Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse JamesCHEATING Jesse James filmed himself having sex with his superstar wife Sandra Bullock, according to a bombshell new report.

The alleged tape reportedly includes James smearing feces on Bullock’s upper lip during various types of anal sex, lots of profanity hurled from both parties, and a leather clad James, sporting a Hitler mustache with brown hat with a swastika, ramming a handcuffed Bullock’s bottom with a shotgun in his left hand.

Hopefully that’s not true.

Meanwhile, Sandra, 45, is apparently considering giving her marriage with Jesse — who recently checked into sex rehab — another chance.

“Sandra and Jesse have been speaking a lot, and now that he is finally taking responsibility and taking positive action, Sandra is thinking about giving him a second chance,” a source told the PopEater website.

“Jesse is in really bad shape and she’s not the sort of girl to kick a dog when he’s down. At the very least, you can expect Sandra to put the divorce on hold until after he gets treatment.

“A marriage is sacred and something worth trying to save.”

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  • Monique

    I think she should wait to see how his rehabilitation goes.
    It is clear they do love each other and I am sure this is going to change them both, especially him. It would be a pity to let him go once he is a responsible and committed man.
    I say, she should wait… he may not change, but she should be there to harvest the good results if he does change.

    In my experience, I married a wonderful man. He wasn’t that wonderful 5 years before!! He has his history and an ugly divorce. He learned his lesson after losing it all once, and the experience transformed him. He could be a great husband for that woman now. He did try to be back with her 4 years ago. She didn’t take him back. Now I feel bad for that previous woman, if she had given him the time, she would be enjoying the wonderful man I am enjoying now.
    I didn’t make anything to have him be responsible, or caring, or loving, or reliable, or committed. The pain he went through changed him this way. And where is she?? Alone, having unsuccessful dates over and over. Training other men so lucky women like me enjoy them! Sad…

    • gil

      fyi, i just noticed this video has now been posted at

      • Lee

        ok you’re just here promoting your disgusting website

      • diane

        I admit i just watched the vid out of curiosity. Why do celebs let videos of themselves like this leak out? That vid should remain between a husband and wife. I didn’t want to know Sandra was such a freak in the sack. Hmmm.

    • vilavi

      To be treated badly by a man is not a nice experience. He did enjoy making a “mistake” but SHE suffered. Be thankful of the result of someone’s suffering. I don’t believe you’re sad about it!

      • Ash

        You are too funny, and so right on!!!

    • LA

      They should have a sordid sex tape. They are married! If they don’t have one, then what are they doing together? Remember peeps, it’s only kinky the 1st time!!!

      • bluesy

        Go on Sandra, get your freak on!!

    • ladybug

      Get over yourself lady you stole a man from someone. It’s been said “Cheaters will always be cheaters” and those who marry them will never realy TRUST them because in the back of your mind you say WHY WAS HE REALLY LATE? Oh its okay dear i saved dinner for you!!!!!!!!! The clock is ticking. I’m just sayn, you know what i mean……

      • Shawn

        Hey James, it would be, “you’re an” ignorant woman. I won’t bother explaining the irony there.

      • Andy Cooper

        Don’t forget about “problably”.

    • james

      Your a ignorant woman who is problably being cheated on right now!!!!

    • Bob

      You desirve to be trated like a princess. You are so lovely if you were my girl Christmas would be very day.

      I wish you all of god help.


      • Richard

        Bob, When this story first broke I would have agreed with you 100%. Yeah, Sandra is the wholesome girl next door. I’m beginning to change my mind. I keep asking myself, why is it that she ever saw anything worthwhile in this fool, Jessie James? Sandra must like the controlling kind of alpha male. Maybe she feels safe when she’s around his physical strength. I’m thinking that something is wrong with Sandra to have fallen for this jerk. I can’t imagine anyone of value wanting this creep for a bed partner. Get out, Sandra. Go and get help for your severe insecurity. This guy will use you and never protect you.

