Ke$ha Blasts Britney Spears

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ke$haSINGER Ke$ha has launched a scathing attack at Britney Spears.

The Tik Tok hitmaker — who featured on Britney’s track Lace And Leather — doesn’t like the fact Spears lip-syncs during her concerts.

“I think that’s bulls***,” she said. “I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance.

“If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing. I would never do that to my fans.

“No offense to her specifically but people have asked me before to mime. I have been up at three in the morning for a television show with jet lag but I refuse to mime.

“It’s treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing. Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans. I don’t want to treat my fans like they are stupid.

“That is my take on my fans and life in general. My whole record is super-honest. I am really honest. When I am singing I may sound s*** sometimes but at least you’ll know I’m singing.”

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  • lymn

    Who is this person anyway?
    She’s entitled to her opinion and so is Britney.

  • Adam

    Wow, she is a one hit wonder who probably will not be around in 5 years. I would rather watch someone perform a dance routine and lipsync then have spmepne try to sing and be breathing hard! I dont know, she has no room to critisize. Maybe when she has 5 number 1 hit albums, she may have room to complain!

  • Rudy

    Wow, who is this talking? We the fans of Britney knew what our idol doing, so Kesha don’t make us stupid.



  • vittorio

    Exactly, who is this Ke$ha (poor name by the way) to blast Briney Spears? I have been happily assisting to a lot of presentations of Britney Spears, and never even thinking to see this Ke$ha singing LIVE as she said. I think she is a little bit “in need of attention” and she knows that throwing Britney’s name people are going to read it.

  • slyvia plath

    What an idiot, she should know better as an up and coming not to bash Brit, her fans are rabid.
    Not a smart move, i dislike her now and will not support her in any way shape or form.

  • Yvonne

    If this article is in fact legit, apparently Ke$ha believes herself to be big enough now to blast a pop artist who has been around for over 10 years.

    All I have to say is that she better be careful. She is not talented enough herself nor is she BIG enough (one hit song is not enough) to start blasting a fellow artist. And I don’t really care if she sings live because I’d rather hear someone sound decently with lip syncing than to hear someone sing live who sounds terrible. And that’s Ke$ha.

  • maya

    whaaaaaaaat tha fuck? we all know what britney does in her concerts, whos is kesha anyway ooo the girl who feels like p diddy O.o gosh
    britney ♥

  • Faye

    How dare she. Britney is a very good performer and very talented more than she will ever be. Shes just jeolous because she will never be successful as Brit. If other artists or people dont like the way she performs then simple dont watch her but dont go bitching and talking shit about her performances like that its rude. We all know Britney can sing even if she lip syncs. This chick sounds awful live and she uses auto tune on all her songs. Dont get to hot headed what ever your dumb name is because you only been around 5 minutes and you will not be around for long. Get over yourself bitch.

  • nico

    ok kesha ur the one who is bull****! people doesnt know her at all…maybe few does…so she should just shut up…and she is talking about her fans?does she have one?hey girl they just like ur song but do they like you?unlike britney fans they like her music and they like briney…my advice for new artists is just dont say anything stupd to britney coz you will never be in the business as long as you want…britney fans will hate you and remember that britney spears fans is billions around the world so if you mess with them…goodbye!

  • Ashley

    Who is this Ke$ha biotch? I love Britney! She’s a wonderful performer & her career speaks for itself. At least when people say “Britney” everyone knows who you’re talking about. Again… who the fvck is Ke$ha? and who the hell using the money symbol in place of an S?!?!

    • EJ

      Ashley-Hey!Whats up?Sorry I’m just getting on the boards.I went to the mall late this afternoon to do summer shopping.They have some good bargains.I can’t believe they have some of spring and summer clothes on sale.

      I hear that alot of singers do some lip syncing during preformances.Especially the ones who have difficult dance movements during the songs.

