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Kristen Stewart Hates Children

Posted by Adam

Kristen StewartKRISTEN Stewart doesn’t like children.

The Twilight star says she had a tough time at school because her peers were mean to her.

“I’m glad I could do those films and I was glad to leave school,” she said. “I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. They are mean and don’t give you any chance.

“I was never the type of girl to be walking around talking about acting, so in the beginning I didn’t get hassle, until someone realized

“I tried to play it down but I got, ‘Oh, she’s such a bitch.’

“Since I was 14, I continued my education via correspondence while concentrating on my career.

“The day I did the graduation scene on Eclipse, I had just finished high school myself the week before.

“Acting was the first thing I ever thrived at.

“But they support anything I want to do.”



    ‘ello, call me! Kids can wait,too young.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m so glad that K-Stew hates children because as a known drug addict (caught on camera by TMZ smoking a pipe (not sure if it was marijuana or chrystal meth) outside her home with her ex boyfriend Michael Arangano), chain smoker (last time K-Stew was caught on camera (see semi pro Robsten site Popsugar) she was holding a cell phone, car keys, packet of cigarettes & a lighter) & a binge drinker (she was caught on camera leaving various licenced venues in Vancouver, British Columbia (legal age to buy alcohol is 19) with co-stars on her downtime of filming the Twilight Saga: New Moon & the Twilight Saga: Eclipse looking wasted) so it’ll stop her from being an unfit mother or have a child with deformaties & I’m sure if so called Robsten is true K-Stew’s so called boyfriend RPatz will be rather dissapointed with her as he did say in an interview (video footage available on YouTube) whilst promoting the Twilight Saga: New Moon he wants to be a young father & didn’t his mother Clare Pattinson say not so long ago (on Gossip Cop they said this story is untrue) she already sees K-Stew as a beloved daughter in-law & can’t wait until she gives her a grandchild. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    • Angel

      I suppose you really have nothing better to do or else you wouldn’t waste all your time searching up someone you dislike. If you don’t like her, then don’t search her up because some of us appreciate her acting style and character (atleast on the interviws 0.0) I see you writing something mean about her on nearly every article about Kristen.

      If you don’t like her, then stop wasting your time searching her up.

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        OMFG! I was born into a Roman Catholic & Mormon family & I’m a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ & Latter Day Saints the same one as Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer is so I’m not allowed to consume the following

        1) Alcohol (only permitted in cooking but must have the alcohol content burnt off)

        2) Tobacco

        3) Caffine

        4) Illicit Subtances (only medication given by a medical practitioner is permitted but you cannot get addicted to it or have a buzz to it)

        I’m not even permitted to have sexual intercourse until my wedding night (consumate the marrige) & even oral sex isn’t permitted before marrige & you can only hold hands with your boyfriend & kiss him on the lips but no tounge.

        I’m not going to get into other things about it because I can get into trouble & I must admit I use profanity but when waranted. I’m sure if maybe K-Stew would read the Doctrine she will grow up & quit her bad gril image & become an actual role model for teenage girls.

        XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

      • Angel

        You are impossible.
        I don’t care about what your religion is.
        I’m just saying, if you don’t like her, don’t search her up and say a bunch of bull about her.

      • Crystal

        Perhaps the ones who appreciate her acting style and character but can’t handle anything negetive said about her should stick to the fanboards instead of discussion boards.

        FYI, resplying to articles about Stewart doesn’t mean that the psoter searched for her, various articles are randomly advertised on the side of the page.

    • KStew Krew

      You suck. God forbid you ever do anything “wrong” in your life like smoke or drink a little. Go get your bible and hit the road b-t-h.

