Robert Pattinson Used Bra to Cover His Ass Crack!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Robert PattinsonROBERT Pattinson used a bra to cover his “ass crack” while filming new movie Remember Me.

The Twilight heartthrob — who stars opposite Emilie De Ravin in the upcoming flick — says the film’s costume department had forgotten to buy a “modesty patch”, so he was forced to rely on women’s lingerie to hide his private bits.

“They had to, like, tape it and stretch [a bra] around into my ass crack. It was quite funny. It’s all very glamorous,” Pattinson recalled.

Allen Coultner, the director, gave us this whole kind of lecture about how to feel ‘safe’.”

Rob said Allen told him, “‘I’ve just got a couple of things which, you know, you can use them or don’t use them, fine, if it just makes you feel better about it’.

“And we walk into the bedroom, and laid out on the bed, the art department had got all these things like handcuffs and improvised sex toys made out of hair dryers and things, and every single thing from the costume department, like a top hat and little silk things.”

Pattinson, 23, recently admitted he’s baffled by how much press attention his life attracts.

“I saw pictures of me, buying pants, in the papers and I thought, ‘What do you expect me to wear?’” he said earlier this week.


  • Ashley

    I hope he’s got a modesty patch for Bel-Ami! =0

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    I think he’s giving everyone the wrong impression of himself by the wiseass comments he’s made. Also, I don’t need to know about the taping of a bra to his ass in Bel Ami’ That really detracts from seeing the movie , knowing all that garbage. Think before you speak, man.

  • angela

    don’t be so mean,
    at least he’s honest about things!!!

  • Nicotine :

    i use a Revlon RV408 hair dryer for myself and i like it better than Conair~’~


    Wow. Interesting solution to the problem. “Hey, let’s just shove a bra up there.” Who came up with that?