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Posted by Adam

Susan BoyleSUSAN Boyle will be laughing all the way to the bank when her second album hits the shops.

The Scottish singer — who shot to fame on music mogul Simon Cowell‘s UK TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent — will reportedly pocket a whopping $28 MILLION this year when she releases the follow-up to her debut record I Dreamed A Dream.

Boyle has already made $8 million from her first record.

Another $8m is due in further royalties and merchandising from the album, which sold over 8.5million copies and topped charts worldwide, sources said last night.

And Boyle is set to earn a further $12 million from her new album, which will be out for Christmas.

“Her success has been phenomenal,” a source told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. “The second album could be even bigger than the first.

Susan — who celebrates her 49th birthday on April 1 — is already putting her money to good use — she’s set to splash out $500,000 on a new house.

The Wild Horses singer is said to be about to pay the huge sum for the property in her hometown of Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, and the 1,700 sq ft home boasts five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a double garage.

The house is also eco-friendly as it comes complete with solar panels to part-generate its electricity supply.

It had been reported the 48-year-old singer was looking for an apartment in London after being advised to move to the UK capital by executives at her record label, Cowell’s SyCo.

Susan — who was living on benefits before her Britain’s Got Talent appearance — was recommended to leave her current one-bedroom council house in Blackburn after it was broken into in January.

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  • Paul M.

    Good for Susan! I just hope SyCo is helping her with her money expenditures, as I’m sure there are plenty of unscrupulous a**holes out there who would like to separate her from it.

    • http://showbixspy cindy

      I agree and hope she makes another 30 mil

  • dana kirkwood

    My mother is very ill and your CD always perks her up. Thank you for continuing on this crazy, wild journey. I know it is hard for you most of the time psychologically but keep pushing on and don’t forget to take a lot of time for yourself to rest and just be. I am very much looking forward to your next CD.

  • patrick mack

    way to go… susan, i love you honey, i’ll stand vby you…if i wan’t gay i’d even marry you….

  • janet

    THE BEST story of 2009 and the inspiration for me to be my best in 2010…Texas loves you, SuBo!!!

  • Pura Centeno

    A lot of success for you, Susan. Thanks for share your hope with the world. Pura from Puerto Rico

    • Lee Parker

      Thank you Wayne. We need more positive comments for Susan. Our Cinderella.

  • http://safari wayne capinegro

    Maybe a great deal of her success could be due to the fact that she is not
    one of the typical scum in the entertainment racket.



  • CHAZ

    I love reading stories like this. It makes me feel good when good things happening to good people. I of course bought ” Dream ” and I will buy the 2nd. AND I”M ONLY 28 years old !!!! AND HERE IT GOES……A STRAIGHT MALE !!!!

  • Hope

    She deserves all of the success.She is real and her expression is no fake.She is an example that dream can come true even all the obsitlce and failure in life.Media can talk all they can but her songs proves that she is very very good.
    More success to Susan!!

  • Rosemary

    Susan, your voice is incomparable. It has a charming and attractive quality that is truly unique and soothing and brings me to a place that I can feel relaxed and calm. It’s not only your voice that put you where you are today-it’s you, Susan. You are a lovely and sweet person. You have made positive impact on the whole world!

  • LouAnn

    Susan, I love your first CD. I am living on a small income now,but yours was the only CD I bought this Christmas. I hope you make a tour someday so I can go hear your lovely voice in person.. You deserve this…I took care of my family while they were declining and I know how much it takes out of you to be there for them in their time of need. Now sing on, Gal.

  • Jane Douch

    Her council house is four bedroomed, how do you think her eight sigblings lived there??? Not to mention mother and father!!!

  • Patricia Traeger

    Susan, I am so happy for you. With your talent, you deserve every penny. You have been blessed with a beautiful voice and the world is blessed for being able to hear it.



  • Mason

    Good for you Susan! I loved your first CD. Someday people will see I too am the underdog. It’s amazing what can happen when people open their eyes and give things a chance, like my music.

  • Ellen

    Way to go Susan!! Adam Lambert has nothing on you!! Shame on him for bashing you. Your voice is breathtaking!!

    • Hunnzy

      I agree Ellen. The absolute nerve of Adam Lambert to bash Susan! When will he learn to shut his mouth and build people up instead of tear them down. He can only dream of Susans sucess. The USA will have a hard time embracing him and if he doesnt stop the bashing Europe will throw him to the wolves.

  • Mal

    Susan Boyle, a beautiful woman both inside and out!