      • Amanda Yantzy

        You are a disgrace to humanity. Count your OWN sins. As a fellow Mormon I will tell You , are a MORON , not a MORMON.
        Runs around the blogs and leaves defamatory comments about women that you do not know? You are going to beat her for smoking or for that old picture? Is hate permitted? Who introduced you to the scriptures. Off to remediation classes. Is sick obsession with a man- Rob Pattison- allowed in Mormon code of ethics? NO, it is NOT! You should be married off already because you ARE burning! You are misguided and confused. No smoking but back stabbing? Lost, lost soul…

      • Angel

        So what if she smokes?
        A lot of people do and just because she’s a celeb doesn’t mean she can’t smoke. – w -

      • mori

        mmmm..! FYI..!! she dozen smoke anymore..!!duh..!!

  • Angel

    I miss Kristen’s hair but anyways
    She’s a great actor. (:
    I love her lots~

  • florence

    Oh,don’t worry honey you don’t have to love scare them..big time!!

    • KStew Krew

      Let’s see what your kids look like in the future…I guess it would be true…beauty would be in the eye of the beholder…you seem like you are jealous and are probably fugly too.

      • florence

        Firstly,i never said that Kristen was ugly..though she is not pretty much goodlooking…secondly,me and jealous without the word not in the same sentence is bull..and thirdly,i am beautiful,wanna know how i know…because everytime i look in the mirror i see this gorgeous girl looking back at me and if that’s not enough for you,i hear it everyday from the people around boyfriend,my friends,and the people who want to date me..

  • AO

    I think she means she doesn’t like the children at her age when she was a kid.

    • julz

      I didnt get anywhere from this article SHE HATES CHILDREN! I am a grown wom’n & can honestly say that i hated some of my peers to. Who didnt ? Like some one said whoever thinks ther perfect u r not we r all equal no one is perfect. Was raised very pentecostal upbringing. PPl judge u know matter what i think that is what is the BIGGEST ISSUE. If u wer perfect in ur teen yrs someone in ur family wasnt . I just dont get all these judgments over SIMPLE COMMENT . I just think shes more of a victim in all this i have kids her age . Myson leads childrens church every Sunday.

  • alley

    the topic or heading and the aticle? I did not see anything in that article that suggest she does not like kids?? she is talking about her expriences in school that prompt her to home school. kids were mean to her because of her celebrity status and she did not like it. I can see why she decided to home school, you people are relentless with hating this girl? the way you all treat her is why people think is so sad or sour now, I would feel the same, dame!!!

    • EJ

      All I can say if she can’t handle a little school yard picking on each other(it happens in every school)what is she going to do when somebody really goes after her.I thought that was the part of growing up was dealing with the hard parts of life.

      • EJ

        I also was picked on in school for being way to skinny for my height.In highschool I was 5’4 and weighed only 95 pounds.I was called chicken legs.The ones who called me that happened to be the ones that were bigger than me.And you know what happened to those people today.They still weight about 30 pounds heavier than me.

    • Amanda Yantzy

      AgreThe obsession of some with Rob is so deep ,that they are not even have to read an article to hate the person. I like Kristen. So stoic, humble and unassuming. Never covets attention. Simply a beauty to me. There is a lot of harassment and bulling going on in middle schools. Papers bring the stories daily.
      I think that I have to apologize to Kristen and to all readers for the comments left by whoever is hiding behind that TWILIGHT DIARY Girl. My sincere apology, she does not know what she is doing.

      • Amanda Yantzy

        Me again. I was bitten up and bullied for my father’s…
        (I don’t realy want to say it) He lost a limb.

  • hahah joke

    says the girl who wants to have a baby with her boyfriend, robert pattinson.

    • EJ

      If you mean me.Get your info correct.I was the one that said i was the Peter Facinelli fan.

      • Ilinelli1989

        You are a part of a bad group, that’s why you camehere? You don’t have children and never will.

  • julz

    Noone is perfect. Y is everyone so judgmental shes barely an adul# & of course all jealous ppl r gonna give kstew hard time . Now they have bullying classes for thos ppl . Other stars had bad xperience as well Demi & Miley & T aylor &Selena ect…….

