Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston had no intention of rekindling her romance with ex-husband Brad Pitt, insiders say.

The Hollywood hunk — who was married to the former Friends star from 2000-2005 — had hoped to get back with his ex-wife when he hit a rough patch with Angelina Jolie, the mother of six kids.

But when Jen told Brad she wasn’t interested in relighting the fire, the heartthrob decided to give things with Angelina another go.

“Brad was seriously considering walking back into the arms of Jen,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “That was his idea at least. But at the end of the day, Jen was having none of it. She was having way too much fun playing the field to even consider getting back with her ex.

“Brad thought he could change her mind and he was stunned when she rejected him. He’s used to getting his own way with women so to be knocked back by his ex like that was a bitter blow.

“In the end, Brad realized destiny was telling him to remain with Angelina and their six kids.

“He and Angie have been having real problems, as everyone knows, but once Brad saw he had no shot at reuniting with Jen, it cleared his mind.

“It forced him to have an emotional heart-to-heart with Angelina and they’ve been doing better ever since.

“When Jen let him down, Brad could see he had been wrong to hold her on such a pedestal for the five years they had been separated. Suddenly, he remembered why they had broken up in the first place — and why he and Angelina became lovers.

“He’s fallen in love with Angelina all over again and they have been good ever since.”

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  • Claudia

    This is the true!!!!!
    que bueno que no regreso con BRad porque es un PAtan

  • Tiena

    omg get a life people!! this crap is all bull!!

    • JJ

      You ought to know, you’re reading it! Looks like YOU need to get a life before you start telling everybody else how to live.

  • getalife

    Keep telling lies cause with Brad and Angelina you will be out of business and right now the story are getting desprate for Jennifer.

    Dream on Jennifer cause Brad did dumped you and will continue to dumped you. Jennifer who????
    Poor baby, move on !

    • Ana

      why don’t you just shut up? leave jen aniston alone, she isn’t the one who wrote this clearly not true article.

      • Mic

        Why don’t you F__K Off Ana the Pig; Jen is pathetic and so are you, LOL LOL

      • chic

        2 mic and all the haters.i luv jen. 2 all d haters go nd F urself u ugly basterd..

      • emily


      • larry

        You shut up. too, Jen’s bitch

    • JJ

      And you personally know that these are lies? Gee, I would think that such a close, personal friend of Brad and Angie would have better things to do than spout venom online about Jennifer Aniston. Shouldn’t you be refereeing one of their legendary fights right about now? Hey, dumbo, Jennifer didn’t write this article, so why are you writing like you are sending HER a message? And you need to take an English composition class, because you can’t spell, you write run-on sentences, you use improper verb conjugation, and your punctuation sucks. With skills like that, I am guessing you are the one at McDonalds who mops the floors and cleans the bathrooms.

      • berry

        Someone so much kissing ass Jenifer Manfaceton

      • Jen

        Most of Jenifer’s fan is so mean and crazy

      • lina

        You are so bad to degrade somebody. Move on. Hypocrite. Chin horse chin fan

      • lovely

        Angelina the psycho loser actress has only one set of fans, those who are mental loser like her!

  • LoveJen

    Obviously, Jen’s mind is very clear so that she’s made
    the excellent decision. She is always the best.

    • Denelle

      Along with not only the fans, journalists, magazine editors, etc. I was very happy that finally Brad realised his love for Jennifer. I agree with LoveJen that Jen made an excellent decision. On the other hand, the strength of the mind has deprived what could have been true love which was the Jen-Brad tandem. Based on people’s messages, it seemed that they were waiting for the reuniting of Jen and Brad; and, now that they thought their wishes had come true, Jen had become stronger and obviously didn’t want to be in the midst of Brad’s life with children and with a former lover Angelina.

      On the practical side of life, that was a wise decision.

      And perhaps Angelina now has learned how to hold on to a man to keep him for herself … and why not? they have children.

      I supposed there is the love out of practicalities like being together with someone because of children, finances, social and work standing … and there is the romantic one that can withstand the odds without the need for practicalities.

      The latter is a romantic love that we can see will be the type of love for Brad and Jen — a romantic life. Jen is being practical, too, for not wanting to be in a complicated life with Brad who’s a father of those children and has gotten himself trapped in the Angelina-relationship.

      Now, Brad is shown as getting back to the romantic-practical life with Angelina because his desire for a romantic life with Jen has been turned down by Jen. What a pity … I really would love to see such earlier love between Brad and Jen to persevere — because they shouldn’t have separated in the first place. Jen perhaps couldn’t handle the difficulties of being married to Brad that was why she divorced him. Angelina perhaps, after all those dark experiences, has learned her lesson and will now want to be steadily with one man. Hope so … for their children’s sake. Fortunate children they are. Many children haven’t been considered at all when their parents separated. Fortunate Angelina. She can now start afresh with Brad.

      As I am an avid fan of Jennifer, I am wishing her the best — that she will also find her true love who is much, much better than Brad Pitt — a bachelor, rich, handsome, of good character, etc, who will love her regardless forever and ever.

      • JJ

        ” Jen perhaps couldn’t handle the difficulties of being married to Brad that was why she divorced him” ????

        Jen divorced Brad because he was having an affair with that slut Angelina Jolie, not because of “difficulties” in their marriage – unless you want to call Angelina “difficulties.” I also hope Jen finds happiness with a loyal, loving man other than Brad Pitt. He has already shown everyone what type of man he is . . . a liar and a cheater. I can’t wait for the day that Angie gets a taste of her own medicine, when he cheats on HER and dumps her to be with someone else. I will be laughing my ass off!!!!!

      • omi

        Brad is missing Jen horseface and her fake boobs he he he


    Will you stop with this made up crap!!

    Jen & Brad were a FAKE HOLLYWOOD COUPLE put together by their AGENTS to become bigger stars together and make MORE MONEY!

    They never loved each other, neither of them wants the other one “back” because they were never really together in the first place.

    • Ely

      Hollywood Lies — you can only write that way because you’re hiding behind your fake name.

      No one will know who you are, perhaps, here, but you yourself know who you are, and I think you know that what you say is not good at all, including to yourself.

    • JJ

      Hollywood Lies: You are a damned idiot.

      • coco


  • Dave

    This story is baloney!! Who sent this one out Jennifer Aniston’s publicist or Brad & Anjo?

    This utterly is a bunch of ham on rye!! This story is made up especially when they say a ‘source’. The cast of Friends all had hopes to making it big and the only one who made any money from their movies close to have any attention is Courtney Cox thanks to the Scream series.

    Jen only had The Good Girl role to say she had any noteworthy role.And I wish she would get better roles.
    But whoever sent this pathetic attempts to draw attention please find another trick in the bag!!

    • JJ

      Dave, the people that write this crap do so because they can’t get the actual parties involved to say anything. Gotta sell thosed papers somehow, and writing that everyone is minding their own business and getting along just doesn’t sell papers. LOLOLOLOL

    • LANY


    • Lol


  • Lea

    Jennifer seems to be the only normal there. Angelina doesn’t look so pretty anymore, have you noticed? The octomom looks better now LOL.

    • bluebell

      Have you noticed that lately Brad and Angie have often forgone the spray on tan whereas Jen always has hers. I think Angie looks gorgeous. You are just assuming that failure to get a sprayed on tan means that her looks have changed. What would Jen look like without hers?

