Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gabourey SidibeSHOCK jock Howard Stern has unleashed a tirade of verbal abuse at Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe.

“There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen,” Stern said on his Sirius satellite show on Monday.

“She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie.

“She should have gotten the Best Actress award because she’s never going to have another shot. What movie is she gonna be in?”

Stern and co-host Robin Quivers went on to discuss the impossibility of Gabby finding any work in Hollywood after Precious.

“And Oprah’s lying and saying you’re going to have a brilliant career,” said Robin.

“Oprah’s another liar, a filthy liar,” said Stern. “She’s telling an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career.”

Sidibe recently revealed that she’d like to take on a role in a comedy role.

“I’ve done a serious role and now I want to be funny,” she said. “So I’m still holding on to my job just in case it doesn’t work out.

“I work for the Fresh Air Fund and we send kids to camp. I love it but we’ll have to see what happens.”

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  • Do not wanna reveal

    Who in the world does Howard Stern think he is? How dare he insult her like that! What in the world is his problem with her? I’ve heard some pretty sad things, but this is so outrageous.

    Does he not get the fact that Precious is like, one of the top talked about movies this year and last? The ironic part of this whole story is, she’s already got more work lined up and his ratings and viewer ship will go down because of this. This whole tirade against her is so uncalled for it makes me sick. Just when she’s on cloud nine because of her wonderful win, he has to go in and make her feel like crap and insult her career. He is a sick person and he’s always made comments before, but this is actually insulting a person to the extreme in my opinion.

  • jia

    She is finishing up a new movie now. Stern is a sick stupid man and Robin is a poor excuse for a real Black woman. She has been a yes man for Stern for years. She’s pitiful.

    • Marlone

      Who says big is beautiful – thats not so we are all beautiful children of god we cant go around hurting peoples feelings just because we feel its not right.. shes FAT and she loves being so.. she obviously likes to eat so go fat girl go.. dont let it mess up your health though..

  • Crazy Kitten

    Howard Stern, you’re an asshole! Big Is Beautiful and Gabourey Sidibe is Beautiful!! I would rather see big women in hollywood than skinny air headed tramps! Lay off her okay? At least she has a blossoming career while yours seems to be taking a nose dive!

  • SP

    Howard stern can suck a fat choad. NOBODY cares what he thinks. Yeah, she is fat and not exactly attractive, but there is no doubt she is talented. What does howard do besides looking like a shriveled up piece of jerky? Nice nose and jewfro you punk. I HATE howard stern. Not funny and has NEVER been funny.

  • deon

    HOW DARE THAT BASTARD BE SO MEAN AND HATEFUL……What has she done to him ,not a thing and for him to be so evil is such a shame …Robin u are evil as well …look in the mirror

  • ron

    I think she will work again in show biz. there is an opening right now here at Sea World for an orca!

    • kate

      What kind of an ignorant ass are you, Ron? Just because she’s larger than most women, does not make her fair game for the hurtful remarks from people like you. Howard Stern gets paid to be a worthless piece of garbage and an idiot, you just do it to be mean. Get a life!

      • Geoff

        Kate – how come it is OK for you to make hurtful remarks, but not Ron or Howard? Let’s be honest. Howard’s statement isn’t that far from the truth, no matter how mean it comes off. Yes, she has some movies lined up because of the Precious notoriety, but her shine will fade and she will drift off into obscurity. She was good in Precious, but she is already making bad career moves saying that she wants to be in a Comedy next. Stick to what made you famous!! Write it down – we won’t remember her in name in 18 months, but we’ll remember her size.

      • Betty

        “I have just one thing to say to all of the mean spirited people out there!” What God has for this young woman is for her with her name on it “Gabourey Sidibe”
        and there will be no one out there, that will be able to take it from her or stop her. If you don’t believe it just keep on living.!

    • Johnie

      It may not be nice what RON said, but I almost fell off my chair, I was (and still am) Laughing so hard LOL LOL….Gee, my side is aching I can’t stop laughing!!