      • Ashley

        Hey EJ! Yeah Britney is a performer, the whole package. Her dance moves would definitely keep her from carrying a tune. I just don’t think a new comer should judge someone completely out of her league.

  • jeremycanrana

    well you are trying to create a war between britney fans and ke$ha fans .. well this is stupid ! ke$ha just said what everybody knows ! Britney does PLAYBACK !!! that’s it ! she did not say shit about Britney simply the truth !!
    actually i was at Ke$ha’s showcase in Paris and she was PERFECT !! there is no “powerfull enough” words to describe how amazing her performance was .. SHE GAVE US SO MUCH ! she performed LIVE !!! she always sings for REAL!

    if you are ready to pay a billion to go to a karaoke concert ..well it’s your choice .. but don’t insult kesha for telling the truth

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    WHAT!!! Ashley Ke$ha sings Tic-Tok and shes awsome Britney is awsome to but Ke$ha is not a bitch she great I love Britney but I love Ke$ha to

    • Ashley

      Never heard of that song.

      • Ashley

        Oh never mind… I know what song you are talking about now! I HATE that song. She mentions something about P Diddy or something. Yeah… I turn it every time I hear it come on the radio.

      • Jeff

        Girl, you need to calm down. Everyone has different taste, don’t go all “I hate that song”. You don’t even KNOW her, so why all the rude comments? I’m sorry, but you’re kind of idiotic.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    Go Ke$ha

  • Maka

    Oh waw !
    Ke$ha told the truth so Britney’s fans are so mad.I like Britney.I grow up with her music.Ke$ha didn’t say “I hate Britney she’s a stupid b**** who is doing playback” she is just sayin that it’s not fair to mime during a big tour!
    To “NICO” , I’m a Ke$ha’s lover (fan if you like that word) you said “and she is talking about her fans?does she have one?” I will love Ke$ha til the day I fucking die! It’s fine if she’s not gonna be as huge as Britney so the concert will be more intimist i love that.Don’t f****** insult her , you can say “she said something stupid i hate it”that’s fine , but you can not say she’s b**** for saying that , if you do , means that , you are some kind of idiots.I’ve been to Ke$ha’s concert in Paris , She is PERFECT , and I met her (I know you don’t care) I can tell she’s not a f****** b****.and she said she’d rather be a one hit wonder then nobody.And If I wanna see someone lip-syncing , I can turn on the tv and watch musicvideos…If I go to a concert I wanna see the singer LIVE , Like Ke$ha , even if she will be sick or tired , doesn’t matter , it’s respect for me , she’s not lying.I love her. But go to the “Karaoke Tour” it’s fine , more space for me to go see Ke$ha.I respect Britney i’m not saying she’s a fugly b**** who is lip-syncing , Ke$ha told the truth and everybody knew about it , don’t be so shocked by the way.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    really wow well its Awsome I love it

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    WHAT!!!!??? how can you hate it i think it is awsome hay do you know who Justin Bieber is?

    • EJ

      A girl & twilight lover-Wasn’t he also discovered on the Disney channel also like Miley Cirus?

  • miranda mcpenny

    I just gave my 11 year old niece my Ke$ha cd.
    How Dare She Slam The Queen of Everything!

  • EJ

    Ashley-When Ke$ha gets to be as worth as much as Britney,has has many Grammys,and is still doing what she is going at almost the age of 30; then maybe she can open her mouth.But untill then I think she should keep her mouth shut.I want to also see if Ke$sha looks as Britney does after having two children right after each other when she is 28.

    • Kurenai

      Uh im not sure who told you Britney has alot of Grammy’s but she has only won 1 Grammy’s and that was for Best Dance Record for “Toxic” sorry just had to set you straight

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    I wake up every morning felling like p-diddy get my glasses on out the door im going to hit this city before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack cause when I leave for the nite I aint comin back….

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    no Justin got discovered on utube

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    EJ how old are you?