      • JJ

        Nobody said anything about any sprayed on tans. Angie is ugly because her limbs look like dead sticks, her veins are protruding like a 110 year old’s, and her neck looks so skinny that it’s a wonder she can hold her head up. Nobody has noticed the lack of a sprayed on tan but you. The rest of us are having too much trouble seeing past her skeletal body and those hideous protruding veins.

    • ben

      Hey, jealous bitch Chin chin’s fan. If you have 1/2 dozen of kids also doing many movies action. I think you will look old and ugly like Jenifer Aniston He he he

      • JJ

        Angelina looks a hell of a lot older and uglier than Jen does. It’s the life she leads – drugs, indiscriminate sex, affairs with married men . . . . and as far as her doing “many movies action,” she doesn’t act well enough to break a sweat and doesn’t do any real stunts. her movies are a total joke, and unbelievable. And she didn’t have a half dozen kids. She had three kids, but only two pregnancies. The other three kids she just bought like they are some kind of property. Notice she never adopts kids from any country that she doesn’t make huge “charitable donations” to? Donations my rear end. She’s buying babies. jealous of Angie? I don’t think anyone wants to be a drug-using, self-mutilating whore. . . . so nothing to really be jealous about.

      • JJ

        I am sure she would rather be a “jealous bitch” than a dumb ass bastard like you. Jealous? Of what? A drug-using, self-mutilating, anorexic whore with ugly protruding veins all over her body? ANGIE is the one who looks old and ugly, and she is younger than Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, something to really be jealous about.

        And she only had three kids and two pregnancies. She BOUGHT the other three kids, so don’t make her out to be some kind of saint. Now she’s talking about buying another one from Haiti. She never “adopts” from a country she doesn’t give a huge “charatible donation” to. donation my ass. She’s committing 21st century slavery by buying babies like they are property.

      • Lisa

        No one look worse than the ugly evil Grandma InsaneLina Jolie!

    • Marie

      Take care of 6 kids and career. I think you will look worse than her.

      • Shane

        The psycho AIDS skeletor Angelina is a mental whore!

  • Jason

    Whether true or false, it made for a good headline. They should all get together and do a remake of Threes company.

    • JJ

      Why? They aren’t the ones writing these dumb stories.

  • Susan

    This article sounds so fabricated that whomever wrote it should be ashamed. Give these people a break.

  • Texas Lily

    Who writes this crap? Jennifer let Brad down by not taking his cheating butt back? He is with whom he deserves to be plus he is stuck with her now. What kind of self respecting woman would even consider taking back a cheater?

  • eileen34

    Jennifer Aniston will do anything to get Brad back.She says one thing but does another it is strange because the world can see she seem to Monkey See Monkey Do with Angelina. After 5 years of being dumped this is the strangest case of a woman scorned.

    • Ely

      Jen is NOT strange. To me, what is strange is your one-way ridicule of Jen.

    • tina

      After Jen get Brad back. We will see another break-up.Believe me! Because she going down to the hill. Her later movies are failed. And her face full of botox, boobs full of saline water,etc… everything fake. No man want plastic wife

    • peachie

      i hope jen will never never take the cheating brad back better not to have one than a guy without balls like brad who is tempted by angelina the pimp. i hope angie will close her legs now not to mention her hook up with her language coach recently. brad looks like garbage now because of this town pump i hope her bio will be read by her own children can she use her power and money to stop the publication?????????????


    Brad and Angelina will pay a huge price for their romance because
    1- he was a married man and did not end the marriage before getting involved with another.
    2- Angelina knew he was married and still made the choice to get involved.
    Both wrong! What come around goes around even with the rich and famous.

  • GoJen

    Isnt that picture BEAUTIFUL or what?

  • latina228

    jen and brad should get back togeather

  • latina228

    jen and brad should get back togeather and joile should stay alone……………

  • Anne

    NORMAL PEOPLE know it is the Tabs and bloogers that make up this junk. I am sure that Jennifer loved Brad very much at one time, but those days are long gone. Brad acted like the biggest asssss after their split, plus he has let all the rumors go on far too long. Jen has had her Rep. say that Brad and her are not in touch–did not meet up in NY. That doesn’t seem good enough for the bloggers and haters. Brad Pitt has turned into a very ugly man, inside and out, just like his fans.

    • uno

      No man want her. She has no choice. Brad was stuppid married her and stay with her for 8 years. Brad love her fugly face so she could get back to him. But I’m gurantee you that, Brad will cheat her again. Because she getting old and ugly from time to time.That why Jolie would’t want to marry him although they got 3 biological kids .

    • Shane

      Jen never wanted the cheater weak pot old man Brad. After what the psycho woman Angelina had done to him, any woman would never wanted him back. Angelina made the worst pussy loser man out Brad that’s why Jen so disgusted to even entertain the possibility of agreeing to have him back. DUH!

  • Amy

    Anne, you are the one who are bashing Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt’s fans on this website. Shame on you!!

  • http://yahoo debbie

    I would hate to be a tabloid or this reporter. I would just kill myself.

  • http://yahoo kelly

    bs………… brad is a freak and so is angelina…. they deserve each other…… uhg ugh ugh

  • Werewolf

    Jennifer Aniston is the mature one and the winner. A lot of woman who are bashing her and calling her scorned have low self confidence and low self esteem plus carry the same jazebel spirits as their idol Jolie. What self respecting woman wants Jolies left overs ? He looks like her spirit. They both look nasty, worn out, and dingy.
    Annistons spirit shines bright and is the perfect role model for young girls. Letting them know you can be happy without being a mans whore.
    Go Head Baby !

    • Ely

      Your remark on Jen “Aniston’s spirit shines bright and is the perfect role model for young girls …. etc” are on the spot, Werewolf.

      Good on ya.


    • Shane

      And Angelina freak is the perfect role models for any insane woman who has psycho tendencies.

  • gloriag

    Poor,ugly, needy Jen and fans after 5 years of desperately trying to break up Angie & Brad even after the last fiasco it didn’t work. This latest crap from this writer. Jen’s reps and fans has a bad case of sour grapes!! Boo yah See Yah Ha! Ha! Ha!Go Angie.

    • Ely

      I think you have no basis for talking like that against Jen. Jen has maintained her dignity over the years.

      If she has gone out with men, it was because she was divorced — a single person, and she dated single men.

      She has been so beautiful and has starred in top-rating movies.

      She has lived a good life, and although her fans have joined her in her tears, they have also shared her laughter and success.

      Gloriag … you might be incognito on this board, but you yourself know that what you have written is kind-a undignified.

      • KERRY

        You lie,she can’t move on and behind Angie she did a lot terible things. She use her assistants , her fans, her friends and whoever she can use to attack Jolie The most by internet .They created many websites to attack Brad and expecially Jolie. What a crazy stuppid Jen and her people can’t move on. Jen herself is no talent, ugly and selfish,victim player.Brad want a better girlfriend It’s normal. Nothing wrong.Je loose her husband because she didn’t want to keep him. It’s her fault. Can’t blame anyone.I don’t know why so many idots still watch her stuppid movies? And sily producers still want her on their movies?

