making better music…”Taking back my love” as a repetitive line in a song shows lack of originality, and you had better hope The Back Up Plan is good, otherwise, we’ll be reading about your career ending for good. Go raise your kids and let Marc Anthony do the singing.

  • http://googleyahoo Andy loya

    Your still number one in my book !

  • Jeanne

    TOO Bad J LO

    After watching you on SNL and calling Sarah Palin the “B” word for no reason at all, you have lot totally all of my respect. She did not deserve that at all and it showed your ignorance completely.

    • Alinghi

      And a lot of fur coats…UG(H)LY!

    • http://comcast Ellis

      F… Sarah Palin, you dumb ass hillbillies have elevated this uneducated bimbo to star status. People like Palin
      hold a dim view of others unlike her. Since she spent most
      of her early years on her back it is pretty hard to now try to grasp what is going on in the world while sitting up. This is a very danguros time in the world and anyone stupid
      enough to suggest having Palin on the red button is a good idea is dumber the her. Get a life.

  • http://googleyahoo Andy loya

    All you have to do is keep faith you and your husband have to set of twins that are beautiful !

  • http://stillunderconstruction Joseph Velez

    We love you Jenny! You are and will always be in our hearts and prayers! xoxo Josephfit4ever@ya.! All the best,Joseph and Linda Velez!

  • http://yahoo Freddie Fernandez

    We love Jennifer Lopez in the Philippines. You should invest here. All the recording studios will welcome you . There are more than 80 million Filipinos rooting for you.

  • Monlady

    I think Jennifer has enough money to live on the rest of her life. She is acting like a spoiled brat. I think she should remember where she came from and take care of her twins and stop worrying about how many millions she has.
    Focus on whats important in life.

  • replytoajealous one

    @CeNoel: spoken like a true jealous one. Unless you have achieved everything she has and/or more, you have no right to JUDGE NOR ATTACK another individual . . . . . FOR IN FRONT OF ALMIGHTY GOD, YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN THE SAME SITUATION OR WORSE. Trust me, for I am there . . . . . and I will pay with my life in just a few weeks. Just be good to people and help them when they are down, for one day, I GUARANTEE YOU, It will be you. Please change your heart. Jen is someone’s little girl, and WE ALL PRAY FOR HER.

  • Art

    Ever since you married Marc Anthony, you haven’t had much of a career…it seems that you are trying to please him and now your life is on hold. I know you have had children but, it looks like he wears the pants in the family and you have no say so in your plans for the future. You can still be an actress you are talented in that field also…if he lets you.

  • chelle

    who ever told her that a good life is constant?thats why they always say we win some, we lose some. Jenny, you’ve made it already so stop going into depression. You are only going to make it worse. Accept your fate. move on and enjoy your life with your family.

  • Sterling B. from Cairo G

    damn babe…that means u gotta go independent for a while and sell your own records..thats all. keep ur head up hermana…

  • Paul Sargia

    I think Jennifer can be a brillant actress after seeing her versatility in several films, especially Angel Eyes. I actually have written a script for her that was a top ten contest finalist with a part that is a tour de force role. Her agent requested to see it, but has related to me that they will pass on it. I hope they reconsider. If she could pull it off (and I for one thinks she can), I guarantee it would earn her Oscar consideration. My best to her no matter what.

  • kevin back

    I think you are as good as ever. I just watched all 3 of your new video’s and think they are great. You still have the best butt in showbusiness.

  • http://yahoo Maria T

    Don’t complain bitch. I a too from thehood from many ears ago. I had a lovng, hard working family and did not chose showbiz but maried and raised beautiful children an both my husband and I had god jobs. We took nothingfrom no one and earned our way. We taught our chilren the same. We are Latinos and have twrk harder than our Caucasian friends, but no problemo. Respect others and respect yourself. I have no $$$ like you, but I didn’t have to sell my ass to get it. top crying there are many who are suffering and not complaining or being depressed. I hve good kids and good husband so I am blessed. You can’ act or ing nd yet you have big $$ count yr blessings or have you forgotten that the hoo an make orreak you. You wanted money without talent count yr blessings, love yr babies and deal with yr controlling, obsessed husband. He can ing, howeve, but nothng to look at. You make the perfect couple.

