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Sam Worthington Swaps His Car For a Bicycle!

Posted by Adam

Sam WorthingtonSAM Worthington has ditched his car and got himself a sexy little bicycle.

The Avatar actor admits he’s such a bad driver that he has put his motor in the garage and taken to pedal-power to get around Tinseltown.

“My mate bought a bicycle for me because he said it’s easier to get around L.A, especially the way I drive,” explains Sam. “So I ride around like the witch in the Wizard of Oz with a basket on the front. It’s pretty funny.

“I’m not a very good bicycle rider either.

“I fall off. I don’t recommend everybody does it.”

Worthington, 33, recently admitted that he kept injuring himself while filming his tough-guy roles in Terminator: Salvation, Avatar and now Clash of the Titans.

“All I seem to get is running and yelling and falling over and getting bashed up,” he said earlier this month. “You name it, I’ve done it and have the scars to prove it.

“For Titans I had to learn to use a sword and shield which I thought would be easy — then I got covered in cuts and realized it’s a lot harder than that.”


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  • Tribulus

    Whats sexy about a bicycle? lol

  • Ian Metcalf

    Sounds like Sam Worthington is going green. Well done. Thanks for sharing this.