  • deon

    HOW DARE THAT BASTARD BE SO MEAN AND HATEFUL……What has she done to him ,not a thing and for him to be so evil is such a shame …Robin u are evil as well …look in the mirror

  • mary c. gately

    Howard Stern and Robin Quivers are in no position to judge acting talent!!! He is a pornograher and she is his assistant for MONEY !!!! Both of them should just shut up and keep their crass opinions to themselves!!!

    • Geoff

      Spoken like a person who never listens to the Howard Stern Show. Stick to the stereotypes! God knows what other stereotypes you must believe…

  • mary c. gately

    Howard Stern and Robin Quivers are in no position to judge acting talent!!! He is a pornograher and she is his assistant for MONEY !!!! Both of them should just shut up and keep their crass opinions to themselves!!!

  • mary c. gately

    Howard Stern and Robin Quivers are in no position to judge acting talent!!! He is a pornograher and she is his assistant for MONEY !!!! Both of them should just shut up and keep their crass opinions to themselves!!!

  • deon

    HOW DARE THAT BASTARD BE SO MEAN AND HATEFUL……What has she done to him ,not a thing and for him to be so evil is such a shame …Robin u are evil as well …look in the mirror

  • deon

    HOW DARE THAT BASTARD BE SO MEAN AND HATEFUL……What has she done to him ,not a thing and for him to be so evil is such a shame …Robin u are evil as well …look in the mirror

    • ron

      There is a show biz opening here at sea world for an orca, yes she can work again!

  • http://yahoo nina

    Yeah? Well, let’s look at M’onique, hmmm? She did Phat Girls and got the Oscar this year for best supporting actress…gorgeous and elegant. The Blind Side? The true story of one of our most famous football heroes-gigantic guy! Notice his comments were towards BLACKS!
    All I see is the RACISM of Howard Stern and I will make it my mission to keep that wacko off American Idol! And Robyn is no proud Black woman and I’m White and ashamed!

  • Gene

    No one ever said to Howard Stern that “that big nosed Jew would never be on the radio waves again” and as for Robin, being Howard’s “yes woman” you should be ashamed of yourself for degradading a woman of your race when you know damn well how hard it is to make it to begin with. Howard, you are a piece of crap and Robin, you should be ashamed of yourself. I pray to God that he does NOT become a judge on American Idol. Perhaps the producers should offer Paula her job back before you let some bigoted piece of crap soil that show.

  • Photogirl

    Just more nonsense from Howard Stern who is such an insecure man he always has to talk poorly of women. He said mean things about Selena after she was murdered. What a nut!

  • Howard Satan

    Gabourey Sidibe is better looking than Howard Stern. Howard Stern looks like horse’s behind that’s why he is in radio. The man is a rattle snake.

  • Eve

    Howard Stern only screws fake tittied barbies (and not well I’d assume) and without all his money he wouldn’t even get to do that. He is typical, played out, U G L Y and is clearly completely dickless. This big, beautiful woman wouldn’t have a thing to do with Stern. I bet the scrawny shit head is just jealous.
    PS- Robin, yu should be ashamed to agree with this condom spill. Way to Uncle Tom it for the cash baby. Fucking race traitor.

  • http://showbizspy Whateva

    Two Unhappy people with nothing more to do but be mean!!! Get a life!!! Called the Shock Jock? I beg to differ. Should be called the Crack Jock.

  • http://na JOANIE

    Way to go howard,another assholed comment from you…..and robin all I can say is YESSUM BOSS!!!!

  • Jimmy


    • Ylaia

      “Ray”, you, Stern, AND Quivers, Get a life.

  • Ray

    Nimrods, Stern is not insulting Gabourey, he’s speaking to a phoney system who will never hire her to do anything of consequence again. She is enormous, the fact that he says it doesn’t change what we all know. Do you really think the plastic heads in the “Red Carpet” were there to celebrate 300 pound chicks?

    Oprah is a pig, always has been and always will be. She’s already forgotten that this chick exists and so has the rest of Hollywood. Bottom line, Stern is right period. Hollywood is a fake, plastic world of wannabes, has beens, etc.