    • char

      i pity you…you’re living in la-la-land.

      if any woman out there wants to leave let her leave. sandra bullock is no saint. she’s a human being. so if she wants to move on let her for her sanity.

      who is to say your born again man isn’t cheating on you? who is to say you’re not the unlucky one?

    • ziggy

      A man who loves his wife does not cheat on her every chance he gets… It’s easy for someone to say “I love you”, but the proof comes in one’s actions…

      • CD

        Love is being misused. It is not out of love that he cheats on his wife and family. It is the opposite of love to hook up with prostitutes for fun and games.

    • Homer

      Not that’s about the biggest bunch of BS I’ve heard in a long time

    • drea

      i admit i just watched the vid. i had no idea sandra was such a freak. i’m speechless.

    • Steven

      A marriage is sacred… A dirty sanchez for a dirty girl…

    • glor

      Sandra Bullock and Jesse James sex tape is real!
      Watch here:

    • Charlie Dee

      No woman can ‘train’ a man. And, if your husband has really changed, perhaps it can only be an out of love, or an act of God. Sounds like your man is perfect? NOT!

    • Charlie Dee

      I dont dare watch the tape after what I have read about it. It all sounds sick. Since Sandra was in Speed, I have liked her, but now I am changing my mind. I always wondered how Sandra could fall for such a pig like Jesse James. But then again, what kind of person is she to engage in such actions I have read about in some sleezy cheap sex tape? It rings true the one lesson I have learned in life: You think you know someone and then realize you dont!

    • sandrabullock

      Exclusio Video: Sandra Bullock Nude ( VIDEO )

      Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy….

  • Megan

    Made up bullshit.

    • Amy

      I agree.. Just sick.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    Oh My Goodness!!!! Will the media ever stop? Who ever thinks ups this crap…literally is a total loser!!! Please, lets give these folks some privacy, and whatever dignity there is left!

    I usually do not follow these celebrity story lines, but I like sandra and JJ. I for one think that the Media is lying about alot of this stuff…just to sell stories! I know these people are good people. YES both of them!!! Are we so daggone perfect to judge????

    Wake Up!

  • Sophia

    How could you link to that disgusting site? That man is insane and has a terrible rep for just making the most vile things up about celebs. There’s ALWAYS some tape or “proof” which he never produces and will never surface.

    Use your head and some common decency. Some rumors are not worth repeating. And take that idiot’s link off your site. Shame on you.

    • mary

      pretty funny you HAD to check out the link. Most of us with brains… albeit temporarily on hold for reading this trash in the first place… took a pass on actually GOING to the site for a peek at the FURTHER trash. So, shame on them for posting the link, but no shame on you for actually GOING to the site? Take a look in the mirror, hon.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    Thanks, for filling us in I didnt know…but, I dont believe most of this stuff anyway!

  • PJ

    Anyone who believes this “alledged” story from a “bombshell report” deserves to be called an April Fool.

  • tes

    @Sandra bullock: Kick him out of your life. You love him and your married to him but love yourself and your children also. He needed help and let him find him self. Your not a God, don’t push yourself to absorb all the pain. Marriage doesn’t change a man, a man has his behavior in utero, this behavior doesn’t change over time but it gets merely amplifies when the situation calls.

    • Shawn

      Right! The Pope would never do anything illegal! Unless you consider covering up and not reporting pedophiles illegal. I’d prefer the Pope be a crack addict then protect scumbag latenly gay priests after they molest young boys!

      • mary

        got your irrelevant rocks off now?

  • me

    SHOWBIZSPY ??? OMG I can’t beleive the garbage on this site, about Sandra Bullock. Do the people on this site actually believe this crap. I’ll bet other tabloids publishers use this publication to wipe their asses. Feces and shotgun? Give me a break, the next thing you’ll be telling us is that the Pope smokes crack !! Go get real jobs.

    • Joseph Culbertson

      Please it’s class married to ass. Quit right now

    • whomever

      If he made it then no one would no unless he’s the one putting it out there. It’s about a low life that would air their dirty laundry in public. Some how I don’t believe there is any tape tho’.

