Amanda Seyfried Gets Drunk Before Filming Sex Scenes!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amanda SeyfriedAMANDA Seyfried has a tendency to get drunk before she has to film sex scenes.

The actress — who’s currently dating British actor Dominic Cooper — has a girl-on-girl romp with Julianne Moore in new movie Chloe.

And Seyfried admits she needed some Dutch courage before stepping in front of the camera.

“I’m no stranger to heading that way [having a drink], if it’s something that’s going to be a scene that I have to be intimate for,” she said. “I would have a drink — something short and quick — that’s always fun.

“But this was something that we were working on for hours. There was a lot going on in that scene that was really important to show so I couldn’t do that. I’m not used to that feminine world. It has a whole different dynamic.”

Amanda, 24, recently admitted she’s scared to gain weight in case it affects her career.

“If I didn’t run and work out, there’s no way I would be this thin,”  she told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “But I have to stay in shape because I’m an actress.

“It’s f**ked up and it’s twisted, but I wouldn’t get the roles otherwise. If I’d been a bit bigger, I don’t think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!


  • KittyKat

    that’s not acting. So why is she an actress if she has to get drunk to do a sex scene? WTF