Chelsea Clinton to Get $10m if Husband Cheats!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chelsea ClintonCHELSEA Clinton will bag a whopping $10 million from her husband if he cheats!

Chelsea — the daughter of Bill and Hilary Clinton — has drawn up a prenuptial agreement that would see her bag a fortune if fiance Marc Mezvinsky has an affair while they’re married.

“Chelsea’s world was shattered when she learned that her father had been unfaithful to her mom. She’s never forgotten that pain and disappointment,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Her father has always been the person she most admired, and the fact that he cheated on her mom not once, but many times, made her very gun-shy about trusting the guys she dated.”

Recent reports claimed Chelsea is planning a Jewish wedding.


  • Practical Chatered Government King Friday Jonathan/Psalm 21

    I love you with all my soul
    I honestly need you now!
    Forgive me!
    I need this marriage now!
    I am all alone waiting for you my lord/self/wife/love/everything Angel Chelsea Jonathan
    Yes We Dearly need each other now!
    Your Lovely voice prooves me and you that we need this marriage now!

    Thanking Jesus Christ for HIS perfect protection towards you since 1980 i begged Jehovah for you!
    Peace and folio Love From Your Faithful Husband
    Friday jonathan
    psalm 21

  • Practical Chatered Government King Friday Jonathan/Psalm 21

    My Dearest Lovely Wife Angel Chelsea Jonthan!

    regarding cheating;

    I Have already vowed to Jesus Christ not to cheat on you
    till HE comes same manner He left some while ago!

    It is written
    A time foe peace
    A time not to cheat one another again!

    Remember who we are! The King/Queen Of Jews/Justs Globe Earth/Psalm 21/45!:The entire citizens of Globe Earth
    wholy await our Golden Rule Leadersship!
    Yes, all the righteous creators by Jehovah are all waiting
    for our enforcement of the true ten commandments/not nine/of God! paving way for global peace and unity!

    psalm 21
    ur faithful folio husband!

  • king friday jonathan

    The more you learn about Jehovah,the best you learn about
    Jesus Christ!The more you learn about the trinity.
    God The Father
    God The Son
    God The Holy Spirit
    Peace and folio love from your faithful folio husband
    psalm 21

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  • jim

    Too bad she is such an ugly little cuss. could be worse, she could just look like her mother. there is a trusting giving foundation…….”if you cheat you pay me $10mm” that shows a real love and passion for each other. the jewish guy’s mother must be weaping for her life

    • Danielle Joseph

      @ Mae: I agree completely.

  • Mae

    Good 4 u Chelsea!!!We all love our guy…” To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,…So for our own protection and sanity, since we truly adored and cherished them with all our heart and soul…then in the end only to find out that they cheated,… is truly heart-wrenching…So go for it Chelsea!


    chelsea baby nw that you are leaving dad and mum…….. dont u think is wise to advise them to adopt? you will love it……. dont tell me u wil nt love to have a brother or sister…..your parents are great and nice people, they are going to make great parents and besides people will appreciate and praise them for helping a homeless child.

    i do wish u a wonderful married life and pray that your husband stays faithful to you.

  • jake johnson

    What happens if when she goes through the change she turns cold like her mother appears to be. I think he should counter with a clause that she has to have sex at least 4 times/days a week, fulfill any nonviolent fantasy, not spend large amounts of money unless they both agree on the purchase, not leave him for days on end chasing her career, not cheat on him, not get pregnant unless both agree on a child and the timing, not mentally abuse him, sleep in the same bed, not treat him like her mother treats her father. The way the prenupt reads now all she has to do to make 10 million is treat him like her mother appears to treat her father…deprive him of sex. No way should he sign a prenupt that gives her the power to make him miserable with no recourse for him. If she violates these clauses she pays him 10million. If she doesn’t have the 10 million then she can have her mother be a cosigner on the financial performance side. Bet that would change her mind.

  • Jesus

    Holy hell she’s ugly O.o
    Guaranteed 10 mil right thur

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