  • celia

    Really ,,,really,,people do not know how hard it is to make it,,and it scares,,to see how,,cold they are with their comments,,Jennifer Lopez,,she is a great star,,all around,,she has made it all work out for the best,,her carrer has been a long,,hard one,,no one,,NO ONE,,should say negative things,,on the contrary,,see all she has been able to achieve,,,she should be,,more than satisfied,,and for all means,,let’be greatfull that we were able to know a star like her,,and she still has a lot to achieve,,one door closes,,a greater thing is waiting for you,,don’t let anything or anyone,,show you different from this,,God blesses you and your family,,everyday,,enjoy all you have,,,and keep on going girl,,,

  • SonPB14

    I read alot of the comments and agreed with a few of them.
    I do not agree with the ones who are crude and rude and especially down right abnoxious with words that seem to show no intelligence whatsoever, just brainless thoughts and fowl language that just shows a person who lacks a brain. Unfortunately these people are such a waste and are parasites to our society. But getting to what the topic is about; I believe that Jlo has to strip herself out of her vain ways and learn that external beauty eventually deteriorates but that the main beauty remains internally and what J lo did many times, hurt others. Especially when she knew Mark Anthony was married with such a beatiful woman such as Dayanara Torres and she still had no sense of compassion in stepping in to disrupt a marriage with beautiful children. These women are everywheres and she definitely marked her grounds as the other woman going with a married man. There are times that life will show us what we have done to others and it will come back somehow. God has ways of letting us know and that we will be held accountable for our actions one way or another. She needs to humble herself and become aware of the real suffering that is out there and stop with worrying about the luxurious Diva lifestyle she and Mark have to live with and think more about those that have lost soooo much. Maybe it’s time she reflects on what is the real meaning in Life and so do many celebrities that are so shallow.

    • Carribean Beauty

      Well, I agree with you SonPB14 completely but also, she’s a grown woman and you shouldn’t kick a person while they’re down. Leave God judge them, not us humans, like
      Bob Marley said in one of his famous songs called Judge Not:

      Judge not,
      Before you judge yourself
      Judge not,
      If you’re not ready for judgement.

  • BKinHouse

    Maria T.- First of all I think you need to invest in an education, and learn how to spell, speak and express yourself before you decide to bad mouth someone as succsesful as Jennifer Lopez. I could see now that your from the hood, no need to say so. And it’s funny how you say you did not choose showbiz… lmao… you probably couldn’t get passed Kindergarden much less be able to become an actor or celebrity… like you had a choice. Now look at yourself in the mirror and tell me.. Do you know how to spell ‘Jealous Bitch’? Well im sure you do.. I looked it up in the dictionary and it had your Ugly Ass Pic Next to It. “Biotch”. You wish you and all the haters has what she has and has accomplished. Later Suckers.. And make sure you know how to spell before you decide to respond!!

  • Alexine

    I was shocked by a few different things after watching SNL last night. First of all, she disgraced her race by letting the writers depict her as a goofy, unintelligent Latina in almost every skit. Second, she showed disrespect to the suffering Haitians by participating in that skit that spoofed the efforts of Quincy Jones and “We Are The World.” Thirdly, she made a fool of her husband, Marc Antony, by letting the interviewer ask, “How is he in bed?” and responding, “Uh . . .” Lastly, she obviously does not have enough vocal talent. Has she ever worked with a voice coach? If not, she needs to. It was also evident from her lyrics that she is not happy in her marriage. Her lyrics mentioned something about her love being a player. To sum up, I like J-Lo, but I can see that she is desperate to boost her sagging career. For a Leo woman, being a shining light is very important to them. Right now she is facing some harsh realities – cheating men and aging looks. I think she has enough talent, charm and good looks to keep us interested, but definitely she should stick with acting. If she wants to sing, she should get more training.

  • TC

    J-Lo is a talentless, husband-stealing hack who is only famous for her big ass. She never deserved to be famous in the first place. I wish she and her vampiric husband would just go away, already.

