Russell Crowe Happy For His Kids to Act

Friday, March 12, 2010

Russell CroweRUSSELL Crowe isn’t against his kids following him into showbiz.

The actor — who has two sons with his singer/actress wife Danielle Spencer — insists he won’t stop his boys from following in their famous father’s footsteps.

“Tennyson does have that natural flash in his eyes,” says Russell. “If it’s in their blood when they grow up then I’m fine for either of my kids to act.

“I don’t want to force them into it or put them in a situation where they feel they have to do it because they think that’s how they are going to get daddy’s approval.”

Crowe, 45, recently revealed how he feared for his life while filming new movie Robin Hood.

“It’s scary stuff,” he said earlier this month. “We had 15 people carried off the battle field at one point. One guy got his eye poked out with a pike. Another guy broke an arm and a leg falling off a horse. A number of other people had their wills broken because it was violent and anarchic. Totally crazy.

“The scale of it is enormous. We had 130 horses doing a full-speed gallop charge into 600 guys on the ground.

“Every man on a horse did half-a-dozen fight moves before spinning around and coming back. It can all go south very quickly.”