  • A girl & a twilight lover


  • A girl & a twilight lover


  • A girl & A Twilight lover

    Kiera Redden is a bra stuffer my friend said she saw Kiera stuffing her bra!!!!

    • Anon

      Child-How old are you?Only little kids talk about their classmates stuffing their bras.As a warning from somebody who is older and wiser.Be careful leaving statements like this could come back to haunt you in the end my dear.

      • Anon

        And you wonder why that EJ person quit talking to you.If you keep doing this everyone will.

    • Grow up….

      To A girl and Twilight lover-That girl who you left in your comment I looked her name up.Her face is on facebook.Do you just realize you probably humiliated her in front of your hometown and the whole world?Do you even give a damn?

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    If the girl you found has brown hair tan skin and is older than ** then thats her

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    I looked it up and that wasnt her shes dosnt have a facebook she has a myspace

    • Anon

      To A girl and A twilight lover-Thats not the point.If her face is on myspace page you still humiliated her infront of your hometown and the whole world.Do you have a conscious?If you did you would not do this stuff because you would feel guilty for your actions.Like I warned you last night becareful in what you do because sooner or later it will comeback and smack you hard.Sooner or later you will take on somebody that will put you in your place permenantly and then you will be humilated in front of your hometown and you will be the one that is gossiped about.Think about that for awhile.

  • bs forever

    i don’t like ke$ha now

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    hey bs Ke$ha was right and Britany is good and all but Ke$ha IS BETTER

    • Ashley

      Are you on here starting trouble again?! And you wonder why people get upset with you…

  • savannna

    kesha? haha wow.
    why is this bitch talking, hah.
    no offense to her but the bitch is trash.
    and britney is a milllion
    times better than kesha.
    this bitch is only a one hit wonder.
    like someone down there said ! VVV

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    No im just talking to people you know how 15 year old girls can be about gossip dont you I even have my own gossip club at school people come to me for all the latest gossip even about clebs and I always have it

    • Ashley

      Dear that isn’t something to brag about.

  • A girl & a twilight lover


  • A girl & a twilight lover

    you wouldnt understand your not a teen…

    • Ashley

      Um well I’m not much older then a teen & plus I was never into the gossip when I was one.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    well that sounds like your 100 years old if your not into gossip why are you on gossip boards?

    • Ashley

      I don’t gossip about people I actually know genius. Celebs are a different story.

  • savannna

    i bet ur not even 15, ur probably a man that likes acting like a 15 year old girl on the internet ? cause really, im 15 and i dont brag that im a teen. no offense to you.

    • Ashley

      Last time she said she was 12. Different day, different user name, & different age. That’s her MO.

      • EJ

        Ashley-I beginning to understand the picture of the girl and the twilight lover now.Did it cause you to age dealing with her before?How long have you guys delt with this person if she was twelve before and she is fifteen now?I wonder if she/he is not a cyber predator.I read the comments when she apologized to you on the other board.How do you do from sounding like a eight year old to a fifteen year old in just minutes.In that one paragraph comment she was hardly coherent.It gave me a headache just reading it.

      • Ashley

        *scratches head* Only like a few months. I’m not sure what her story is. She once pretended to be a guy named Harry and harassed her own self. So yeah… =/

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    savanna do you live in wv cuz I might know you and Ashley clebs or not its gossip ok hey savanna do you thinkk Justin Bieber is hot I do

    • Ashley

      I think that Justin kid is younger then he says he is. He’s a little… how do I put this… “different”!?

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    Ashley I said I was 12 before so you wouldent get any of my privite info but it got way out of controll still sorry about that

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf

    Uhhh, I may not like Kesha, and this was definitely a stupid thing to say in the midst of climbing the fame ladder, but seriously, she’s 100% right. She could’ve said what she said with a little more tact, I guess, but she’s just right.

