Leonardo DiCaprio Hated Beng a Pretty Boy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leonardo DicaprioLEONARDO DiCaprio hated being known as a “pretty boy” after starring in Titanic.

The Hollywood — who shot to fame in the 1997 James Cameron-directed movie — says he almost considered quitting acting because his appearance took precedence over his acting ability.

“At first I hated the way I was turned into a pretty boy, as if that was all that was expected of me,” he said.

“It made me almost want to stop acting for a while because the attention that was focused on me was not where I wanted to take my career.

“I didn’t want to do romantic films or anything which just exploited my image or appearance. I also kind of had to be more careful about the friends I was hanging out with. I was living a pretty big life for a while and then that just gets tiresome.”

Leo — who’s currently dating Israeli model Bar Refaelirecently admitted he’d like to settle down and start a family.

“I definitely feel a need to make my life about more than just my career,” he said earlier this week. “I was thinking to myself how little of it has been lived normally as opposed to being spent on some far-off movie location.

“Family is something I’m starting to think about more and more, especially now that my grandmother is no longer around. “It makes you think about the impermanence of things and how important it is to be part of a family – to have some meaning apart from your work.”


  • vivian

    as if pple would nt kill to have your face.kate is divorced marry her and start ur family.she has two kids by the way. so ur family is already ready-made

  • Noah

    That does not make sense vivian, he would want his own genetics involved. He is a great actor and very good looking , takes different perception to see him as a great actor, instead of just a pretty boy. He has a amazing heart, very involved with the environment, and tries his best to help people on Earth, who are not as fortunate. I can tell that he was meant for this career. Almost like Destiny is part of reality. He gives me hope in God.