Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ElinTIGER Woods‘ wife Elin Nordegren is PREGNANT with the cheating golfer’s third child — and that’s why she’s giving her husband another chance, insiders say.

The former Swedish model was recently spotted near her Florida home sporting a distinctly rounded tummy and a maternity-style top and pals believe she’s about four months along.

“Elin’s staying quiet about it, but she’s showing every sign of being pregnant,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Her tummy’s a dead giveaway and so is her behavior. Her moods are all over the place and she’s been eating constantly, which is not like Elin since she’s always so concerned about her figure.

“She’s also dropping other little hints, like rubbing her tummy constantly, and cutting back on her exercise routine.

“Her appetite changes, too. She gets nauseous a lot of the time and sometimes doesn’t eat a thing. If she’s pregnant, this could be the real reason she hasn’t sent Tiger packing for good.”

But the source insists Nordegren is still keen to divorce the billionaire sports star.

“Pregnant or not, Elin isn’t ready to officially call of the divorce — especially in light of recent developments,” the insider notes.

“Tiger’s giving her an insane amount of money and saying he’s willing to do anything she asks if she gives him another shot.

“Elin’s a responsible mother and knows that however awful Tiger may have been as a husband, he’s a good dad to their kids. I think she still loves Tiger but the big question is, can she ever really forgive him, new baby or not?”

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  • Clemster

    I think that despite being pregnant Elin had better call it a day. This guy is a real schmuck from the word go. To me, she is real eye candy and probably would have a very hard time getting someone to take the Tigger’s place. If I were Elin I would go one step further and make sure that I don’t have any STD’s from the Tigger dipping his wick. In a divorce setting, she could really take this clown to the cleaners.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    whatever she chooses to do, it’s her business and she’s the one who has to live with it. Look at it this way, if the woman decides to go back to him and he screws up, all she has to do is leave him, and leave him for good.I really feel bad for her; that’s a big decision to make in the light of things transpired.

  • Tomaz Takamori

    It could be Tiger’s baby. They have not been together since November 2009. Now it makes sense. She had gone to a ski resort in Europe to celebrate her birthday with her sister and some friends. Probably one of the male friend consoled her heartbreak and got her pregnant. Celebrity-gossip reported one afternoon that she had gone to see a doctor after dropping off the kids. The following weekend she probably told Tiger of the pregnancy and a photo appeared of them walking and arguing over something. (They had kissed and were getting affectionate a few days before) The following Monday, she had lawyers over her rented house where she gave them boxes of documents, reported saying that she wants to be assured financialy whatever happens. Tiger announced return to Golf the next day. She had gone to the yacht to reflect on her situation and then moved out to a friend’s house. >>>>>

  • Carmen

    Elin Nordegren is a decent woman with moral principles. She has been a loyal wife to Tiger Woods.It is a rotten thing to put a blemish on her character. Elin has been a victim all along. Elin has been under severe stress since the end of November. Severe stress can produce mood chances, weight loss and loss of appetite.I wish that whatever Elin decides to do work the best for her and her precious children!

  • maxine


  • Tomaz Takamori

    just examine the time line of her pregnancy.
    Tiger and Elin did not get intimate since November, 2009.
    Elin went to Europe to spend her Birthday with her sister and some friends in December 09/January 10. (What happened when her male friend tried to console her heartache?)
    Tiger and Elin start to be together and accept each other.
    Elin agreed to return home to Tiger and went to see a doctor.
    That weekend, a photo was published showing Elin and Tiger unhappily arguing over something. (Elin revealed her pregnancy to Tiger?) Tiger looked angry.
    On Monday, Elin had a meeting with lawyers and gave them boxes of documents, saying that she wants to be financially secure, no matter what happens. (What????)
    Tiger announced that he is returning to golf.
    That weekend, Tiger gave a press conference and Elin stayed away in the yacht. Elin decided to go ahead with divorce and went to see her divorce lawyers on Monday
    Elin became cold and distant. Elin now tells her friends that she will be away in Sweden …. presumely to get an abortion or see the baby-daddy???. Am I wrong in this timeline? This is my speculation!!!!

  • MS P

    two wrongs don’t make it right and a wrong and a right don’t make it right she was wrong if she went and had a relationship with another man and is pregnant and she should only get what was in the original prenup and he should not be held payable for someone else baby.