  • T. Grant

    oh please, sandra looks like she has “bitch” tendencies. she got an Oscar and wild the fuck out. Bitch please, I would cheat on you too. You play that innocent “role” but you and i both know that your not sweet.All i wanna know is what the fuck are you “celebs” gonna do when there is no food, no gasoline, water, your money is gonna be worth as much as “people that you spit on.” NOTHING. They say that acting takes talent, and time. Then why the fuck do i keep seeing amazing 5-10 year olds on the screen.most of you actors do what you do because its easier than being yourself GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET OFF OF TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mary

      take your own advice: grow up. and get out of our faces.

    • Amy

      honestly wtf is wrong with you? Sandra treats everyone equeally her co-stars have said it that’s why they all love her. She treats her fans with respect and alwasy tries the best too give an autograph to everyone while they are at the premiere of one of her movies, I know so because I have experienced it, not every celebrity is a bitch and “spit” on ppl, there are genuine sweet people and Sandy is one of them. The “bitch” right now is you for talking about someone when they are not present because you know they can’t defend herself as she is not here. You’re just one jealous person who is bitter about what they have in life and envy that of others.

    • whomever

      Why so angry?

  • T. Grant

    monique? i hope your 18. cause your saying a lot of dumb shit. he’s out fuckin’ somebody now. “IGNORANCE IS BLISS” not a compliment

  • http://bullock GAYLE


  • http://ShowBizSpay Idalia Cabrera

    Sandra please he is no good. He did it and he will do it again. I think you are a woman with a lot of self steem do not let this put you at a low level. You have everything going for you. You are at the top of your game, You do not need him. He is an adult and he know what he was doing. Do not let be yourself the ping pong ball of the medis./ You have class,remember your Mother. How much she help you. He ruin what your mother encourage you all her life. ” Remember is better be alone that in bad company”. Please think very hard before you go back to him again.

    your fan (yaya)

  • t. wells

    whoever typed this so called report about sandra and the “alleged” sex tape thing…..(even if it was some lame attempt at the april fools joke)…..please contact me, so i can meet you in person and stomp the living dogsh$# out of you!! you should be ashamed of yourself. how proud your parents must be!! to know they raised a piece of sh#$ like you!!!!

  • justice

    I always get amazed with people not being able to see inside their own wardrobes first. Sandra is someone who has entertained the world with her acting talents, something that most of us can never think of mastering or from sheer fear to face the world like she has done. So, I would suggest to all who sit in their dingy little places smoking pot or what ever, to stare in the mirror and see who to talk about first. Keep going Sandra, we all have skeletons in our own cubboards but,always hide the fact, even from ourselves. Now, that is dumb…la la!

  • http://yahoo susie

    sounds like a bunch of b/s to me……

  • http://yahoo susie

    sounds like alot of made up shit why do people wanta be so mean?????

  • t. wells

    dear susie, mostly it’s because their own lives are so pathetic, they have to make up sh#@ about other people just to make themselves feel better about themselves. and to the degree that this “person” described the sex acts in such graphic detail, they probably had the same thing done to themselves. f-ing losers!!!!!

  • Doc

    You kidding right.
    This is all bullshit.
    There is always a tape…this guy is a loser, he s drity white trash from hell. If she is truly America’s sweet heart then she will walk away from this dirt bag and get on with her life. Be real Sandra and dump this loser and move forward.

  • http://yahoo Shirley

    Who wrote that disgusting peice of trash? I hope sue your asses for printing it. No has to sink this low. Show some self respect. To Sandra and Jeese your marriage can work, if Sandra can forgive, she will never forget so Jeese life will change for you. You will be under a microscope givw that to her she needs it to regain trust don’t expect that things will be all better in a certain amount of time. She is hurt and only time and complete truthfulness will heal her.It can be great we can all see the love now show each other Good Luck

    • Sandy B

      Thanks Shirley,
      I’m gonna take your advice, you are truly an enlightened person.
      (I’m kidding, you’re a dumb cow!)