  • BKinHouse

    Like Biggie used to say… Playa Haaaaters.. And their is plenty of them on this Blog.. :D
    Common people, don’t be mad cause she has what you don’t and wish you had. Well then again, I guess if talking crap about her makes you feel better, than go ahead knock yourselv’s out. Im sure you on your way to stardom now. Lol.

  • SonPB14

    I agree with you carribean beauty that one should not judge and kick others when they are down but it is also something that people such as her would hopefully reflect in by realizing that maybe her time in this world would be to become a better person from it. Especially how about when she was so hard on Palin calling her those words. I think it is time for her to realize the things that she has done to hurt others and maybe she will use her fame to help alot of people to not do the same.
    We are in this world for a short period and it is best to make a difference while we are here and not do more harm.
    Believe me Judging others is not what I want it is more a reflection for all of us to look at ourselves and hopefully Jlo will make a difference in peoples lifes.

  • BKinHouse

    Like Biggie used to say… Playa Haaaaters.. And their is plenty of them on this Blog.. :D
    Common people, don’t be mad cause she has what you don’t and wish you had. Well then again, I guess if talking crap about her makes you feel better, than go ahead knock yourselv’s out. Im sure you on your way to stardom now. Lol…

  • Carribean Beauty


    • Carribean Beauty

      I meant True SonPB14, life’s too short but I hope J-Lo will realise what she has and change her life around a bit but yeah, she’s now competing with alot of new singers who are younger than her and their music is alot better but I guess the music business is also very competetive.

  • Anna

    Well, to be honest, when your albums sold it was the guest rapper or artist that assisted you on the record. I never bought any of her music. I think she should have focused on one thing she’s good at (not singing, please don’t grace us with any more of your music) like her clothing is not bad. I own several JLO items at a price of no more than $100. However, then she changed to name to Sweetface or something like that and started charging $300 and more for her clothing, which failed. She’s a joke, maybe, she should have stayed with Diddy, or Ben, or Mike, or Tom, or Dick, or Harry and so on, she’s had many.

  • SonPB14

    I know ,Carribean Beauty and I can definitely imagine how hard it is for a 40 year old to compete with these young teeny boppers and also talentless ones who are just singers through a sound system that makes them look good but I think this is another stage in Jlos life that she has to realize that those younger years are no longer and
    unfortunately in the hollywood scene 40 seems to be ancient. So therefore why not use her talents or smart entrepeneurship to do positive things and either create her own Music center or productions to make movies that will also create real talents and positive messages that
    can be spread for many as well as real good music whether it be herself or help other new artists to become great talents. I think that she should stop falling into shooting out cheap shots to women such as Sarah Palin
    just because she does not agree with her political views yet her son was fighting in Iraq precisely so she (Jlo) could have those same freedoms for bashing on his mom,
    Isn’t that ironic and how would she feel to know that she had a son who was risking his life at war and yet here she is taking the spotlight to spill hateful words to a woman with also a special need child. I say shame on her
    and hope she will never have to deal with the things Sarah Palin has had to endure as a mother. I would hope that she will reflect on this depression that she is going through and change her ways and use the platform to do great things and leave a meaningful legacy that will truly help many people as I wish Hollywood celebrities would. But maybe she could be that one who would make that transition and help other celebrities to do the same.

  • gbenga

    Time is critical!She is down but not out.

  • Kim

    Jenny is a remarkable woman and God will bless her. Jenny keep your head up but right now concentrate on your twins. They need you now more than ever. No matter what people say you will always be #1 and such a beautiful lady. Never give the devil his glory so keep you head up always above water and God will see you through.

  • George William Gockel

    Someday Jennifer Lopez and I will meet each other on purpose.

  • jeannie1056

    J-Low is so not talented. She just came out at the right time with some catchy music and had a big butt. She has not talent and should not have been picked to play Selena.Selena could really sing and had talent that J-Low wished she had. I’m not hating on anyone because anyone can be in the music business or acting if they work hard at it and/or catch some lucky breaks, or know the right people. Look at Kim K and Paris Hilton. They don’t have an ounce of talent but just have money and looks(real and fake). This is why we should not put people on such high platforms. Just because they are on t.v. or radio does not mean they have the right to be treated like gods/goddesses. Give props and money to those who save lives and fight for our freedoms everyday, not someone who can’t sing and and may look good superficially,those who bounce and through balls and run up and down a court or field. Money so wasted….