  • Tired of Stupid People

    Howard and Robin are both a waste of an ejaculation!! They should have been left in the condoms where they belong and flushed!!!

  • Ray


    No one hates blacks more than they hate each other….#1 Killer of black males: Other black males….#1. Abuser of black women: Black males

    Sorry can’t pin everything on whitey

  • Yeah, Right

    Stern has got to be one of the ugliest guys in radio. Gosh, was that an oxymoron. Yes, Howard, stick to your day job. On the radio and out of plain view for the bulk of it.

    Not like Randy or Simon can win Hunk of the Year, but even they got enough ups on you in the looks department. Is it no surpise Idol passed on you. So I guess you are right that Hollywood can be downright superficial-lol.

  • tim

    did some one sat”celebrity biggest loser” bingo

  • Vic

    Must agree with 24 – was sitting behind Stern at last years NSAL benefit in NY LOL wow is that an ugly dude

    • Ylaia

      :::crickets, crickets:::…Not funny.

  • http://safari wayne capinegro

    Wasn’t there a group of overweight singers called The Beef Trust? Maybe Gabourey, Monique, and Latifah can bring them back.

    • Ylaia

      :::crickets, crickets::: Not funny.

      • Johnie

        Ylaia; F__k Off, you sound like an a_s you fool

  • Retta Pop

    Robin, I have three words for you, “Get a better life” Howard Stern I have a few words for you you are a nothing nobody and have always been that so you will never change, I will pray for you (I serously doubt that it will help) I wii be hopeful. I guess thats what you are better at.”A waste of a Good (bad) Screw”

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      AND 100% ugly!

  • Gracie

    A year from now Ms. Sidibe may not be so overweight, but Mr. Stern will still be as stupid.

  • Evelyn

    I use to listen to the Howard Stern show before it went to satellite. He’s always been insensitive, and by now, people know that. I wouldn’t expect him not to mention Gabourey since she is in the news with Precious. As disgusting as he is, he will never change his ways. Robin is another story. I honestly do not know what she contributes to his show besides agreeing with everything Howard says. And yes, she is a disgrace to her race. She is the complete opposite of a strong black woman. Bringing Howard Stern to American Idol far worse than bringing Ellen. Why would they want to jeopardize that franchise with a notified a**hole!!

  • Frenchfry

    Everyone else was thinking the same thing about her at the oscars that never saw that movie she really needs to lose weight big is beautiful but not enormous she needs to do something if she wants a long career or else all the money she is making will make her planet sized and her heart will explode

  • Tammy

    With this kind of story, we need to consider the source–an old guy who tries to slow the “has-been train” by saying very mean things aimed at others who are truly talented.

    That’s why she was sitting at the Oscars the other night while he was busy thinking of ways to prop up his self-esteem.

    Hey Stern, Mr. Townshend has a question for ya.

    “So tell me, cause I wanna know…who the f*** are you??”

  • Britt

    Yes, Hollywood (and the whole of the USA) is superficial and have an unrealistic idea of beauty. Yes Gabby is a big woman, but to say her weight is going to keep her talent from shining?…{shakes head}

    People shouldn’t have to be in a certain weight class to please others’ ideas of beauty and who fits what role. Yes, Gabby could stand to lose some weight just for her health but then you brought up Queen Latifah & Monique?! Those soul sistas have lost enough weight and they look GOOD the way they are!

  • 3 Dog Mama

    Howard Stern needs to take a look at himself in the mirror. He IS NOT nice to look at. I find him quite ugly and disgusting.

  • tbag

    Thank You Howard and Robin for keeping it real!

  • deon

    shut up ray with that comment ….it is not about white or black is about respecting people ….something you need to learn……..HOWARD AND ROBIN DO NOT HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHERS …..OUR SOCIETY HAS LOSS RESPECT

  • stern_sux

    speaking of nasty looking…stern look’s like he’s been smacked around with a jew beenie…he’s undoubtedly the nastiest looking person in show business…stern has a face that was built for radio…and his wife is nothing but a gold digger…does he actually think she would have looked at him twice if he weren’t a celbrity?