  • http://yahoolink Pauline

    Whoever thought this one up needs rehab more than Jesse! No, I don’t think there is enough rehab in the world for this one. I think they need a brain transplant, and please burn the old one.

  • Joanne sure sound like an awfully bitter person and you have my deepest sympathies.

  • ladyspy

    If this “bomdshell” is true, who cares??? these married couple is trying to do some variety in their sex lives just to break the monotony of “husband- on- top -and- wife- on top- the- next” thing you know. It will be news if Sandra is doing it with another man. Geez, grow up people ! :-) even if its true, its a husband and wife act. I dont have any problem with that.

    • Sandy B

      1 word; PROOFREAD!!! This goes for most of the commenters.

  • Jelena

    How about if Sandra acted 1000% different than the usual devasted, ego ridden partner. She could make a statement: “Before I knew about Jesse’s escapades I loved him and was perfectly happy. And he loves me .. he is an insatiable great lover…and he was lured into having some extra sex.. most men could not resist the temptation of women throwing themselves at them with open legs.. she was nothing but a piece of meat …unfortunately of such a low character as to want to profit financially from her victories…I think it is irrational to think that one’s partner will never get attracted to anyone else….Yes, he should have been honest about it…but he hoped it would go away like a bad dream….because he did not want to lose me.. . I think love is above sex… Extramarital affairs happen every day all over the planet and have been acceptable in many cultures over the millenium…If one can put one’s EGO aside, the part that wants a man or woman to sign a contract commiting to only liking them forever and nobody else…if we could share our affections more uncontionally…then there is room to value all the wonderful things that make up the very complex relationship between two people….So… stop all this gossip.. because I stand by my man.. and as long as we learn from our mistakes.. grow as human beings.. and appreciate each other’s company as much as Jesse and I do…we will value love above anything else… ”
    Christy Brinkley should have said that…Tiger’s wife seems to be acting as if she could say something like that.. The thing is…if you want a stud in bed .. just the way they say about having a beautiful woman as a partner.. one rarely has her/himself..for oneself….Only people who value a spiritual life above anything might decide to truly only have one partner.

  • uknowit


  • A

    I think this is true, he has ties to the Porn Industry, and in porn this type of sex is pretty standard, and Nazi photos of him and his girlfriend has already been posted on the Internet.
    This is what you get when you get involved with people who are scumbags, they screw you over in the end.
    She should have never married this douchebag. He does custom bikes for Keanu Reeves, did Keanu recommend him?

    • Sandy B

      What kind of porn are you watching where its “standard” for a guy dressed as a Nazi, holding a shotgun, to fuck a girl in her ass and then smear shit on her lip? Just curious, I’ve been looking for a site like that for years!

    • Bob

      Stop judging people. People should be able to do whatever they like behind closed doors. Go judge your own shitty lives.

  • Liam

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t imagine Sandra Bullock having a shotgun rammed up her ass by a guy dressed as a Nazi. Halperin is just trying to top all of the other stories.

    • frances

      Sandy ought to really rethink ties to a known Nazi wannabe which was how a lot of wimpy backboned folks unhappily ended up under the Third Reich’s very controlling thumb. Nazi props whether in posing or taunting or any goofing off or with conviction are not just on bad taste, but, uh, don’t forget that Sandy has to appeal to all of her fans including the studios and internationally. Most Germans were very strongly reeducated as to the atrocities that the Third Reich committed devastating a lot of Europe, and humility was top of the list.
      Seriously, this is what Jesse does to shock and get defenses down and then counter attack.
      Again, move on from this unsuccessful chapter in your life.
      He feels no empathy for anyone else only himself.
      It is time to pull the plug on the latest with this fame seeking glutton. Stop rescuing and enabling and playing the co-dependent.
      At this point what he really wants is to argue and get SB mad and to embarrass her.
      He is not worth the tears.
      If the studios are finding this pretty bad timing, it may be time to wise up. There are lots of people depending on an SB coming from a non-chaotic and nonviolent and stable home life.
      Got that now

  • SimplyMe

    This is irresponsible reposting. Without facts nothing should be reported, and honsetly, do people really care to hear this sort of detail? If so, they must lead an awfully boaring life and sadly take pleasure in other’s heartache.
    It is sad, I came here just to see how she is because I like her as an actress and I find this sort of sick, trash!
    At least give her some repect and leave her to mend and make the personal decisions she needs to make.