  • MS P

    how do you know she has been loyal to tiger she just did’nt jump into bed with someone all of a sudden she may have been messing around all along she deserves nothing she did not play golf to paid all of those millions

  • Tomaz Takamori

    According to the various news report -
    After the rehab, Elin was nicely getting along with Tiger and was going to move back with Tiger until she went to see a doctor (an OBGY???).
    Elin revealed something to Tiger giving rise to the argument that weekend. She met with her lawyers the next day. He was accusing her of something but she said,” You slept with a porn star”
    She moved out of the Mansion she had shared since returning from rehab, even though she had a separate room and did not sleep with Tiger when they were under the same roof. She also has a rented house but she moved with the children to live with a friend.
    Now she want to go to Sweden …. to get an aborton or live with the baby-daddy???????

  • Carmen

    Mr. Thomas Takamori,if this is your real name, which I doubt. You are a coward hiding behing a fake name to spread lies, speculations and innuendos about Elin Nordegren. You want to make it look that you are very well informed of what is going on between Tiger and Elin. Do you have anything to gain if Tiger and Elin divorce. Are you the one who is waiting in the background to have your opportunity with Tiger, when he divorce? You are pathetic and a nothing but trash!!!

    • Dan / Seattle


      You have NO IDEA what the fuck you are talking about. Do ou realize how utterly stupid you are coming across when you speculate on Woods’ internal process as if it’s fact?

  • FairPlay

    I believe that Tiger is spending 16 hours daily at his golf game and will spend the next few weeks at the Masters…. because his pregnant wife has a baby that is clearly not his. If the baby is his, he would spend more time with Elin helping her during her pregnancy. It is reported that Elin will go on to Sweden and figure things out. Whatever is best for the new to=be=born baby. I hope that they stay together and raise the new child as his own.

  • Carmen

    If this is true, the baby was conceived if they have sex when he returned from playing in Australia, because they most possible did. This is the week that the scandal broke up!!! No wonder Elin was so furious and hurt when she discovered Tiger’s betrayal!!! She most has been in shock for days!!! Elin has been a victim all along and she deserves all our support!!! My heart goes to her and her precious children!

  • Doziem

    If she is four months along,than the baby was conceived in November. This just keeps getting sadder and sadder for her and those children.

  • http://showbizspy Steve

    OMG Elin…..I truly love children..but under these circumstances it makes me sick to think that Tiger is the father….and you actually had sex with that sick husband of yours..I hope you get checked for STD’s…..I still think you should get rid of the loser!!!! You have been the strong one through all of this. It just makes a bad situation that much worse.

  • YouAreAllRidiculous

    Tomaz Takamori or whatev your name is, what’s the matter, can’t you count? The whole Tiger scandal broke on November 27th, and this is only April 1st. If Tiger and Elin Woods were intimate at any time just prior to Nov. 27th 2009, then it’s very possible Elin could be pregnant with she and Tiger’s 3rd child.

    Elin hasn’t been seen with, or reported to be spending time with, any men other than her own husband. All of her time seems to be focused solely on her children. Making up imaginary scenarios about ‘baby daddies’ and ‘male friends’ is not just ridiculous and silly, it’s rude and disrespectful as well. Elin hasn’t done anything to cause anyone to assume she is willing to be unfaithful to her marriage just because Tiger was. So why not get off Elin’s back and stop projecting your own issues onto her?

  • Nichola MC

    It is sad that everyone seems to feel the need to bare the burdens of this couple who are flesh and blood just like us and might I remind us all that what goes around comes around…we cannot escape the fruits of the seeds we are sowing…He who is without sin cast the first stone.Please, can we now leave these people alone!!!!!

  • Nichola MC

    Not because a guy makes a mistake, (the same one some of us are guilty of or our spouses are guilty of) means he has no redemption…just because he is popular.He is still human and some of the things being said are uncalled for, besides anyone who tries to tear down the reputation of his wife is as cruel as a murderer, and will receive his/her reward, inescapably, by the God who sees our hearts and knows what we do in secret.

  • http://yahoo linda fodor

    I agree Elin is a strong women, PLEASE DO NOT STAY WITH HIM,
    even if you are pregnant, you do not NEED a cheater of a man just for the sake of your children. He will always be their father, but he doesn’t also have to be your husband.
    LEAVE! There should be no question in your mind.

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    Leave her alone it is her husband and her decision…People can change if they want to….if you want to complain about anything talk about the paid whores who are climbing out of the walls…why MONEY..the same reason they had Sex with him and they are so stupid they think if she is gone one of them will replace her…it all goes to money…He would not dare give up his wife for any of them…YES he did screw up big time. It is between them…I hope the best for them both. Leave his wife alone see has enough pain without all this crap.

