Heidi Montag Wants Bigger Boobs!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heidi MontagHEIDI Montag still isn’t happy with her body — she wants even bigger boobs!

The reality TV star — who famously underwent a whopping TEN surgical procedures in just one day — says she’s keen to keen to get her breasts enlarged even more, but can’t because of legal size limits.

“When you’re addicted to something, you have to do it every day,” Heidi said on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno when asked if she’s “addicted” to surgery.

“And thank God I don’t do it every day. I like to do it all in one day. I like to knock it out. Some of them are little things, some of them you wouldn’t even know unless I told you.”

Heidi then cupped her breasts and said, “Two are big, two are very noticeable! I would get these bigger but legally I can’t right now.

“There’s a limit — 800ccs and I have 700ccs, so 100ccs wouldn’t really make a difference.”


  • Marijane

    Why dosen’t she look into electrolsis in the armpit area….

  • Patrick

    she should look into a brain transplant.