      • KERRY

        she dated single man and act like a hollywood whore . Non-stop sleeping with a string of young boys

    • Lisa

      Whatever the mental Angelina fanatic fans will say, the bottomline is its the Mental Whore who tempted a very married man and used her psycho lusty self and manipulated Brad through Maddox. Even if Angelina’s fans will insist that Jen and Brad had problems in their marriage, it is NEVER a reason to engage in an affair while he was still married. The desperate whore could not even wait for the divorce to finalize because all she cares is to steal Brad right then and there. Brad realized he is a prisoner of the scary evil woman Angelina wanted out but in 5 years, the devil woman had 6 children and numerous failed suicide attempts so Brad will be too guilty to leave his nutty PARTNER. He never stopped to talk to the only sane person he knows, his ex-wife Jen, who remain his ally but never wanted him back. While Angelina will stay her mental insecure self because that’s her destiny and bad karma! KARMA RULES!

  • getalife

    Brad and Angelina are so inlove with thier kids that they will say : JEN WHO??????????
    Get a life people!
    Only reason why Jennifer is even mentioned in any conversation is becuase of Brad and Angie the Super & Royal couple!

    • Dely

      Apparently, Brad and Angelina get a lot of coverage because of Jennifer …. If reports stopped linking Jen to the two, there won’t be any eye-catching reports on Brad and Angelina for the majority of fans.

      The interest in Jennifer is so huge … not only by fans but by professionals and journalists.

      Many people, by the look of it, care a lot for the unfairness that has happened against Jennifer.

      Yet, Jennifer is the one whose smiles over the last years look fresh and contagious … Jennifer is the one who has overcome bitterness with joy …. Jennifer is the one who has not done wrong to any married man and his wife.

      I hope she finds the greatest husband ever.

      All compliments to lovely charming intelligent wise kind Jennifer!

      • archlaser

        Brad and Angeline get a lot of press because of their international humanitarian involvement. Jennifer captures the American public through her appeal, good life and her captivating beauty and charm. Brad has a commitment to 6 children and to his wife. I can’t understand why they are a common law couple and not married. The two of them seem to make a lovely couple.

        Jennifer is making strides to creating a life for herself. If Brad and Jennifer had met, I think she will not let it go beyond a friendship since the outcome will be another heart break for her. People make mistakes and they have to live with their results, it’s called being adults. Hopefully Jennifer will find what she desires as many of us wish her personal happiness.

    • peachie

      brad and angelina deserve each other they are both devils who are only thinking of their lusts during that time. poor children with whore parents

  • http://yahoo,com felipe

    jennifer aniston is pure class women especially one who is the public eye,and with her personnel life private life in the tabloids for the whole world to see, she came out smelling like a rose. brad and whats her face can have ea,other. eat crow all you jen haters.behind every good man is a great women,jen was brad. but the idiot didnt realize it,so now he gets billy bobs leftovers ha ha got to love it. what goes around comes around. the end

    • Ely

      Don’t worry, Felipe.

      Let’s just hope for Jen’s bright and flower-filled future. She deserves the best, for she is such a beautiful person. If she’s made the decision not to get back together, she must have given it a lot of thoughts.

      Although how much I adore the Jen-Brad marital-team, we can’t impose on Jen. Thanks, Felipe, if you’re reading this little message for you on behalf of our mutual favourite Jen.

    • Jushua




    • Giselle Marie

      Felipe get over it, you know that Jen is a bed hopping b…ch she always try to get her leading man but they seem to always dump her. Jen is a phony phony phony lonely woman and I’m sorry she’s ugly nice legs but she needs acting lesson. Leave Angie and Brad alone they just raising their kids. And Angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world that’s why she’s playing Cleopatra ta……ta……

    • Paul

      Angelina is the most freaky scary ugly evil woman who closely resembles a decaying corpse! That’s what whoring and immorality will do to anyone.

  • Jenna

    One day they will get back together. Brad has said that he was going through a mind life crisis when he met angelina. She was younger and she used to be pretty. NOw she is too stressed and should stop using the kids against brad. If he wants to leave then she should let him make his decision. Jennifer once said she thinks brad and her are soulmates. I dont believe this article is true. HSe is probably just not sure if taking back brad is right or not. maybe in another year they will. hopefully…

  • Mai Bea

    Jen and Brad were split. Brad did get involved with another woman while he was married to Jen. Angie knew Brad was married. I am sure she would always feel insecure under those conditions. But dam it Angie, you have 3 children by him now. Are you convinced Jen is no threat? No self respecting woman would take him back with 3 children. Wouldn’t that be a mess. Now for heavens sake and all of your children get married to him and stop playing your silly games. You to need to grow up and start acting like adults. Both of you. GROW UP and stop acting like spoiled brats.

    • betty

      Who care! Jenifer Aniston is too ugly and plastic for Brad

  • getalife

    jenna & felipe:
    You should be in bed and take those medication casue you are making Jennifer looks desparate.
    Maybe you should tell JA that Brad and Angelina will be inlove forever and having more wonderful babies that represent thier love.
    Take the medication cause you are not helping JA cause of pinning and needy for Brad.

  • Terry

    I am glad that Brad & Angelina are staying togehter! This is the best thing for the children. This seems be be a win win for Angelina, Jennifer, the children & Brad!!

    • Dely

      Angelina, to me, didn’t win anything.
      No one set up a contest between her and Jen nor anyone.
      Angelina is the one who has set herself up to do what she loves doing … and people know what that is.

      She is competing by herself.

      And Jennifer isn’t joining her. Jennifer has her own life when Angelina came into Brad’s and hers. Jennifer is not competing, because as a wife she was the winner.

      • emily

        At least Jolie win Brad for 5 years so far. Move on bitter jealous long horse chin chin’s fan

  • Ema

    I don’t agree with any of y’all up there y’all are just jealous because Angie looks better than u. all the way Angie

  • http://yahoo LINDA C


    • Denelle

      I’m with you, Linda C. I just hope that Jennifer will find (or rather, will be found by) a great husband. She’s so beautiful and deserves a steady stable relationship, I reckon. It’s okay for her not to have anyone if that is what she wants .. but it looks like she needs also a man of her own.

      To the Christians who love her, let us pray for her!

      • lima

        She will find a great playboy he he he

      • rollie

        Ah, Jen fan say Angie lesbo But everybody say Jenifer Aniston is gay. She exactly look like man but ugly man with fake boobs, fake blonde hair and dress up like a teen-aged .

    • ben

      Hey, you like Jen that why you try to cover your eyes and pretending blind. Jen is really ugly like a man with fake boobs, fake blonde,fake tan, and long chin like Jay Leno. All of her face ugly and her body just average with fake boobs, lipo-suction and fake tan.Her legs is short , always wear 10″ high heel. etc.. She high maintenance , wear expensive clothes, expensive shoes, proffessional make up artisr help to make her face look better. Without those fake she look like a gradma.

    • coco


    • coco

      Jenifer Aniston is not match to Brad. He so handsome. She so fugly, even now she been through a string of cosmetic surgeries fixed from head to toes. but still look weird and masculin. Is she gay?

