Kate Winslet Leaning on Leonardo DiCaprio Following Split From Hubby

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprioKATE Winslet is seeking comfort in her former costar Leonardo DiCaprio following the collapse of her seven-year marriage to movie director Sam Mendes.

Kate and Leo shot to fame playing lovers in Titanic and were reunited on screen two years ago in Revolutionary Road — which was directed by Sam.

And the pair are now said to be closer than ever as Kate needs a shoulder to cry on.

“Leo and Kate have been like brother and sister since they starred in Titanic together,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

“And since Kate’s marriage started to go south, around the time they were filming Revolutionary Road, they’ve got closer again.

“Kate has always really adored Leo and feels like she can tell him anything.

“They were so young when Titanic came out, so it’s fair to say they basically grew up together, professionally at least.

“They were thrust into stardom together and were the only people who knew what the other was going through. He’s been a rock for her.”

Kate, 34 is currently on holiday in Mexico with her two children.

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  • rose

    why dont kate and leo get married

  • Fanny

    Lets not make things harder for both of them… lets not put more woods in the fire… they both had good life before. We all want them both to be together… and that the impact of acting in movies. Lets wish for them to have a better successful and peaceful life.

  • Fz16yammy

    Kate and Leo should be married