  • Reese

    I am so happy for her . . . I only wish her the best. I cannot wait to purchase her second album. She has a voice like an angel.

  • Michelle

    Susan is R>E>A>L.

  • Terry

    Now Susan can be a cougar! She can hook up with Chris Brown, David Hasselhoff, or one of those Vampire stars.

  • rose

    go for the more gold susan
    you deserve it
    with a beautiful voice non comparable

  • michael

    well, she has got what she wanted. fame through fortune. as well as the rather large check that is way bigger than the std/aids disability check in which she was once living off of. way to go goyle way to go.

  • evie

    A truly blessed individual is she. She deserves this & more. Perhaps Sharon Osbourne and all the rest like her will learn to keep their mouths shut ===they all will be a long time making that kind of money ==== if EVER!!!!

  • http://ShowBizSpy Jan

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed your album and can’t wait for your next one. Thanks Simon for supporting your dream. Susan, you are refreshing. Please stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone take advantage of your sweet personality. May this just be the beginning for you. I too hope you go on tour sometime..would love to see you.

  • Julie

    I am so happy for her. She is not only an amazing talent but an inspiration to the rest of us who have a couple of years under our belts.
    I think her sucess should send a VERY STRONG message to the “Know it Alls” in the music industry that people want more than some who and cuss and see how short or tight their skirts can be. And that the public really does have some class and morals and we appreciate talent when WE find it.

  • Evie Elizabeth

    After I bought and heard your album I couln’t stop raving about it to all my friends. Some also bought it and I gave a couple as Christmas gifts which were loved. Your album is in my CD player and I listen to it almost everyday. Enjoy your good fortune but be careful someone doesn’t take advantage of you and your money. Your voice is unbelieveable and so pure – can’t wait for the next one. You are one special lady!! Wish you would come to US and do a concert tour – and be sure San Antonio, TX is on the list of cities. Big Hugs!

  • Mrs,. Z

    You are a real class act, Susan Boyle! I thoroughly enjoy your lovely voice. It did my heart good to see how you “wowed” those judges when you first opened your mouth and such an awsome sound came pouring out. It goes to show that a book should never be judged by it’s cover. You looked great on your first album cover, sounded even better and I look forward to hearing many more of your recordings. You go girl!

  • Jerry

    Who could not want great success for someone like Boyle who is still ordinary like us and as talented as the great artist singers of the past and present! It’s not the money she gets so much as the recognition from all of us. I’m sure she’s feeling all of that and appreciates it too because she seems to be a real person.

  • Raea

    Way to go and we all back you and your success!! You deserve every living moment of happiness and success.

  • laurie

    I am so thrilled for Susan. She has a truly wonderful voice. I am so happy for her. She is a breath of fresh air and is a true blue person. Good going!!!!

  • Fulty

    Whenever I need a lift I go to You Tube and watch your first appearence on Britten has talent. The warn humility and courage you showed was remarkable. What is more remarkable is that every prformance since has exhibited the same humility. I bought your 1st album I will buy your 2nd and any that follow.

  • Nancy

    So happy for Susan, love your music and listen too it during my commute to work. And I hope that chickie pie who rolled her eyes during the audition learned a lesson.

  • David

    $500,000 is a huge amount for a house for someone that makes millions??? Wow! A 2 car garage? What’s the big deal about that? It sounds like she is living very modestly and the author must be from China or some ex-Soviet state.

  • Gloria

    Proof that it is NOT necessary for someone to show their a__ or BE an a__hole or look like Barbie or Ken to succeed in the entertainment field. People are STARVED for entertainers who are real people with good morals, sense of values, public and private decency. I LOVE that she put caring for her mother ahead of furthering her career, and she now deserves every bit of success she is achieving. Money and fame are not everything, though, and I hope she will find a good balance in her life, and not lose herself amidst all the hoopla.

  • Tess

    Susan Boyle, you have an incredible voice god gave you, god bless you, be happy, and be careful to all the con-artist out there! I met one his name is Franck Curtin.

  • Britains Got Talent Fan

    Susan has done amazing, she’s a great singer!

  • Bama Sampler

    Hurrah for Susan! From the first moment I heard your crystal clear voice on the I-net, I have been a VERY BIG FAN! I know this may be selfish, but I want you to do a CD of Christmas Songs and Carols.
    I will be looking for it!


  • Karan

    SUSAN Boyle is great singer, Her voice is like, some angel..

  • mortgage rates jumbo

    this is so true! Good post! Have a great Easter!

  • Karl

    Good for susan. She’s reeping the rewards which she has worked hard for.