    • http://None Nancy

      Pornography is one of the fastest growing addictions in the world! It is hard to get in recovery because it is in the mind – not a chemical addiction. It is easy to understand why Tiger’s lifestyle would lead him to a sex addiction. Earlier being along in hotel rooms and watching adult movies – after all one of the ladies was a porn star. Then he works so hard and so many hours to be successful at golf, he most likely felt he deserved an outlet. His money and success made it easy for him to continue his addiction. I’m sure he loves Elin and his children, he might have thought marriage would end his addiction, but sex addictions are deep secrets. I know these things because I am married to a highly successful man that was abused as a child and fell into the same addiction later in life. Tiger was abused as a child too. He was tied to a tree by fellow classmates on his first day of school because he was black. His father was very demanding on him and would not allow mistakes – Tiger even studdered as a child. I chose to stay with my husband and even attended Celebrate Recovery for wives of sex addicts. I was the ONLY wife in the group that was NOT married to a minister – that is how secret and distructive sex addiction is. However, I have watched this wonderful program and my staying by his side change my husband in a wonderful way. He has grown closer to God, works with other men and teaches 12 Step programs and sponsors other sex addicts. He has become very active in our church and we pray and read the Bible every morning before he leaves for work. Elin, I’m sure is as I was at first. Her world is coming apart. She is not strong now and I’m sure her therapist is telling her not to make major decisions yet. She most likely feels like a failure as a wife, lover, and soulmate. She will get past this with continued therapy and will come to understand, as I did, that this addiction was going on before her and it has absolutely nothing to do with her actions in any way. Please don’t be harsh to these two dear people and their children. As Tiger said, “They are trying to heal”. I’m sure she is trying to understand….I’m sure their children are lonely for their daddy and coping with a very depressed mother. This is a time to give these two wonderful people support. Pray for them. God can turn Tiger’s and Elin’s decisions to stay together as a model for others fighting this battle. He can use Tiger as a model for other men and women fighting this addiction. Please people don’t judge until you have walked in these people’s shoes – I have and I’m trying to help you understand the truth about sex addiction. It is very real and God will usually bring someone as famous as Tiger and my husband to their knees before they seek help. Then God will use their experience in a wonderful way to help others. I pray that Elin is getting good therapy, like Tiger, and they will heal and start a new life. I think if they agree to renew their vows – that will be a wonderful start to a new life for Elin, their children, and Tiger’s life in recovery.

      • Madcapfeline

        lol…just lol. You’ve been watching the 700 club, haven’t you. Pornography is not to blame for men cheating on their wives. Men are to blame for cheating on their wives. Let me guess, you probably think guns kill people, right? It’s totally not the fault of the individual holding the tool. (lol, puns) I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if we destroyed every projectile weapon on the planet, people would still find ways to kill each other. Just like, if we destroyed every pornographic image in the world, people would still cheat on their spouses. These are things that are mutually exclusive. One does not depend on the other.

        From there, you just descend into enabling and other things that won’t work in everyone’s situation, so I won’t address it. Other than to point out, that at some point, people need to be held accountable for their actions.

      • cheryl

        Just because your husband was able to overcome a sec addiction by turning to God & a sex addiction program it doesn’t mean Tiger Woods or any other man is willing to stop bed hooping. that’s probably why Elin divorced him, she
        realized he would probably continue his guilty pleasures. Sin starts in the thought process, it’s used by the devil to make humans fall. It’s up to the man to stay away from temptation. If Jesus did it we can, but it takes desires on our parts to please God, Porno is definitetly NOT God’s will but the devil’s
        It takes a strong woman & God’s help to overcome any addiction. You can’t
        change what you don’t acknowledge. You did the right thing by exposing this sin for the destructive evil it is



  • http://tiger dennis holden

    Well I am sure she couldnt have hated him to bad if she 4 month along that make her still having sex with him in december after this all came out….ITs about the money this child will get her another 40,000 a month………nice job girl

  • http://www.yahoo.com randy

    Who really knows if this is true news? The media always thinks they know everything. And why would anyone know anything about their real life other than, relatives or close friends. I’m sure if close friends or relatives spilled their guts about their personal life, they would probably be in bad w/them, so I’m sure they keep things to themselfs. I’m pretty sure woods and wife are careful who they confide in about their personal life. Just another made up story. Maybe she is pregnant, but no one really knows anything. It’s just an assumption.

