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Johnny Depp Avoids Mirrors

Posted by Adam

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp hates looking at himself in the mirror.

The actor says despite regularly topping Sexiest Man Alive polls, he goes out of his way to avoid his own reflection.

“I tend to avoid mirrors at all costs,” he says. “I hate them, can’t look at myself. I couldn’t watch myself practice my happy dance as the Mad Hatter because I couldn’t stand it. We had to treat it like a kind of stunt.”

Depp — who plays the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s new movie Alice in Wonderlandrecently admitted he likes wearing “skirts”.

“The Scottish accent was something I did mess around with on Finding Neverland,” he said.

“That was a bit more Aberdeen, and Tim Burton and I talked about the Hatter being made up of different people and going to extremes… go dark and dangerous with the Scottish accent. I hope I arrived there. And I like wearing skirts too!”