Johnny Depp Can’t Dance!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp can’t dance — according to his Alice In Wonderland costar Helena Bonham Carter.

The British actress says despite Johnny strutting his stuff in the 3D fantasy movie, in reality he is awful at tripping the light fantastic.

“The dancing in Alice makes Johnny look like he’s really good at it — which he so isn’t!” said Helena.

“He can do pretty much everything else but he can’t dance.

“He can’t dance at all. In Alice he dances and it is hidden really well that he is terrible. On Sweeney Todd we were going to dance right at the end and I was really looking forward to it, but because he couldn’t dance we were put on the spinning machine.

“But I was secretly pregnant and started feeling really sick so I had to keep sitting down.”



  • mema

    I think she is kidding, she has a dry,wicked sense of humour, because Depp can obviously dance, he did right at the begining of his career in CryBaby