  • Olam

    Let’s be positive about Tiger & Elin. They both have kids together and all the world could think is “Tiger’s unfaithful” person, so be it and call it a bad day for Tiger. It’s done, mistakes happens to all of us. All of us here are not perfect. You can Stop Already. Let them both work this out and it is their business and I do hope they get back together for worst or better. No one in this world see what you people do or not and I’m sure you have worst mistakes, perfect or better, all makes mistakes. Either famous or not, leave them alone, be positive.

    • Sadie

      The most horrific thing is that he may be a public icon but this couple doesn’t all the gossip and mean things that are being said about them. It is up to this couple and them alone to find peace within themselves and the children. We should never judge anyone!!!! WE all make mistakes and when we are pointing one finger at anyone remember 4 fingers are pointing back at you!!! The very worst of all this is those stupid women keep coming out with more stories (15 mins of fame) the only one they are hurting is his wonderful wife and she has been through enough. And now the bright and so smart kindergarten teacher is putting her 2 cents in the ring and wants an apology along with the prone star. What good does any of this gossip do??? Nothing I feel sorry for them. People will do anything for attention!! And I hope that Tiger’s family is in God’s hands and nothing else matters.

  • Fariborz

    very good now she can get more money.(tiger is rich)

  • Terwase

    For all i we know, Elin could have been f………king behid Tiger without the guy ever knowing. She should come out and tell us how old her pregnancy is and who is responsible.
    i think the greedy bitch has been screwing around all these whilepretending to be victim.
    God help you bitch!

  • http://wordpress PETT

    Who is the owner the pregnace now,did you get married to money or to Tiger the human being with feelings to,did you love the black person as a person or the black person with money,since you were born you never cheated or stolen from your parents and the forgave you,15hours of practice what time does he go with those ladies?


  • http://yahoo.com sharyn

    lets let the 2 of them settle this & when they decide what is best 4 all then they will let us know…truly it is none of our business but 4 the childrens sake i hope they can start anew but if E remains cold n does not talk 2 T the marriage isnt gonna work…u have 2 forgive or get out they have 2 choices…hell hath no fury like a woman scorned wow what a heavy statement..i wish them well whatever they decide..peace B with u both

  • Cindy

    Forget him he is not going to change…and he still is putting himself first. He does not need the money..so he does not need to be on the golf coourse at this time..where he needs to be is with his family trying to mend his marriage…but apparently that is not first on his adgenda…i guess its golf before marriage and family…and where does the ladies of the night fit in tiger..we know u are going to do it again if u have not already. ditch him elin u deserve better, before he gives u some serious sexual diseases…and take his sorry ass to the cleaners he wasnt worried about u when he was having sex in your house!!

  • jane noles

    If we can’t forgive then how do we expect to be forgiven, remember what jesus said,” he who is without sin let him cast the first stone”. We all put tiger on a pedestal and we were wrong to do that because no mater who you are we all are gonna make many mistakes in our lives. He has apologized to us and his family so we should let it go.It is between Elin,Tiger and the kids. I hope and pray they can work it out. If they turn it over to god he will take care of the situation.

  • http://yahoo Judi

    What goes around, comes around. I don’t defend either one of them .. they are both wrong.


  • http://divorce singapura

    leave him and move on in life

    u never know u will end up with a richer

    educate person. woods is a sex maniac

  • Florence

    Please leave this couple alone to sort themselves out. Remember, What God has joined togeter no man should put assunder.

  • http://www.christina.tchir@yahoo..com krissty

    I think as a swedish gal myself. We are very stubborn people.

    I really think she will come around after she thinks about everything for a while.

    My family is from Gotland and they are very strong people.

    Being pregnant she will make a very wise decision.

    I think she is a great person and very good for Tiger.

  • Bo Jo

    What in the heck is wrong with you people and why is this any of your business??? What kind of vile human being would say some of these cruel things? Where is your decency? These people don’t need or deserve this kind of verbal abuse. My God I feel sorry for the children of you people. You have no compassion for other peoples misery. They have a name for that………

    • cheryl

      It’s called human nature, people just love to see someone like Tiger who looked too good to be true, a young, billionaire, highly siccessful golfer
      with a hot wife & 2 cute kids falls on his face. What a splat, to find out he’s just another lying cheating douche bag

