Peter Facinelli Headbutted by Daughter!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Peter FacinelliPETER Facinelli has revealed how his nose “swelled up like Marlon Brando” after his daughter headbutted him.

The actor — who plays Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies — thought he’d need surgery after sustaining the bizarre injury.

“My daughter Fiona headbutted me in the nose and it swelled up like Marlon Brando,” Peter recalled. “For a month I looked like. I thought I would have to get a nose job because I can’t play Carlisle as Brando!

“It happened when Fiona and I were watching Spider-Man and some scary parts came on. I went to close her eyes, but she likes the scary parts so she started fighting me saying, ‘I want see. I want to see.’ That’s when she headbutted me in the nose”

Facinelli recently revealed that he drew inspiration from a Sesame Street puppet to play Carlisle in Twilight.

“I love The Count from Sesame Street,” he said last week. “He’s my favorite vampire.

“I owe a lot to him for inspiring me and vampires everywhere!”