  • Donna Ashley

    Nothing will ever be best for these children — being parented by such phony, unbelievably stupid characters. I do not know why they were ever given custody of any of the children. They are all living in La-La land. At least Brad is behind wonderful humanitarian rebuilding and helping those in New Orleans, etc. Jen would be better off staying at home and not wasting her time with the idiots she has been dating. There are so many positive things they all could be doing instead of exhibiting their sick love lives for the tabloids — positive things that would really benefit those children.

    • Ely

      Probably they are doing positive things. But the tabloids give themselves the choice on what to show the public. I’m sure Jen, Brad, and Angelina are trying their best to live a good life and to help others, but of course they are also human beings who can meet problems.

      When problems come, it’s difficult for them, or for anyone, to continue good deeds. They will have to stop and try to resolve them.

      They’re all good people regardless of their pasts (including Angelina with a dark background. I hope she doesn’t get involved anymore with married men and will just settle with one, i.e. Brad, if that’s what has been decided).

      I am a Jen-fan and I only hope for the best for her. I hope she’ll be with a most beautiful man who will love her forever and ever and they will be together till the end of time. Jen, keep up the good work … your coming prince charming is watching you.

    • bin

      Brad is not idiot. He super smart to get rid of the most ugliest women of Hollywood. Chin horse chin Manuton. He deserve a better looking women he he he

  • Lily

    Angelina and Brad for ever, face it, your remarks do nothing to her FORTUNE or BENEVOLENCE, some are just so supercilious morons that cannot see past their own, smeared, mirrored reflections!

  • Daniel

    I cant help but look at the responces here, and shake my head in pity.. Not for Angelina, Brad, Jennifer, or the kids.. but for our society. Half of you sound like you never graduated from the 3rd grade, the other half, just idiots. I feel sorry for your children and the lack of education they will get from thier parents. America has been a melting pot of fools and idiots, both on the screen and off, and the lack of self-pride to at least post with proper English or Spanish on this site, only shows how degraded we are as a whole society. No wonder the rest of the world hates us. The lack of morals, of God, of control of ourselves, and of moral values have given the US a reputation the world over as the Great Beast. Your very lack of pride in yourselves and respect for others, is very evident in how you present yourselves on blogs such as these. The Liberal movement of the 60s through today did not free America, it enslaved us by created uneducated zombies who will follow Satan himself if he promises change. And they did, and now we will all perish for that stupid “Choice”.. Change does NOT equal Better.. Change can also mean worse. It is you very lack of education that you cannot see that Socialism is the only course this Government wants.. They want us to give away our freedoms and dreams, and only do what they command from us. Bush was bad, but Obama is worse. But what do you care? Millions dieing all over the world from starvation, floods, famines, corrupt governments, disease and neglect.. But OMG Brad wanting to get back together with Jennifer…. thats more important… My child is failing school because I can’t help him with 3rd grade homework or even begin to understand it, but Jennifer said no!! Yea you go girl!! When the Right Conservative farmers have had enough of feeding the world of selfish Liberals, where will you get your food?

  • mu

    Jolie is a lesbo, we all that and Brad cant do nothing because she is on the sit. I cant even cheat on her coz that gonna be over for him & he wants to hung on. All the outshow kissing, romantic outings are fake. After all, we know Jolie controls him by his her beauty-no doubt but she is lesbo and i wonder how many lesbos or gay are close to human howbeit, kitto, Bauttler,Roy Hall to some extent Hitler. Now that sucks and one day soon or later, she but not him gonna call it quits and she gonna walk away with her beauty, money, fame,children & will loose nothing but much more freedom as we all know her.
    Sorry, Pitt. Jen was more normal though not as beautiful as queen Jolie.

    • bone


    • Jen

      Your name are Mu? Mean pussy

    • Lol

      Angelina is a bisexual freak and mentally insane forever confuse of her own self.

  • mu

    No! its not about liberals or democrats, its about morals. From morals we get ourselves down to thinking like we ought to. For instance, more americans are busy planting the seed of ‘homo’ species accross the world. Thats why we can stand with Jen or Jolie for their side and hand on gay. Now, i beg to argue naturally that even though certain sects of society see it fit for them to contaminate certain quarters of our universe by, promoting ‘homo’,porn(pornstars are all over the net some are well known stars like Kim,Paris & part of the famous Tiger legion mistresses. Now thats not taking care of our children? They will grow up taking up such, look around the streets whether day or night. There are whores all over the show, both teens and mothers of even eight are looming the streets. Men!!! thats society in toils. No future.You wonder why children are shooting each other out their? Your wonder why teens are whores? Because they are born from us thugs and whores. Some grow up even watching their mums parading themselves to prey on society.
    No matter how much money, that same money breeds chaos on society. Imagine, Maddonna, fails marriages but adopts children born by someone else and these children have a higher percentage of being like her-single parenteding.

    Now, Brat must know he choose the wrong side of things and jen neither is not right at all.

    • cox

      Move on pussy, you are hypocrite

  • Beth

    This was obviously a story planted by Jennifer’s rep. For years the National Enquire said she wanted Brad back. In the last few months NE even said they were getting back together and constantly talking to each other. All of the sudden Jennifer wants nothing to do with Brad?

    • Ely

      Beth, why blame it on Jennifer’s rep? If you doubt the news that, as you put it, “Jennifer wants nothing to do with Brad?”, how come you seem to believe the older news that she wanted Brad back and that they were getting back together and constantly talking to each other.

      To me …. taking for granted that the recent Brad-Jen talks are true, it then is possible that the result of those talks is that Jen has made her decision.

      Regardless, it seems that Brad has seriously considered to get back together with his former wife. He has, I believe, every good reason to desire such. One is neither he nor Jen gave their marriage much chance when they divorced to put pieces back together. At that critical point in many married couples’ lives where they are standing between a left arrow direction (to patch up their problems) and a right arrow direction (to divorce), they chose the latter.

      They could have stayed on and perhaps, like some couples who survive the unstable stage of married life, they could still be married.

      Jen went ahead to divorce him, and Brad went ahead to have such a big family to someone who has had a dark reputation in men (married men, included).

      Second reason is that he and Jen seem, after their marital probs/divorce, to like each other. A truly divorced couple will not be that strong in wanting to be friends … casual friends, as do others become, yes … Some separated couples even don’t want to have anything to do with each other. But Brad and Jen, based on reports, seem to be drawn to each other still.

      To me, their separation wasn’t really the right thing to do — it was a blind decision on both of them.

      And now they can get back together … but of course there is Angelina and her children.

      Tough decision for Jen, but she has to think of her own benefit plus, judging by the good character she’s displayed to the world, she must be feeling sorry for the children who will lose a great Dad like Brad.

      All my best wishes for Jennifer to find her new love. All the best for the children and

  • Jaliah

    This article – if you can call it that – was written by an 8 year old or someone paid by Jennifer A’s PR. It is a steaming hot pile of dog poo. You’d have to have the IQ of dog poo to believe it even in the slightest. Tabloids really think that the public are dumb sheep with little or no life experience. BP and JA were divorced 5 coming up to 6 years ago. They divorced because their relationship came to a dead end. It probably died a year or two before they divorced as most relationships build up to the end it doesn’t just come suddenly. She has her rom-coms and her money and he has his family, career and humanitarian endeavors. They both got the life they prefer. They were not suited to one another as they wanted different things end of story.

