Leonardo DiCaprio Seen Flirting With Blondes in Hollywood

Friday, March 5, 2010

Leonardo DicaprioBAR Refaeli won’t be pleased to find out what her beau Leonardo DiCaprio has been getting up to behind her back!

The Shutter Island star — who has an on/off romance with the Israeli model — was seen flirting with a string of blonde beauties at a party thrown by billionaire Nicholas Berggruen at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont Wednesday night.

“Leo was surrounded by a gaggle of girls all night,” a source told New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“At one point, he threw his arms around a tall blonde and chatted with her and her friends. He left with a male pal, followed by three girls — including the blonde — at about 3 a.m.”

Refaeli recently denied rumors she and DiCaprio had gotten engaged — insisting the band she’s been sporting on her ring finger recently is from a friend — not an engagement ring.

“No, there wasn’t,” Bar told E! News when asked if there was a proposal. “Let me explain: These rings—which are beautiful and made by a friend of mine—won’t fit any other finger except this one.”


  • malinche

    GOOD, just hope he dumps the dumb-dumb on her ass.
    As soon as her finds someone with some BRAINS and TALENT who is BETTER LOOKING (Hollywood is full of em, never mind NYC where there are NON movie and NON modeling people doing all kinds of creative stuff)theater, dance, art, you name it.
    Although these kind of guys have ways of keeping the main girls on their bang buses….

    “we were just looking at my stamp collection honest”
    “we left but we took separate cars”
    “she means nothing to me honey, I LOVE YOU”
    “they’re just friends”

    • http://showbizspy Jaclynn

      :)<3<3 lol

  • EJ

    LMOA on how rediculous this article is.He is dating a victoria secret model.To cheat on that you would either be incredibly stupid or have been dropped on your head as a child or you are suffering from brain damage.

    • EJ

      This is as rediculous as the one about Orlando Bloom getting touchy feely with Kristen Stewart.

  • LeoFanAnonymous

    Leo can have whoever he wants. Bar is really pretty average for height and size. Anyway lots of fish in the sea!!