    $300 for a Britney Spears ticket? No SHIT I’d want her to actually sing. That’s the point of a LIVE show. But man, you Britney fans are rabbit. Say anything bad about her and watch the hell out.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    what do you mean differnt he perfectly fine to me and everyone is different

    • Ashley

      I dunno there’s something weird about him. I’m not buying he’s 15 or 16 years old. Didn’t he say he’s never been kissed? That’s a little strange…

  • Laury

    I hate Ke$ha, but she does have a point. But on the other hand, people are used to Britney lipsynching, her fans have long accepted that fact, and after 10 years and all the shit she’s been through, they still love her. You don’t go to a Britney concert to hear her sing, you go to a Britney concert to see her perform. Ke$ha may be hot right now, but there’s no way she’ll achieve the same level of success and longevity Britney has.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    oh no I’ve seen pics of him kissing thousands of girls but hes 15 he looks 15 he sounds like hes 11 though but I love his voice and hes hot

  • fzz

    I don’t know this girl but she is absolutely correct. She is honest and I respect that. I never got the whole Brittany Spears phenomonon. I don’t think she is very good compared to Christina Aguilera and Pink. At least these girls can sing. I just don’t get why Brittany is so popular. If I was spending my hard cash on a concert I would want to see the person singing not lipsyncing. Might as well lump her with Milli Vanilli..It’ a slap in the face to the people that are attending the concert.

  • oasis

    Ke$ha loses me now

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    I wasnt Harry :| Ashley!

    • Ashley

      You know… maybe you weren’t. Perhaps that was our old pal Li.

  • A girl & a twilight lover

    Li wouldnt do that..

  • Alan

    kesha is just a lady gaga wanna be kiss ass Britney at least is herself and kesha I’d rather see britney lypsynch and put on a show than watch a talentless bitch like you walk around,stumble and talk and sing horribly kesha you need to go to rehab or something and lay off the pop queen miss britney spears you ugly trashy one hit wonder…

  • Elena

    Wait, what makes you think that she’s just talking about Britney and not ALL of the artists who lip sync?
    Either way, she’s right.
    The girl can’t sing live, but at least she attempts to.

  • Julia

    I expect Britney to lip sync when she’s doing some hardcore dance moves. But in her Circus tour, she didn’t even do that.
    She practically just walked around the stage, and danced a little bit and that didn’t even require that much energy.
    She could sing, but for some reason she chooses not to.

  • Raniyah

    At the end of the day, no matter who she is, this girl is spot on. As far as the autotune, do you people really think Britney didn’t have quite a bit of help on her albums? Give me a break.

  • be hao

    bitch please Kesha

  • ME

    KE$HUCK !!!

  • Rela

    Oh, this I-never-know-before singer did it! She got you guys’ attention. What a pitiful girl, use other people’s name to raise her own, like some losers. Catching attention to get being blamed is not clever. Lady Gaga is impressive not only because of her weird style but also because she’s a good singer (actually if she didn’t wear things like that, I could be her fan). No talent, no fame, remember that, Ka$ha (anyway, what kind of name is that?)

  • Albus Tran

    I reallt like Tik Tok but I dun know anything about this girl. I’ve been Britney’s fan for a long time. She NEVER said that she is a true artist…she is an entertainer. More than one million people over the world came into her Circus tour. ALL of them knew exactly what they want. We dun need a One Hit Wonder told us what to do. Anyway, Lady Gaga maybe a shit but at least she is better a MILLION time than Ke$ha when she sings LIVE!

  • Albus Tran

    I love how the way Britney is. She NEVER talk shit about fellow artists…

  • Ke$hit

    Thats odd !