  • Donna

    Pitt wanted “the most beautiful woman in the world” (so says Hollywood). But stupid Brad, beauty comes from the inside-making her the ugliest!
    She’s always looked like “Skeletor” to me!

    • post

      Skinny is beautiful. Fatty like Jenifer Aniston must work very hard to get slim with the help of trainers and chefs. She spend alot of money to get this shape. But just temporary.But Jolie no need help from anyone , she can eat anything without diet. You are lucky, Jolie I dream like you. I want to be skelelon.Hey, jealous bitches. I want to be skeletor. skeletor is beautiful than fatty fugly Chinnifer Manfaceton

    • tammy

      Skleton better than fatty ugly masculin Jenifer Manlesston pay alot of money to get slimmer but still look stuppid and fatty

    • Salty

      She was nominated as beautiful woman because of her being a whore and good in bed not her ugly druggie skeletor face with giant head and sunken cheeks. She looks like a grandma on drugs. Beautiful for men to shag her then dumped after so they can go back to their wholesome gf or wife.

  • Lucho

    GOGO JEnn.
    we love you!!

    • Ely

      Love Jen so much …. Thanks Lucho for saying that !

      Let’s wish the best for her.

      • coma

        He, let wish her find a man like her: Jay Leno

  • mike

    who really gives a s*** what ArmPitt thought about.Jenn is much too much better off w/o him !

  • Ely

    Jennifer has been dignified as a person despite of what has happened to her marriage. If she has chosen not to accept Brad’s proposition to get back together, I strongly believe people should accept and honour that … even those fans of Angelina.

    What wrong will her rejection of Brad do to your favourite Angelina? Nothing.

    So, please give Jennifer the credit for being a true lady.

    She deserves respect.

    If ever she has had talks with Brad lately and now she’s rejecting him, that must be the culmination of those talks. She has decided.

    • Jushua

      JENNIFER is a whore! she sleeps around to sell movies that is what whores DO!

      • Dely

        Jushua, better watch out … you know you are unfair and misleading and merely speculating.

        Jennifer is never a whore … she dates single men and is offered movie roles because the producers know she can sell a movie with her thousands upon thousands of fans. She doesn’t have to sleep around with any leading man or any production people. If she becomes involved, it’s because she is a single lady, just like many single girls who have boyfriends, whether serious or not.

    • tammy

      Jen didn’t refuse to get Brad back. You are big lie. She would like to get him back quick. Who care his 6 kids. The fugly , plastic want him right away.

    • bone

      Jenifer Aniston and her crazy fan are hypocrites

    • LORIA


    • AMM

      Brad want to dump the biggest Whore celebrity by the name of Angelina Jolie. A whore deserves that unless she is desperate and quick to finds ways to stop him from leaving. Sorry whore angie, your black magic has expired.

  • Michele

    NOBODY WANTS JENNIFER ANISTON!!! NOBODY!! NOT EVEN GERARD BUTLER WHO WOULD RATHER KISS A RANDOM STREET PERFORMER THAN HER. Brad kicked her stank ass to the curb because their life was going NOWHERE. How many trips to Cabo with the Arquettes can one man stand. Anustain is alone because she likes it that way…and that’s the way she will stay.

  • BD

    When will Jennifer Aniston and her PR rep Stephen Huvane STOP using Brad Pitt, a guy she hasn’t even SEEN in YEARS, as a marketing tool for her crappy movies??
    Just STOP.
    As sure as the sun rising, Aniston will inevitably ride the ‘Brangelina’ coattails, ESPECIALLY if her movies are releasing and she has NOTHING else (as is usually the case) — no ‘new man!!’ no fake engagements, weddings or babies with other guys who get inevitably labeled ‘better than Brad!’ in the rags.
    HER PR FLACK PLANTS these ‘TRIANGLE stories (ala Brangelina)’ – and she then uses Brad in her promo junkets TO GET HER MOVIES SEEN.
    This NE story and fakery, is just one more instance of Jen’s PR doing the ol’ ‘plant and deny.’ Plant a story in the rags and weeklies, and then have Aniston ‘GET ASKED ABOUT BRAD & the ‘the tabloid story,’ in an interview. That way, Brad is invoked in relation to her and the public’s ears perk up…because Aniston is ‘talking,’ about Pitt and or Jolie. See CNN’s Showbiz Tonight ‘OUTING’ of Aniston – this is #3 on Aniston’s Marketing tool list: TALK ABOUT BRAD.
    Hey Aniston, have you noticed Brad doesn’t talk or think about you AT ALL? How mortifying that she latches on to his ankle like an old b*tch of a dog.
    Jennifer Aniston has been with half a dozen guys since her split with Pitt eons ago, those guys have all dumped her too. WAKE UP.
    She and Brad Pitt have never ONCE been photographed or seen together, Brad is with Angelina and his children constantly, he tells the world “she is his great love & soulmate,” and that “the greatest gift he can give his children is Angelina as their mother,” – Angelina speaks lovingly and equally efflusively of him, and everyone that knows them says they are and always have been happy and in love, supporting each other, getting nom’d for Oscars together and accomplishing much on the humanitarian front.
    Tell Aniston and her PR shills to get a new trick – EVERYONE is on to her.

  • MS P


  • getalife

    The IQ for Jen’s fans are ZERO-0 cause they believe in these tabloids that making up storys.
    No wander why these Jen’s fans still believing for a reunion.
    Even if a 5 years old writes anything on Brad and Jen they will believe it as Brad coming back to Jen .
    Get a life!
    Brad and Angie are inlove !

  • tahoegeminii

    so delusional-Brad and Angie are only together because Jen doesn’t want him even though he came crawling?
    this kind of C R A P only works on disgusting Team Anuston hags that think Brad should be FORCED back with his ex-wife who sucked-she obviously got Brad to give her that ring promising kids and then just seemed to forget about the kids and use him to promote her own career-we all know she would already been on “where are they now” show if Brad didn’t marry her-she got dumped because she was to selfish to have kids for Brad-if you look at the faces of the men standing next to her in her promo date photos you will see some unhappy stone looks on Brad, Gerard, Bradley, John all of them have this can I leave now look on their faces while she is doing some fakey exaggerated move to show how “in love” whoever she is standing next is supposed to be with her-simply put Brad must be in some kind of love to still have that beard-you know Jen would never let her trophy husband walk around looking like that-you can always tell when a man is happy in a relationship-and Jen obviously was NOT doing it for him.

  • Dely

    If not because of Jennifer, the interest in Angelina and Brad will not be that great. They only become interesting because many people care for Jennifer — some of whom believe that Jennifer should be with Brad. And because of the many fans of Jennifer, the fans of Angelina try to fight back.

    And Brad has spoken … he wanted Jennifer back. Thanks to Jen’s sensitivity that now Angelina will not lose Brad.

    Jennifer is the role model to young people.

  • leticia

    leave Jen alone, she is a true lady a good example and talking about pictures Brad does not seem very happy with Angelina. Thanks God Brangelina did’nt show up to the Academy Awards ceremony because the love to be the center of attention.

  • Amanda

    this i find very funny. stupid media conartists put this on here just to get a reaction out of us because they know we all will make comments and that will better their online websites!

    lets just face reality shall we..

    ok seriously FIVE years ago they brad and Jennifer were together but now he is with angie.

