Zac Efron to Play Flash Gordon?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zac EfronZAC Efron is set to save the universe if our insiders are to be believed!

Sources say the hunky High School Musical star is in talks to play Flash Gordon in a new movie about the science-fiction superhero.

“Zac is one of the frontrunners to play Flash and he’s making no secret of the fact that he would love the role,” blabbed the mole.

Spider-Man has been done and he doesn’t want to follow someone like Tobey Maguire.

Flash would be all Zac and a chance for him to make a mark with his own franchise. He’s very excited about the possibility.”

Efron, 22 — who’s currently dating his former costar Vanessa Hudgensrecently revealed that he struggles to cope with life in Los Angeles.

“Living in Los Angeles is tough,” Efron told Britain’s Glamour magazine in December. “Normality is so skewed and it’s not something your friends and family can relate to, nor is it even fun to talk about.

“I love the outdoors — there’s something about when there’s no one around that I’m drawn to.”


  • Sam

    You mean the Flash and not Flash Gordon I think.

    • linda

      No, it’s Flash Gordon.

  • Nicki

    Sweet, hope this is true.
    Zac as one of my favorite Heroes.
    I love this.

  • NessaH8TA

  • Big Dick Johnson

    nooooooooooooooooooooo.This talentles piece of crap can’t do anything but butcher music and TRY to act.F this loser.

    • deb

      You’re a freaking idiot if you think that Zac has no talent. He’s a very gifted singer, dancer, and actor. Of course, we can tell from your name that you obviously are delusional. F you. You’re the loser.

  • Erin

    He is so damn sexy…I would pick him up and put him in my P*ssy…and carry him around inside of me all day..

  • thatsdeep

    Wow! Thats deep really I am a die hard comic book fan and i wouldn’t like to see whats his face play flash and yes he’s talented but no flash!

  • http://Google Kate

    Hi zac are you vanessa still together or did you break up… ???????????