  • Darlene

    Is he kidding? There are reason’s why people go into radio ~~ because they are so ugly they can’t get work elsewhere!! And the racist remarks ~~ where is the NAACP when you need them? Wasn’t it just a few years back one DJ got kicked off his show for discussing the hair of black women? WTF Howard Stern should be strung up and left to dry out ~~ oh wait he’s already shriveled up, my bad forgot about that. Good luck to Gabby and God Bless her for doing a job well done, you go girl.

  • Ashley

    WOW that was soooo mean!

  • LAverne B. Wentworth

    Gabourey can lose weight. But! Howard Stern will “ALWAYS” be “UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” Submitted by: LaVerne B. Wentworth—Polk, Penna.

    • Ashley

      Very true!

  • Bev

    What a horrible man I’ve never heard of him before but he should be ashamed of himself. How does he manage to stay where he is, if he does this all the time, he must have friends in high places. Don’t they say “beauty is skin deep but ugly goes straight to the bone” I’m sure Mr Stern knows something about that.

    • Ashley

      Hi Bev! OMG you’ve never heard of Howard *foul mouth* Stern?! That’s probably a good thing! LOL

  • Bev

    Hi Ashley, no never, I can’t believe he gets away with it. Fancy saying someones the size of a planet he’s vile.

    • Bev

      Isn’t it quite tonight where is everyone???

      • Ashley

        Yes it is… I’ve been emailing Lisa & Marina but there’s really no news to discuss.

      • Bev

        Say Hi to them for me and now I have to say goodnight Ashley

      • Ashley

        Night Bev! :)

  • aryka

    Howard Stern is an UGLY greasy haired piece of shit. Fuck him and his opinion. When he’s dead and in the ground no one will remember shit about him but his drug habits, fucked up attituse, and decision to date bleach blondes with fake tits. As far as Oprah goes, howard Stern doesnt have HALF the money she does. He’s not even in the Billion yet, or anywhere near it so he would wanna shut the fuck up before she buys his contract out from under him! Hateful dumbfuck.

  • tressa

    Howard Stern is a lecherous sleeze bag. He talks about Gabby? He is so ugly that his face could stop a clock, and if he didn’t have millions, do you really think his wife would stay with him? If he was your regular shmuck, he wouldn never get any woman to give him a second look. He is a horrible human being. And Robin? She is his straight man! She discredits her race. What a disgrace. I believe Gabby will go on a diet, lose some weight and do another movie soon.

  • Carribean Beauty

    I bet when Howard looks in the mirror every morning, it breaks because he’s so Ugly! My best friend saw his picture once and told me the doctor slapped his mother the day he was born lol.

  • Ricardo

    Why is everyone so bent out of shape if all he did was voice his opinion? You may not agree with it, but that’s all it was; his opinion. Never mind his sidekick yes-man, he just says what is most likely true; this girl’s career may have been over right when it started. Don’t ignore the fact that Hollywood DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BIG, FAT PEOPLE. I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t think he made any references to him being better than her. Yes, he does have a syndicated show that draws a HUGE audience everyday for years now. No, the big girl doesn’t. By the way, ALL OF YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING HE DID. You are all just voicing your opinions. You don’t have to agree with them, but they are all just opinions. Incidentally, what the hell is all this precious nonsense anyway? Was it really a movie? Was it supposed to be so good that EVERYONE on the planet knew about it?….

  • Ray

    shut up ray with that comment ….it is not about white or black is about respecting people ….something you need to learn……..HOWARD AND ROBIN DO NOT HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHERS …..OUR SOCIETY HAS LOSS RESPECT

    Wow Deon, an I.Q. in at the very least, double digits.

    #1. Which comments are you referring to?

    #2. Have you read any of these comments? Many have turned this into a racial issue. Making statements about Robin’s right to be black, etc. My 2nd comment was addressing the racial issue raised by your malignant twin dwarf brothers and sisters on this site.