    Even though i find it wrong to have been seenin angie while still married to jenn, at least they split up before it would have got twice as bad…espically the media.

    I think Jenn deserves a great man who will love her and only her. She has already had her taste of what a good man is from Ben Cooper to Generald Jen yer in the right direction =]

    I think that Brad and Angie should stay together if thats really want they want and leave jenn out of it and move on from this stupid old news drama. I think that since they both fooled around under WRONG circumstances they deserve each other..

    i do have to note that Jenn is very classy and beautiful. I personally dont think Angie is attractive espically since she had all the lip work done..all the injections..she did look pretty before that.

    It is what it is…thats how i look at it …shall we move on to a new topic?

    • LIZ


  • bobbie

    jen looks great healthy fit and happy she looks content she will go through a lot of frogs before she finds her prince good for her as for brad he looks nasty and dirty he looks like he may smell as her she looks skinny unfit and unhappy and so does he they eat junk food and feed to there kids so they must be hyper and they dont even realate to mother trying to be a boy they all look miserable who would want him after angie she already said it ok to cheat she can get aids and he takes that who would want him now and with 6 kids to tie him to that tramp what a prize he is

    • lina

      Jenifer is look healthy but not. Because she plastic now. Her body is full of chemicals: saline boob implants, botox chemical injected make her look young, chemical removed her wrinkle and lines, chemical tan,chemical hair color ,chemical collagen upper lip injected, smoking ,etc… She really un-healthy. Plastic women can’t get a good health. No way

    • OMI


    • Bea

      How stupid these comments can get. How about Angelina’s nose job, and boob job? plus all drugs in the world that she dabble with. No wonder Angelina looks like the representative of HIV/AIDS patient. That tramp is Miss AIDS. She has the most unhealthy sick body while Jen is glowing and healthy.

  • anonymous

    Jolie is so ridiculous she thinks making 100 babies will create some love between her and Pitt – with 6 kids these 2 have nothing in common how sad is that when you see them together? Looks is all they have in common and it is clearly not enough no wonder Pitt looks more and more miserable and she looks so stupid thinking people have any respect for her.

    • pam

      You wrong, Jolie family is so small. That why she dream to have a big family. Getting more kids is make her more happy but not to keep Brad.Remember that Brad is playboy who wouldn’t want loyal to any of his lovers.

    • Lol

      The instant 3 kids and other biological kids serve a purpose of stopping Brad from leaving the psycho insane Jolie.

  • anonymous

    Jolie is so ridiculous she thinks making 100 babies will create some love between her and Pitt – with 6 kids these 2 have nothing in common how sad is that when you see them together? Looks is all they have in common and it is clearly not enough no wonder Pitt looks more and more miserable and she looks so stupid thinking people have any respect for her. She doesn’t have a single friend in all her life.

    • pom


    • Lol

      Any normal person won’t get near the ever insecure mental whore Angelina that’s why she has no friends ever, only men and women she tempted and seduced.

  • winddancer09

    I don’t agree with the article whatsoever. I think that Anniston had a difficult time extricating herself from the marriage esp because it was very painful to find out that her husband had been cheating on her. Not to Angelina’s credit to have been this way even though I also remember Brad & Jennifer having a lot of problems at the time (he wanted children and she did not was one of them). I think Jennifer wanted closure and to her credit through the past few years she has remained cool despite all the rumours spun off to make money through the tabloids. I think Brad and Angelina do NOT have the happy relationship everyone thinks they do but they do have committment. I also think that Jennifer has become a much more beautiful woman than she ever was. Angelina — is what we all thought — one of the best actresses there ever was. Brad — hangs in there and remains loyal despite his weaknesses. Angelina is the strength despite her weaknesses/frailty when she’s feeling insecure. She’s the genius of the acting even much more so than the other two.

  • hates_rachel

    hey dely, wake up! if not for angie, that starlet wouldve been forgotten long ago. and now she and that stinking huvane see to it that they attach her name to whatever brad and angie are doing at any given time in order to get exposure. that cabo sl*t makes me sick

    • peachie

      its pretty obvious that brad is only staying because of the kids and angie threatening him u can see in his face that he is not a happy man come on be truthful!

  • hates_rachel

    and leticia? brad and angie arent media hog like you-know-who. they both respect that the nominees should be the focus of the event and they didnt want to upstage anyone. instead they chose to be with their kids and paparazzi still came to where they are and took pictures knowing that the pics will sell more than the ones taken at the academy awards

  • anHOston_is_an_aging_whore

    enuff already, anHOston is an aging, fugly whore and no way brad is coming home to her, lol

    • DD

      Angelina Ho is an aging, veiny, wrinkly grandma whore because of her bad karma!

  • Lisa

    BD kudos for telling it like it is.

    interesting to see that picture of Brad & Jen a t some awards. From his hair cut,he already started working on Mr & Mrs Smith– whixch means Brad Pitt was already falling in love with another woman.Look how oblivious was Jen not to notice.

    Reminds me of that famous picture of Mc graw & Robert Evans- she was already in love with Steve Mc Queen.

  • philip

    Really! thats why she can’t settle down.

  • jenisapileofcrap

    brad never wanted to go back to this old cow who thinks she’s the center of the universe.

    cheers to brad and angie!

    • DD

      Actually, its Angelina the mental freak who is so full herself that she thinks she is the center of the universe. Obviously, she’s not. Everyone dreaded her.

  • sugarfree

    Both Angie and Brad are very intense, sharp minded people. They have a high spiritual consciousness and an extraordinary capacity of truly living life according to their own believes. I love the way Angie keeps her self busy and minds her own business instead of giving unrequired advices through the media.
    Jen on the other hand- though she’s not that smart- used to be quite all right and a sweet person…. not enough to make a mate for Pitt. She simply does not have that rich, juicy personality; I’d feel lonely being with her and that probably happened to Brad, too.
    When a man stopped loving you, divorced you, chosen instead to become the father of 6 with a younger, smarter, more successful woman, is beyond dumb, is plain sick to even after 6 years not realize that IS OVER!
    :) is hilarious that there are still people to believe that Brad secretly loves Jen :D :D :D. Even if brangelina splits up one day… why would the guy have to reheat the same old soup?!?!? :D :D It’s Brad Pitt we’re talking about!
    Since most people whining about Brad leaving Jen proclaim themselves defenders of family values, they must all be praying that Brad sticks with his family. Children are so much more important than papers.

    I don’t even wanna even get started about those who’d like to see 6 children hurt and raised without their father in order to make justice for Jen “the wife”… That’s obviously so smart and makes such a perfect sense!… No wonder that their brains only help them to believe Brad secretly loves Jen…
    Cheers, folk!

    • JJ

      Hey, dumb ass. Jen isn’t writing this shit and she has gotten on with her life. Are you really so damned stupid that you believe everything that you read?

    • DD

      Angelina only invented the UN for cover-ups and the 6 children to manipulate Brad. The mental whore is so insanely desperate as ever.