    • Amanda Yantzy

      Agree.Anybody that is slightly different from the predominant norm is bullied in school. The NY Times had a big front cover about it today. I did not want to pay $2 to read it but I will find it on line, maybe. If well to do kids get harassed, what do you think happens the regular youth? They drop from school never to come back.

  • Bev

    I think anyone can have a bad time at school, you don’t have to be a star or one in the future. Regular people have problems as well they don’t manage to get away from it all and get home school, education via correspondence etc, I think they’re lucky if they could do that. I think it can be a hard time for some people and I don’t think we all realise how hard it is for some until we look back and think more about it.

    • Amanda Yantzy


  • valerianise

    ok, atupid headline AGAIN, maybe stupid web page better.

    Kristen girl you have shown everbody, you did made it and stay strong and smart as you are!


  • alley

    anyone can home school, home schooling has nothing to do with being famous, I home schooled my child because she was picked on to the point of my child starting hurting herself and was depressed at 6 years old. I think this world or place we live in is so far out of touch with reality and what is normal and not normal it’s crazy!! ej? everybody is differnt, some people can deal with stress and others can’t, I have worked with families in crisis over the years and let me just tell you that, some people can’t take the heat, and must leave the kitchen! I think most of you that pick on this young girl must have some issues, really! I don’t think anyone would be hating her if she was never cast in twilight and continued to do her small indie films. I think people are jelous of that and of her celeb status, as well her refusal to behave a certain way to please the public. what anyone has paid, be it 10-12 bucks to watch her film is not worth ruining someones life because of what someone else feels about that person. I would do the same thing if I were in her shoes, mind my business and stay out of the public eye. it’s her job to star in films, that’s it! it’s not her job to please people. I have not heard one bad thing this kid has done beside smoke weed and not smile that would cause people to be so judemental. im sure a lot of you were doing more than just weed and I don’t know to many happy teens that like adults or anything else at that age! the attention this girl is getting is not something anyone would want just starting out in life! I hope she and Rob continue with level heads and ignor this bs that is out every 58 min. on them!

    • Amanda Yantzy

      Agree with you Alley, totally. You know what I wish for Kristen? That she stays strong and waits about I think 1 more year until the while Twilight Saga plays out and then has a life on her own. The #1 reason for her critics, is her association with Edward/Rob. I sincerely hope that she is not falling for him. It would be a disaster as fans, who paralyze his life now, would continue to bully her. I am pretty sure that they are not couple for Kristen’s sake. I stole when I was 14, did a lot of “crazy” things to fit in. I will not lightly use my religion to judge others, only myself.
      Most actresses in Kristen’s position would get the same reaction from the bloggers. She is just a useless filling for the Bella, whom they want to be. What do they want Kristen to do? Apologize for the on screen kissing of their idol? Speaking of false idols. Krisen owns nothing to anybody but her parents. Her smile is hers. She can share it if she wants to.

    • Angel

      agreed (:
      And this article’s name should be changed
      It’s not “She HATES Children”
      It’s “She hates her peers”

  • alley

    sorry for the different typo, in a rush!

  • Sarah

    Great. Rumors again. These stupid people are just jelous she play’s in awesome movies and acts great! KStew, you are awesome and we know that! Stop bothering her, for once, please! There’s already rumors that she’s been pregnant with Rob’s baby, and it’s just getting stupid.
    Kristen, stand up for yourself and be free (I would slap these people in the face)!!! These people are nuts, and tell them that your yourself and you do not have to be bossed and bullied.
    Even though I’m young, you are still my rolemodel. :-D

    …and let those BASTERDS get off your back!

    • Amy

      The worst on line liar (after this one) is GATHER! Don’t even open it. Don’t read any stories from them. I have tried to post a comment once, since they attack Pattison, but was lost in a lengthy registration process. They are sending me e -mails now. They are recruiting simple minded readers, anybody to write about The twilight stars. THEY PAY THEM IS SOME KIND OF POINTSSYSTEM. They get coupons to coffee shops or something like that. I WISH The TDG would investigate it. The writers recycle gossips from 2 years ago. The pregnancy rumors! They even quoted that the info was like 2 years old! What a nerve! They count how many people click on their link and what shit sell. If you want to really read something go elsewhere. They are reuse gossips and twist them . Maybe people need jobs in this bad economy. Remember. NEVER GO TO “GATHER” for info.