  • All American


  • de

    These rumors are poo.

  • Kiki

    Sarah Palin sucks. She is a bloody racist and could care less about her or her family. Jlo was right to call her a cabrona. But this doesn’t mean that I like Jlo. I never liked her movies and music and got the most mileage out of her a$$.

    What irritated me most about her was when she wanted to become mainstream she ‘de-Latinized’ herself by getting surgery to thin her lips, use more muted makeup, straighten her curly hair, lightened her hair among other things that she may have done that I can’t see.

    She began taking white girl roles and after Selena her next Hispanic role was that of a maid who gets ‘rescued’ by a white man. She totally sold out and she’s just like those black minstrels of the 1930s who made buffoons of themselves in order to entertain white people.

    She only reembraced her hertiage after marrying March Anthony because he’s in touch with his Puerto Rican roots. Her Spanish is horrible. I think El Cantante was a decent movie, but if flopped because we as Latinos didn’t buy her act of going back to being a Nuyorican girl. That’s like a black person who starts out all street and suddenly abandons their roots and become a glamour princess or prince and then goes back to the hood because their star is falling or because being ghetto is fashionable again.

    I also think that she married Marc out of her own convenience. She obviously hates being alone. She used Diddy at a time when hip hop was in style. In reality wanted to marry Ben Affleck. Marrying Ben Affleck would’ve been the sign of her having made it for real because she would’ve had the ‘It’ white boy of the time and that would mean having mainstream white acceptance.

    So she settled for Marc Anthony because she wanted to have a husband and a family no matter what. Kind of like a Bridezilla. Marc always loved her more than she loved him and dumped him way before Dayanara Torres came into the picture so I won’t call Jenny a homewrecker because in a way she was coming back to get what was hers at one point and Marc was only too wiling to go with it.

    Like somebody said previously that her star was going to fall after marrying Marc. I kinda saw it coming too. The exchange of fame was uneven. In his world he is married to the Latin Alpha female in Hollywood. In her world she is married to a guy who had a few hit songs 10 years ago who sings music in Spanish (most Americans wouldn’t know how to distinguish a salsa from a merengue).

    Her SNL performance was good in a few respects and God awful in others. For starters she sang Live in order to make fun of Rihanna by saying she can’t sing. Jenny never sings live. The Latin portion of the Telemundo version of the Olympics was embarrasing to watch. Her Latin accent was off and she was making fun of us and herself in the process by making us look like we’re too stupid and uncultured to appreciate winter sports.

    I wish she would take time out to figure out who she is and stop being such a fake. She’s better off at home with her new family. Te necesitan, en serio.

  • EMarie

    Jennifer Lopez is bigger than life. Even if she decided to become a woman of leisure and do nothing else the rest of her life, the public can’t forget all of her accomplishments.She has been a successful dancer, singer,and I love her romantic comedies. Jennifer has also been smart enough to build a financial empire. Finally, she has become a loving mother and wife. She doesn’t need to prove anything to the world. Jennifer has already earned her stardom. She’s made it big!

  • Cereal drink

    Interesting article. I really enjoyed it and have some thoughts.

  • Wanda

    Jenny, you are beautiful and full of talent whom ever do not wish to see it forget them. Life goes on and enjoy your great inner and outer beauty with does who Love you.

    Keep you head up high girl cause there is nobody like you
    and never will. Love you from the heart sister.

  • James

    lets face it Jennifer Lopez has minimal talent, if it weren’t for the fact that these days celebrities have so much outlets to capitalize on their name, she has done that beautifully, with the clothes lines,perfumes. But the thing that she wants the most is to be taken seriously as a actress and that will never happen she just doesn’t have the talent. do you think that if she had a real film career she would bother with a stupid show like Idol ? of course not but it’e all about the money, I certainly can’t blame her but this is her Career.


    J L O W I LOVE U

  • Max

    Face the music j lo. Its over……..time to take a back seat. Better yet get out of the dam car!