  • how about this woman grows up

    if I got this straight, this fade dumb desperate single can’t get any attention unless she talks about Angelina, right?
    what’s her name? isn’t she the one who’s career was to huge to allow her to have one child? i personally consider that a good excuse, hollywood is described as a very tough place to succeed.
    Ups! proved to be not that good excuse after all: Brad finally left this empty box. And the cherry in top of his cake: he ended up with a woman who’s career is hugely more impressive than his ex will ever have.
    … poor thing… lights are on, but nobody’s home… is there a more shameful way of being kept in the attention of the media? i mean, brad preferred angie to the empty-box, but she paid him back big time: didn’t stop making comments about the couple’s particular life for all of these years.

    which tells me things happened to her for a reason…

    • JJ

      Another dumb ass! Listen this time, stupid: Jen isn’t the one inventing these stupid stories, so if you want to call anyone names – why don’t you start with the person who wrote this dumb ass article?

      Angie’s career is hugely more impressive?? She couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag, and there are only three reasons she gets so many roles: Brad Pitt, Her father, and the fact that she is a whore who will sleep with anyone to get a role.

      And get it right, bitch. Jen had miscarriages and wanted to have babies with Brad. Good thing she didn’t. Watch, he will leave Angie eventually, babies or no babies. Trying to tie a man down by having a bunch of babies never works, just makes him feel more trapped. And did you even read the dumb ass article? It said Jen does NOT want him back. Anyone who so venomously supports a whore like Angie must be one herself. Birds of a feather . . .

  • Garth

    I am now dating Jennifer Aniston. She has left Brad and all the rest of those guys for me. Angelina is dating me too. I get Jennifer on Mondays and Thursdays, Angelina on Tuesdays and Fridays. I bowl on Wednesdays, and weekends are of course made for Michelob. I can make all sorts of comments about how much better I am than the rest of you, but I can tell from your blogs that you all know what’s best for everybody else already. Plus the fact that you actually feel like what happens in Jennifer Aniston’s life (or any other Hollywood tabloid persona) matters – just indicates the level of vapidity at which you all operate. Lives? Get them, people! It’s Monday, so Jen and I will be heading over to Home Depot to get some kitty litter and a new garden hose. See you there!

  • maggie

    If he did it once, he ‘ll do it again….Time to move on Jen dear, let him go!!!!

  • maggie

    By the way they goty six kids together, why separate???? Who will be be hurt??? The kids. They are oready a family and separation or whatever u may like to call it shud never be encouraged……families shud stick together….Jen get a life for yourself, five years of separation is way too long!!!!

    • DD

      Angelina mental whore is so brilliant to use 6 kids to trap Brad, perfectly psychotic move!

  • Poor Kids

    I have seen a lot of pictures of this family and I can say that they DO NOT look like a happy family. Very seldom do you ever see the kids smiling or even having fun (yes once in a blue moon they are smiling) and even Pitt/Jolie seldom a smile from them. That is really sad. Kids pick upon this kind of unhappiness and then often blame themselves thinking they did something wrong.

    To those saying Pitt/Jolie should stay together for the kids sake ,that is often not the right choice. If you’re truly unhappy the best decision for the kids is to just move on and find true happiness elsewhere. I just feel so sorry for these poor kids. Just my two cents worth.

  • Smoothie

    Jen a much better person alone than Brangelina shall ever be! What do you expect of a woman who hooks up with another’s husband then goes on to blackmail him into accepting fatherhood as its all she has got going for her? Angelina will be alone for a long while once she and Brad are done!

  • Smoothie

    Has Brad every been happy with Angelina/ Nay! She the kind that men wear off quick and get bored with as fast as they fall!Can she handle another divorce with kids in tow? No; thus the failure to marry!

  • anHOston

    this HO-bag named jen anHoston thinks brad is crawling back to her? keep dreaming whore. you’re horse-faced, ugly and is so full of shit! lmao

    • JJ

      Did you even read the article, dumb ass? It says she does NOT want him back. And Angie is the whore who looks like a bag of shit.

  • reanie

    Jen is GORGEOUS! Those of you are jealous because she looks 100x better than you~~! (and even better, you are probably half her age.)
    Luv ya JEN!! Keep being the intelligent, funny, hot woman you are.

  • ben

    angelina looks like skeletor… not attractive.

    • JJ

      Finally, a man who sees her as she actually is! The saying in my neighborhood is, nobody wants a sack of bones in bed with them at night. Between her skeletal limbs and protruding veins, I don’t know which is uglier. But neither is as ugly as her inner self.

  • tommy

    Angelina is trying to keep Brad to her by adopting or having more babies. Never works. They never had love, just physical attraction and that doesn’t last. Sorry Angelina, everyone ages and Brad will leave you.

    • JJ

      WOW! A man with a brain – good for you! You are right about them never having love, only lust. I can’t wait until the day Brad takes a hike and leaves her.

  • tammy

    Brad better stay with his girlfriend Jolie and his 6 kids. Jenifer Aniston now is famous Hollywood whore.Who slept with a string of Hollywood young boys like her younger brothers age. Brad is not stuppid to get back to her. Women fool around too many guys easy to get serious disease .Brad must protect himself..

    • JJ

      Tammy, you have Jen mixed up with the whore Angie – who is the one who will sleep with every single co-star, regardless of whether they are male and female, single or married. Anyone who will have her, gets her. Sleeping with married men and breaking up marriages is a sick game with angie. Hollywood whore? You are damn sure talking about angie. Brad needs to protect himself from HER, not Jen. Angie is the one who has indiscriminate sex with ANYONE who crosses her path. It’s a wonder she doesn’t have hepatitis or AIDS already. If anyone gives anyone a disease, it will be Angie infecting that stupid ass Brad. He traded in a DECENT woman for the town WHORE. OH, and you need to take some spelling and English composition classes so you can write at least ONE complete sentence.

  • douglas sheets

    Well if he does”nt want her any more, I will surely step in and make her happy lol

  • douglas sheets

    I will make her happy give me a try…lol

  • JJ

    OK, get off of Jennifer’s case,she doesn’t write this crap. And she was, after all, the WIFE – not the whore who broke up a home. I don’t see Jennifer out there making ignorant comments – she has too much class. More than anyone can say about angie. Everyone knows that Angie will sleep with anyone, always has, and always will. She is a shitty actress (calling her an actress is an insult to those actresses who actually have some talent), a cold bitch, and a lousy mother.

    Remember when she said she wasn’t going to have nannies? How many does she have? FIVE. And remember when she said she would never sleep with a married man? How many has she slept with, besides Brad Pitt? Too many to count. She’s a liar and a slut, and I don’t care how many countries she goes to, pretending to be a good person. She can rot in hell.

  • CC3

    Both Jen and Angie lesbo, Brad was out celebrating with Angie at the time this stupid fake lying interview came out. Jen wants him back but he’s having more fun with the unpredictable Angie. Too bad Jen, hope you find a man that like boredom to a fault.

  • CC3

    It would be nice if Jen find a man to light her up because she is boring and that’s why Hollywood talking crazy she be doing a movie about a sex craze lady. I’m a fan of all three of them, Brad, Angie and Jen at least if they do become friends again they should make a movie together it would shut up all the morons……..

  • CC3

    JJ, you must be another moron that can’t read. Jen actually dated a lot of men and few women in Hollywood and some are not famous but work behind cameras or stage production. So count how many men and women she bed and you find she is on a equal level as Angie. Why do morons think someone like Jen don’t go to bed with men she dated?

