Gabourey Sidibe: ‘Justin Timberlake Keeps Texting me’

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gabourey SidibeGABOUREY Sidibe claims singer Justin Timberlake has been bombarding her with text messages.

The actress — who was nominated in the Best Actress category at the recent Academy Awards — says the SexyBack hitmaker, who’s currently dating actress Jessica Biel, hasn’t stopped pestering her since she announced him as her celebrity crush.

“He’s always calling and texting me,” says Gabourey. “I don’t mind but sometimes I’m like, ‘Don’t you have a girl?’ And he’s like, ‘I’d leave her for you!’”

Sidibe, 26, has also revealed she finds Scottish actor Gerard Butler “kinda sexy”.

“He’s kinda sexy,” she said. “I’d hit that. I’m not ashamed! I’d hit that. I’m sorry.”

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  • LeoEss

    Oh come on! ROTFLMAO… don’t you think this is a bit much?

  • Ashley

    OMG LMFAO is she for real?

  • Disgusting

    That’s sad when you use her as an obvious punchline to your joke. It’s sick really.
    I’m willing to bet she didn’t say that. They are using her because of her outward appearance and it’s disgusting.

  • lola

    Suck crock!!!

  • Irina

    Seriously guys? IT WAS A JOKE. She was being sarcastic; showcasing a little wit. Like all those times I joked about Jude Law being my husband- it’s just a funny, harmless, sarcastic joke. Kudos to her for being refreshingly real and funny.

  • nick

    Ugh she’s so gross and such an awful role-model for kids. Seriously, in a nation where 1/3 of the children are obese, do we need yet another voice of the “fat acceptance movement” telling the world that it’s okay and healthy and normal to be 5’5″ and 400 pounds, as long as you feel good about yourself? Sic transit gloria mundi. Goodbye public health.

    And she’s obviously pretty delusional, too, given statements like the ones quoted in this article.

  • http://jghinamin Richard Simons

    WHAT IS THAT THING …? its all black and huge and …. aaawwwww yuck !

  • http://jghinamin o boy

    I’ve been wondering what happened to Ruben Studdard.

  • http://jghinamin wait its aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    She’s pretty in a too-fat-to-bathe-properly kind of way.

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