Jamie Lynn Spears in Custody Battle With Baby Daddy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jamie Lynn SpearsJAMIE Lynn Spears is locked in a bitter custody with her baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

Jamie — Britney Spears‘ little sister — split from Casey last year and is now dating 28-year-old James Watson, a wealthy businessman whom she met about a year ago.

And insiders say Casey — the father of Jamie’s 20-month-old daughter Maddie — is planning to take his ex to court for monetary gain.

“Casey’s mom was overheard saying that if he wants financial stability, then he should fight for custody so Jamie Lynn would have to pay him child support,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“His family told him he could be another Kevin Federline and rake in the cash by being a stay-at-home dad!”

But Jamie, the source says, is prepared for a fight.

“No way would she ever give in,” said the mole. “Jamie Lynn might even be willing to pay Casey just to keep him out of her and Maddie’s lives.

“Casey is asking to have Maddie every other weekend now, and I hear that’s all he wants!

“He’s having fun with his freedom.”

The Spears clan are hoping Casey will do what’s best for his daughter.

“We know he does truly love Maddie, and he’s not big on the idea of a nasty court case,” the source insisted.

“But money is a driving force, and he’s weak when it comes to his mom and what she tells him to do. He’s really torn.”


  • Carribean Beauty

    I hope she wins the court case, her ex seems like a really big loser.

  • SJ

    It hasn’t even been CONFIRMED that they split up, and people are saying that they’re in a custody battle????


    Cleared that up