    3. Were my statements about a black’s worst enemy being other blacks untrue?

    4. News flash just this morning….Wear protection if you bone a black chick, nearly half of them have herpes….I guess that’s whitey’s fault too. And gee, I should just….shut up! Oh wait, can’t be, as white males are the lowest group now infected. So, there’s no way they can be doing the infecting.

  • Janine

    Stern just happens to be one of the ugliest men I’ve ever seen! What has he ever been in besides his pathetic “Private Parts” movie? How dare he rain on someone else’s parade?!

  • Janine

    If weight was an issue for Hollywood, Michael Moore would be flipping burgers in Flint, Michigan….

  • Jill

    She’s so fat I heard her ass had it’s own congressman. Let’s get real.. the reason she and the other fat, obnoxious, black woman won an oscar is because they are fat and black.

    Just like obama was put in the WH for being a half black. He could be used as a puppet and invoke the abilty to call anyone who disagrees with him a racist all while pelosi has her hand up his ass.

    We are living in the most fake, contrived world that has ever existed and the bubble is about to burst.

  • Mae

    Jill get a life and stop the hate on black people. Those women can sell and buy you. All you have to do with yourself is hate. You need prayer. If all white people were like you, Michael Oher would still be homeless.

    Howard Stern is a fool. He is probably someone that always wanted to be in movies but just didn’t have the talent. And everybody knows Robin is an Uncle Tom.

    Jill, the bubble bursted a long time ago. Black have broken the glass ceiling in every profession. We even have a black President of the United States, doctors, lawyers, surgeons, teachers, college professors, CEOs, and yes actors. Need I say more.

    • Ray

      Yes, you need to state facts:

      *Obama is of mixed race. It is the ironic and sad state of things when he is continually called “black”. If that’s how we need to reference him then let’s do it all the way. Yes, he’s black and his life is a living testament to the unfortunate state of black America. Abandoned by his “black” father, he was raised by his “white mother and even “whiter” grand mother.

      *The number 1 killer of black males: Black males
      *The abuse of women by black males is epidemic
      *Nearly half of black children are born into homes without a father

      *Drug addiction, aids, all std’s, illiteracy, poverty, diseases related to lifestyle, violent crime, gang involvement:

      They all have 1 thing in common….Blacks lead the pack.

      You can isolate the handful who were fortunate enough to have real parents and opportunity. The simple fact remains, no single group in America has benefited from laws, welfare and government created opportunities and aspired to so little. Sorry, but those are facts.

    • kab

      Just a side note…..Why is the fact the Obama is half WHITE never referred to. He is NOT a true black man. Almost seems like he’s ashamed of his WHITE heritage. Just a thought …..

  • Jada

    Howard is indeed an asshole. A good actress will always work. She can be funny or be serious, but Howard will always be a damn fool. You as a man should not put someone else down in this manner. But maybe I used this word man about the wrong person. Your job is too be a shock jock and you do it well but you did cross a line man up and admitt you were wrong in the way you express your opinon. And Robin I always thought you was Howards ass kisser you just prove it even more I also say check the mirror and get your lips off Howars ass.


    Of couse Oprah likes her,Gabourey Sidibe stands next to Oprah Oprah starts to look hollywood model. Gabourey Sidibe should be tarred and feathered out of hollywood. She is a poor role model for young black girls. Being a fat pig will get me to hollywood, Weres the fried ckicken !

  • JaneB

    Howard Stern is crass and not for everyone (usually not for me), but he does make a point. Aren’t most of you thinking it anyway?? Come on, who has looked at her and not though she isn’t too big? Are we just outraged because him saying that is politically incorrect?

    I think the bigger point here is that she is a bad example for young people everywhere. She is so unhealthy! Being overweight like that is not ok. She is going to have massive health problems due to her weight, if she doesn’t already. I know someone her size who had a heart attack and died at 24. Is that the image we want to promote to our kids??

    This girl has a serious problem and needs help.

  • Bay Area Patriot

    Howard is a hasbeen. Because of him, real radio jockeys are paid crap. He did not even do what he said, but that is their fault for not writing a better contract. He is just trying to make up for his years of promising to bring in his audience.