  • Rhonda

    Elin honey the old saying is once a cheater always, and i find that to be true he has all the money in the world and he had you and the kids why did he feel he needed to be with other girls, tiger has a problem and you cant fix that but one more baby or ten more babies wont fix what he likes to do with other girls, tiger will aways put his kids first and so will you but, but make him prove that he can stop this life style, if not then you guys can still do every thing for the kids but move out and find a true honest man ( if you can find one out there these days) get a old school sweet heart or hell do without a man its kinda nice to be by your self. lol! take care girl you will get it right, children are awsome and no matter what you guys do you will always put the kids first but you dont have to be together to make a good home for those kids, just take some time think about you Elin what does Elin want to do, then the rest will come together, bye

  • your looking pathetic elin

    …im so sick of these two….elin woods should just front up and support tiger if shes going to stay married to him, tiger will always be a cheating tiger and elin surely knowing full well their marriage is a sham yet she chooses to stay in a relationship built on deceit and no love…whats the point of staying with a man who has cheated from day one? how much more evidence does elin need to be convinced that she should get out now before it gets much worse for her and the kids…does 300mil have to do with her decision to stay?

  • Jane Madison

    For goodness sake- how can you people in the media sleep peacefully. Leave the poor woman alone.
    Let the pair of them sort things out. If they stay or part it’s no-one’s business except their own.

    It doesn’t matter one bit what the media prattles on about either Elin or Tiger, they have to live with themselves and each other.

    The whole media need to have aspirin, cup of tea and a good lie down!!!

    • cheryl

      These kind of celebrity trash stories make good read. People seem to love it or magazines like the star & other tabloids would be out of business

  • Kristen O.

    Tiger is a conceited, narcissistic, immoral pig who loves only himself. Elin should have left him as soon as she found out about his nasty prostitute and porn star girlfriends. It’s like she’s Beauty and he’s The Beast.

    • Madcapfeline

      So, he’s a guy then? Imagine that.

      • cheryl

        Not all guys are pigs, some actually cherish their wives & children & don’t cheat because they have what men today seem to lack morals

  • http://www.sluttyhoes.com Adrew Findley

    She is a gold digging slut and their marriage was obviously planned by professional consulting firms. No way would he want a Denny’s-waitress looking-plain-Jane troll like Elin. Those other kids are probably test tube. This nonsense about Elin’s ‘feelings’ are a hoot! She probably paid those girls to sleep with him so she could get a free meal ticket in divorce proceedings like the food stamp queen she is. Her worthless fat mother even lives on Tiger’s property and her sister made a nice home there too. Why don’t these wenches go out and get jobs instead of looking for a free pass? They should thank Tiger for the life he gave them that kept these mooching pests out of the double-wide. If anything they owe him and this cheating thing, if he even did cheat, is a great trade for all he’s done for them, he’s deserve some freedom in exchange for the freedom he gave them. No way would Tiger have chosen a ‘swimsuit’ (K-Mart) model as a wife when he could have had much finer!

    • cheryl

      I think you have it backwards he asked her out, she declined at first. She was a nanny for one of his friend’s. She is a descent, loving mother, Tiger slime bag who doesn’ care about his family enough not to screw trailer trash without protection. Elin was a swim suit model. Who are you to disgrace her,
      you don’t even know her. Your’re probably like Tiger a guy who thinks with his dick & doesn’t care who he hurts, even his own kids. He was dumb enough to think he was beyond getting caught due to his fame but like
      all cheaters they eventually get caught & the wife & kids are gone & they’re
      sitting alone looking like the A-holes they are

  • cheryl

    This guy’s a sociopathic liar & sexual deviate. He seems incapable of taking his wedding vows seriously. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, I wouldn’t want him around my kids, he’s a sick man,definitely not a role model.
    Through out the trash & get al the moneyl you can. There’s plenty of decent men out
    there, maybe not as wealthy but loving, caring & trustworthy, none of
    which this douche is

  • marvin

    Elin should follow her heart. If I were her, I would do exactly whatever she would do! All you other folk, please get a life of your own and try to manage it the best you can!!

  • http://publishersweekly katherine

    that is wrong why would they do that?

    • http://publishersweekly katherine

      yeah she had sex with him he almost had a kid

  • http://publishersweekly katherine

    um hello relze that she had sex with some one

  • moneyman J.M

    For Elin! if only she will get te chance to read this.

    There is only one person I will want you to asked them about their opinion, not the media or anyone else. This person have two bodies but they are one. They are your mother and father if they are alive.This person have their blood flowing through your vanes as a person. Whether day or night they are the only two but one who cant sleep without thinking about you and your children. Whatever they tell you to do concerning your husband do it. Remember it is going to affect not only you but your children forever.