  • Racheal

    KeShat or whatever her name is has nooooooooooo class!!!!!!!!! Britney wouldnt even think to mention her yaknow? hahahaha its so funny how artist jump on this britney spears hating band wagon so they can get some publicity. Britney Spears is very talented her voice is beautiful and unique yes she lip synchs in her concerts but they are so amazing that nobody cares she will give us a little live show sometimes, THE world does not deserve to hear britney spears be live like she used to when she first came out look at the way the world treated britney spears?? keisha will never be legendary like britney spears i dont know why or how she feels she has the place to say anything about britney

  • Racheal

    oh and keisha looks like white trash:)

  • A girl & a Twilight lover

    STOP Racheal your the one with nooo class coming on this board trashing Ke$ha shes AWSOME she dosnt care if a brat like you likes her or not Britany is good but not great and you need to shut the fuck up about Ke$ha shes more famouse then you will ever be!!! so shut-up about her you bitch!!

  • A girl & a Twilight lover

    Oh and Britany sucks compared to Ke$ha!!

  • bleh

    “SINGER Ke$ha has launched a scathing attack at Britney Spears”

    Who gives a shit. One shitty singer talking about another. If I wanted to be annoyed I’d watch the WWF

  • Brandi

    Kesha calls her electronic vocals honest singing? Kesha and Britney have the same problem with using enhanced vocals. At least Britney will put on a little dance to make up for it. Kesha has nothing to offer but acting sleezy.

  • Jodie

    To be honest britney’s mostly known for her dancing and sexual appeal so who cares if she mimes? she’s amazing end of. Ke$ha is just a wannabe and trys so hard to be something she’s not..she will Never be britney. ahahaha shame.

  • fadumo

    wow! she sucks. she is jalouse bitch. idon’t hate her, but she is acting like a bitch. britney is nice person who never insults anybody.kiesha sucks for realO_O

  • girl

    kesha is the ugliest girl ive ever seen in my life and her music sucks and i hope she gets run over by a car or gets sucked into a black hole. britney spears is a legend and has been around for a long time and ten bucks says she could kick keshas stupid untalented ass.

  • lina

    its just her opinion!
    cut ke$ha some slack, god.

  • Emilio

    kesha is fucking pathetic…i should take her comment and wipe my ass w/ it…haha

    p.s:Britney Spears is the Queen of POP Music

  • Vladislav88
  • Jillian

    “Ke$ha” is nothing but a dumbass whore. She can’t sing for shit, and she won’t even be around in a few years. She’s jealous of Britney. I think “Ke$ha” should go fuck herself.

  • Ivan2
  • celebrity fashion

    Justin Bieber loves skate shoes. He is wearing Supra skytops in the music video baby. If you want to buy the exact shoes he wore in that music video has them

  • a big hard fan

    “Ke$ha” – First off don’t let her talk – the IQ drops in the room. She needs a shower and a personality. When she talks – it makes me want to drive a pencil into my ear into my brain.
    Go back to the trailer park and go back on welfare. She needs a good stiff cock up her dumb ass and a shot of protein down her throat.
    Female bisexuality ha ha – gay/dikes only need a big cock up their puss to straighten out and fly right.
    I would fuck brits nice ass.

    • a big hard fan


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    Couldn´t be written any kind of far better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He continually kept talking about this. I will certainly forward that article to him. Quite sure he will certainly possess a great read. Thanks for sharing!

  • uguysrstupid

    lol u guys r stupid why r u getting mad b/c she says she won’t lip-synch and britney does. if any of u went 2 a spears concert and got nothing but damncing and lip synching u would be pissed off. i don’t know who the other girl is but she’s right if people are spending money on a concert to hear her sing she should at least sing

  • Jay Mill’s

    Who Is This Skanky Ass 1 Hit Wonder… Ke$ha Sit Ur Flop Ass Down When You Get Too Triple Platnum. & Sell 86 Million Album’s Out Of Ur Career Then U Might Can Talk…

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  • JG

    I wouldn’t want to see Ke$ha live because all her stuff isn’t real anyhow. It’s great to dance to, but doesn’t sound like it’d make a good concert. However, I do agree with her… if I’m paying good money to go see a singer, I would like to see them actually sing. If I want to hear what I heard on the CD, I’d just buy the CD again.

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