Sandra Bullock ‘Gets Support From Hugh Grant’

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sandra BullockSANDRA Bullock has been leaning on British actor Hugh Grant following revelations her husband Jesse James has been cheating on her with a chubby tattoo model.

Grant — who starred opposite Bullock in the 2002 movie Two Weeks Notice — has been calling the Oscar-winning actress on a daily basis to offer her support over the telephone.

“Hugh has been a huge support to her. He’s always thought extremely highly of Sandra and was really upset to hear about her troubles,” a source told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

“Sandra’s shell-shocked by what’s happened — especially so soon after everything seemed so perfect after winning an Oscar for The Blind Side.

“She doesn’t know whether she wants to fight for her marriage or not, but Hugh’s been talking things through with her and he’s been great.

“Sandy and Hugh have a special connection — always have. And Hugh will do everything he can to help her out — he even offered to fly out.”

Recent reports claimed Keanu Reeves — Sandra’s costar in the Speed movies — has also been in touch.

“Keanu has always been close to Sandra but he is also good friends with Jesse,” a source said earlier this week.

“He has been helping both of them through this ordeal. They are all trying to work through it together.”


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  • EJ

    What I want to know is if she had not won the oscar would these god awful articles be comming out about her family?I say not.Leave this woman alone so she can enjoy her win.

  • luvducov

    You have David Duchovny in with the cheaters yet you have no name to go with his. Why not? I’ll tell you why…He didn’t cheat! The one woman he was accused of cheating with (his tennis coach) turned out to be a lie and was retracted by the crap tabloid that printed it. I just wish his name would not be put in with those cheaters. His problem was porn and he went to rehab to get better. He and Tea Leoni are together and seem to be happy and content. I really admire the both of them

  • EAH

    I say… let Sandra divorce that crappy husband of hers… a leopard never changes it’s spots… and hook but with Hugh Grant. They will make a great couple…perhaps even get married… he needs to settle down and Sandra has good qualities to influence Hugh.

  • EAH

    I meant “hook up with Hugh Grant”… apologies people of the web.

  • Janel Comins

    I just read on the web that Sandra Bullock spends the night with a lot of pet dogs in her bed. Sorry, but for me it isn’t healthy.

  • Dayna

    Hugh and Sandra really are good friends. I love them so much. In fact, whenever Sandra’s ready, she and Hugh should get together and be a couple!

    And kudos to Sandra for dealing with this situation with grace and dignity.

  • connie

    jessy james is a dog.

  • celtic

    God bless you Sandra!

  • celtic 2

    I love th wax works figures of sandra and hugh… thy look so life-like.

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    We love you Sandra!

  • Jorene

    Excuse me but didn’t Hugh Grant cheat on HIS gorgeous, successful, high-fashion model wife Heidi Klum?!?!?! Sandra, a leopard never changes his spots!

    • Ann

      NO, Hugh was NEVER married to anyone, and he never even dated Heidi Klum!! Sandra and Hugh would make an adorable couple, I say, go for it Sandy!!

  • model search 2011

    She needs to dump Jesse James. What was that guy thinking?!

  • best self tanner 2011

    She should go with Keanu Reeves! Haha that guy is awesome in all of his movies.

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