  • CC3

    There’s nothing wrong with single or divorced women who dated and sleep around but some of you acts like you think in Hollywood everybody there lived normal which they don’t. Lots of gay, lesbo and bi in the business and swinger parties too!

  • Robin Schuler

    Bui it takes two to tango,Brad cheated on jennifer not angie (having affair takes two also)

  • Cl.Garry

    Of course, Jolie can DEPEND ON “her” Brad! Who can believe, he will stay with she forever?

  • Cl.Garry

    Pure-pure their kids! Their destiny – eating of all this s…t around! Long time…



  • Dee

    So Jennifer is a baby-hating, washed up, horse-faced loser, huh? Have any of you idiots taken a look at her standings on the Forbes’ list of highest money-making actresses for this year?? I didn’t think so. Have any of you actually finished high school or, possibly, even middle school? Your lack of intelligence is glaring in the way you slaughter the English language. And can you spell even the simplest words used in everyday conversations? Obviously not. Do any of you have anything to say about Angelina’s past and all the lowdown, filthy, disgusting things she has done? Does it matter that she has ALWAYS set her sights on each and every leading man she has made a movie with whether he was married or not? She seemed to want to prove to the world that she could take ANY married man away from his wife and family. She was quite proud of herself. So many of Brad Pitt’s fans were just heartsick that he fell into her well-used clap trap. I would dare say that both his reputation and popularity have taken a big hit after hooking up with her. Many of his past fans no longer care to pay good money to see his movies. HE is the loser. He lost his beautiful, and extremely popular, wife and pretty well ruined his career. Angeina used those kids to make sure he was securely wrapped in her web. She can give millions to charities and run all over the world, picking out little foreign orphans in her quest to mend her reputation as a drugged up, pump-lipped, dick-sucking, pussy-eating, married-man-screwing slut. Her acting? Doing her own dyked-up stunts in every movie she does and having that same old, tired, pouty, “Do you want some of this?” expression is just that; old and tired. It’s the same expression she keeps on her face every other day of her life. She’s a slut and it shows in everything she does. Does she have any girlfriends, women that she hasn’t slept with? At least Jennifer Aniston is able to go out and have fun with her girlfriends. She always looks cheerful and happy. She wears beautiful clothes that suit her and whatever the occasion is. Not once has she been linked to a married man. She is friendly to everyone she meets. She is an All American girl. Angelina? She drags around in sloppy clothes, usually something in a dark color, mostly black. She has that “Don’t dare speak to me” look on her face instead of the warm, friendly expression that Jennifer has. Brad Pitt will eventually get exactly what’s coming to him. He is not the first married man that she’s screwed and he certainly will not be the last. Jennifer will be just fine. She will have a happy life, a loving family, and children that she wants rather than kids that she is trapped with. Jen is far too good for the likes of Brad Pitt.

  • Sarah

    Angelina is always high on drugs, she should be happy that Jen is uninterested in Brad’s proposal to get back together because if she had just say YES, Angelina would be cutting herself like crazy and getting suicidal. Jen, date other single men and not that ugly Brad who becomes a trash after hooking up with the drug-crazed mistress.

  • http://showbizspy PAGGIE

    Pitt might have wanted something a little more exciting after being married for 5 years. But I swear, he did not want what he did get. And every damn day he looks around and wonders. How in Gods name did it ever get this way? 6 kids and a woman I don’t want. Jolie has destroyed herself trying to hold on to him. Pitts life is destroyed. Aniston is the only one that came out ahead. All that publicity made her a star. THE MAN DID NOT WANT 6 KIDS IN 3 YEARS, HALF OF WHICH ARE NOT EVEN HIS. ALL HE WANTED WAS A LITTLE EXCITMENT> HE KNOWS THAT THE BAD PUBLICITY WOULD KILL HIM IF HE LEFT HER NOW… If he had known it was going to turn out like this, he would have run (like a crazy man) away from Jolie when they first met!!~

  • http://Showbiz Shiloh36

    You have heard the saying, Don’t believe anything you read and half of what you see. Well I think this fits that bill. I cannot believe that Brad wanted jenifer back I believe that it was a joke on the behalf of the Rag papers they were probably got told this by someone who is friends of Jenifers so this way it still made her look like the Saint Jenifer because she sent him back to his girlfriend/mother of his children and even tho she broke up his and Jenifers wonderful happy marriage she is such a perfect soul that she told him no we can’t be together you need to go back to Angelina and your kids I don’t want you back and thats why for the last 5 yrs I have had more press and Tabloid stories to help keep me up there in everyones mind and not be able to hold on to 1 single man for long. I think not I think it is Bullshit if he really wanted to get back with her she would have knocked down his children to get to him but this was a trick to make her look like a bigger person and this makes Angelina look like the woman whos man didn’t want to be with her but since he was turned down by jen then he had know other choice but to return to Jolie thats a crock jolie could have any man Woman or Child she wanted she is talented,Beautiful and Sexy has a brain and uses it she was independent before she met Brad and was going it alone raising her son Maddox and not needing a man so this is just another backstab on jenifers part it makes me sick she looks like she did something honorable and it makes Brad look bad and it puts Angie and her children in a bad light and it really pisses me off. So folks don’t buy this trash if jen could have got him she would have had him. she is not that honorable or it would not still be hashed out for the last 5 damn years……………

  • Leah

    Angelina is one miserable psycho woman who can’t even relax because her deep-seated insecurity and mental illness will keep her always on the edge. Brad wants to leave so what a mental woman got to do? 6 children to send Brad to GUILT trips. how about her numerous suicide attempts? so desperate that Brad will run and never look back her aging skeleton ASS. Poor poor evil woman Angelina who is devoid of morality and now living her bad karma!

  • Aaron

    Nobody like Angelina the psycho slutty grandmother slut. Only her fans with the same mental disease as their slut idol!

  • Rae

    Oh my Gosh! I came across this as I was reading something else and am absolutely appalled at what I’m seeing, and hearing.
    First of all, Brad cheated on Jen. Understandable, but still not ok. She was right to divorce him, because he proved he cannot be trusted to be faithful, and she would NEVER be able to trust him again. Angie lured a married man, and didn’t have even the decency to care about Jens feeling, and flaunted it all over the place. They deserve each other now, and will most likely cheat on each other. Cheaters cheat. It’s a fact. I have no opinion of Jen other than I am sorry for her having to have dealt with being betrayed by someone you love, and then having to have it rubbed in your face ‘forever’ after. She seems ok though and at least doesn’t appear to be trying to get ‘pay back’ or revenge or breaking up Brad and Angie. Congratulations for being the better person. These are facts.
    Secondly, I cannot believe the lack of inteligence, education and self esteem that I see here in these postings! The ignorance displayed is absolutely scary! Are there really this many stupid, ignorant dumb asses in one venue? God help us all! Many of you have no clue what you’re saying. You are talking as if you know something you don’t. You are taking potshots at people without any knowledge of the details that you seem to be stating as if they were facts. You should be ashamed of yourselves. YOU are the kind of people that cause societies to fall, wars to start and people to gas jews and children and treat black people like animals. Feel free to reply and prove exactly what I’m saying here. Personally I, will never visit this site again. It makes me angry beyond explanation that there is this many ignorant asses in the world!