  • pynaetlb

    Wow, from the hateful comments here you’d think Howard stuck her with a speargun and fed her to his dogs. What he said is most likely the truth. She’s very overweight and the number of movie roles calling for an obese woman is likely to be limited.

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      That is just wrong!

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Well Howard Stern you need to take a good long look in the mirror! You are #1 of the ugliest men I HAVE EVER SEEN! Gosh awful mug you have going on! Maybe thats why you do radio huh…. Hide behind the radio! Cause your freaking UGLY!

  • Princess Gabby

    So what if she is overweight and obese. Everybody can’t have angel pasta for legs like some of them so called superstarvedoutlooking supermodels,Stern like he suffering from the lack of some good home cooked meals himself. Please even if you think she needs help do in in a loving manner. Stop bashing and hating people.Show some love Mr Stern.

  • Howard Stern

    that dont make her a bad person. but she is big. stern is just being honest. I like women with some meat on their bones but this is too much. this is a serious health hazard. I fee bad for her. she needs to get help.

  • LOL

    stern is entitled to his viewpoint. I personally dont’ care what he thinks. but he’s right she is BIG. everyone is allowed to their opinion.

  • hec

    Be honest but dont be hurtful. Truth is the major portion of Hollywood goes for glamour rather than reality and people pay most of the time to see fantasy rather than reality. Stern’s remarks are cruel but he is right as to her being ignored in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Howard, you’re an IDIOT. You don’t know A THING about being nice. You can’t open your mouth without being a total jerk! She is beautiful and talented-which by the way YOU’RE NOT! Get a life moron!

  • WIR

    Robin is just what a nig bitch is supposed to be: OBEDIENT. She better never defy Howard. He will whip the black of that bitch.

  • Kisha

    You are a racist piece of shit.

  • He’s right

    Stern was obviously mean about it, but he’s 100% right. What movies have a need for morbidly obese black woman? She might get a few sympathy roles but she will never be a star. 5 years from now NO ONE will know who she is.

  • Elle

    Let’s be honest: obesity is a big issue nowadays. It’s not healthy (everyones’ opinion) and it’s not pretty (my personal opinion). She may be talented, but I’m not sure it will be enough for a Hollywood carreer.

    Stern needs to shock the world (it brings him food on the table :)) but his is not altogether wrong. How come 90% of the Hollywood ‘belles’ are skinny? Most people love the outside beauty.

  • Josh

    I would have to agree with Howard not only is she the fattest person I’ve seen she’s also the ugliest. It’s sad I had to look at her to watch those movie awards the sight of her nearly made me vomit. Why don’t we just start calling her Kong.

  • Niggerjaw Power Tool Company

    Go Howard. Reveal that fat turd 400 pound gorilla nigger for what she is. A dried up lump of shit that she looks like and is. Haha

  • angelique

    Howard Stern is probably right. Even though what he said kind of sounds racist. It is simply the truth. This girl is fat, obviously, black, obviously, and not attractive at all. So, what other movies would want her to act in them? Only movies that need a fat, black, ugly girl in them right? Anyways, I am not trying to sound mean or anything, but she is just not Hollywood glamour girl material or anything, I mean honestly, look at her.

  • angelique



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  • Packing

    He’s right…

  • Asar

    Sidibe’s parents should be thrown in jail for child abuse. What were they thinking. Native Africans who immigrate to America do not care at all how disgraceful their children make blacks look. Gabourey Sidibe was picked by white Hollywood agents to make African-Americans look like pigs on the big screen. Now if Gabourey Sidibe had a medical problem about her obesity then let us hear it and we understand and support her. Otherwise, her African parents who failed monitor her weight should be rebuked and booed whereever they appear in America. My god, they are disgraceful.

  • Asar

    White American talent agents are trying to find the most beautiful white adults and children to be in Hollywood movies and TV shows, but trying to find the ugliest blacks to make blacks look bad in movies and TV shows. Black Americans need to organize and sue Hollywood for beauty discrimination.