    • Amy

      well, maybe actors are not good role models but kristen ,like many, works sice she was 11. Unlike some who sit and pollute the cyber space with ill intentions.

  • EJ

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.There are few supermodels(victoria secret)that are drop dead georgous.The reason why models are models is because they have wierd quirky things about them that make them stand out and they are tall.Kristen has quirky things about her also.

  • Adriana

    She was referring to children growing up that is so obvious. It’s sad that people judge and criticize an individual that I’m sure they personally don’t know. The fact that Kristen has been caught smoking marijiuana or coming out of a bar drunk really doesn’t make her a pot head or a drunk.

  • sandra

    it doesnt fucking say she hates children! in fact there was an interview that said she wants kids! shes just complaing about how mean people were to her. so what people cn be mean to me to but i dont hate kids. no where in this little lie does it say she hates children. who ever wrote this is a fucking moron.
    i love kristen and i dont care what u say. so leave her be

  • sandra

    oops meant to say CAN

  • TAHNK YOU WEBMASTER FOR implementing the freedom of speech. looks like reading your own words can be offensive to some. Yes, we are still here but unable to post , ADAM CUT US OFF. Good luck

    DOG used to run up quietly to the heels of everyone he met, and to bite them without notice. His master suspended a bell about his neck so that the Dog might give notice of his presence wherever he went. Thinking it a mark of distinction, the Dog grew proud of his bell and went tinkling it all over the marketplace. One day an old hound said to him: Why do you make such an exhibition of yourself? That bell that you carry is not, believe me, any order of merit, but on the contrary a mark of disgrace, a public notice to all men to avoid you as an ill mannered dog.”

    Notoriety is often mistaken for fame.

  • to the son of “do you know who my paretns are?”

    Aesop’s Fable
    The Fox And The Monkey
    A FOX and a Monkey were traveling together on the same road. As they journeyed, they passed through a cemetery full of monuments. “All these monuments which you see,” said the Monkey, “are erected in honor of my ancestors, who were in their day freedmen and citizens of great renown.” The Fox replied, “You have chosen a most appropriate subject for your falsehoods, as I am sure none of your ancestors will be able to contradict you.”

    Boasters brag most when they cannot be detected.


    Ooooops You DID IT AGAIN? Forgot to cut me off completely?
    “I’m sure if maybe” ADAM ” would read the Doctrine YOU will grow up & quit bad gril image & become an actual role model for teenage girls”

  • thanks Adam

    Thank you webmaster ADAM for allowing us to read Esop’s fables. (And not giving up to the sewer of cyber society).

  • Stacey

    The title is plain stupid.great job….assholes

    • Amy

      I agree.WF slander! All is here to read is false. Actors are humans too, you know

  • missy

    Where did this website say she hated children; it stated inthe article that she had a tough time at school! That’s it! And as a HER having a baby, she is just one herself; motherhood can be done at a young age but why not wait til she is older, married or not! I am sure when the time is right, she will love a baby by whoever she marries or she choses to have a child with!

  • Brianna

    i know how you feel i get made fun of every day because i and jumpy because i have 80HD( hipire active denime disorder

  • angela

    she hates kids her own age becuz they bully her everytime,
    but she doesn’t hate kids!!!
    stupid news!!!
    fuck you insider!!!

  • sophie

    if she hates children so much, than how come shes holds babies and toddlers in her films!!!! (messengers, catch that kid.)

    • KayliUK

      Erm, it’s called acting. I personally think that all cats hate me, but for the purposes of one of my acting roles had to ‘show love for my favourite pet’ easier said than done when the damn thing not only kept scratching me but biting me too. Unfortunately as an actor if the script requires it, you have to go with it.

  • robot

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