  • Julian T

    Jesse James is a sick mother f*&^ker and Sandra Bullock should never take him back. That guy doesn’t deserve to be in a marriage. He’s humiliating her.

  • Terry

    I think that everyone should stay out of Jessy and sandra life …. If it were you would you want people in your [PERSONAL} LIFE …. I DONT THINK SO…

    • Greg

      The problem with that thinking is that these “celebrities” use the media any time they can when it’s good publicity, but then want privacy when it’s negative? Sorry, can’t have it both ways

  • Mitch

    so much for squeeky clean, and this is one of America’s sweethearts. How many of America’s sweethearts can one country stand?

    • bluesy

      America’s Sweethart, America’s sweethoe

  • Mike O’Herlihy


    • wreckonice

      wreckonice: I agree with the Xception that it is not from a bull………This is very sick and I wish them both the best but damn, I don’t want 2 know anymore, pleeze, spare me. This is when the term TMI really is necessary. Nobody wants 2 know this shit!!!

  • Christina

    Hi i respect whatever Sandra decision and hope Sandra have a wonderful life. Wishing Jesse will take this chance to regain Sandra’ heart and know how to love after the rehab.

  • Greg

    That’s awesome. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but that would tarnish little miss perfect’s reputation. Very funny

  • http://yahoo LILO

    HI! Sandra remember this we used this word is really bad quick the same rock twice or dog hwo eat eggs one time not matter if you burn his mouth the dog will eat the eggs as many time he want old man never change


  • http://yahoo LILO


  • wreckonice

    Jesse……..get thee 2 a none……or…..ree..united & it feels sooooooooo good….

  • Chris

    I can’t believe that Jesse would cheat on Sandra with such a skank. I mean even if Sandra was a nagging b$%ch, she deserves better than a dirt bag like Jesse James…….

  • http://all Barb

    For one thing, the tabs, like making things up for there own game. Don’t know Sandra, I dont really believe she would let anyone know about a sex tape if there is one like that out there. {there business}. Another thing we are to judge their sins out the person. So if he is sweet man, then we forgive and get them help. some people dont change their spots.

    • Sid Deluca


  • Lori

    This is the most disgusting thing I have read- I hope Sandra Bullock sues you- this is so gross- how can you print such stuff- have you no shame.

  • Lori

    This is the most disgusting thing I have read- I hope Sandra Bullock sues you- this is so gross- how can you print such stuff- have you no shame?

  • Dumbfounded

    The comments are more stunning than the purported revelation.

  • Pat Smith

    OMG!! If u did not see it with your own eyes, then it is not true!! and you should not be writing about it neither!! I hope Sandra sues the [piss out of you people. You are lower than vermin. May God help your soul!

  • http://snowbizz a rod..

    well kinky things do happen,but its there business

  • Abby

    I don’t know anything about this man but he sounds like a real A_ _. What kind of husband what film a sex act with his wife. UNLESS he was doing it soley for revenge down the road. He’s certainly not a gentleman and doesn’t sound very deserving of a good lady. I don’t know about people running to rehab every time they are caught with their pants down. A whore is a whore is a whore – male or female. I hope Sandra Bullock will wise up, and get rid of this jerk. She’s so cute and deserves so much more.

  • Police investigator

    Seriously……….where do people come up with this crap…..LOL If they divorce…Im sorry to hear.but I think we all should just leave them alone and let them work it out…….My opinion you can’t be married to a porn superstar and then go to little miss missionary…….I think rehab is a joke and he is doing it at the request of his handlers. as far as the skank who snitched him out……I hope no one supports her…..The only person she was thinking about was herself..but then again I think everyone involved was.

  • Jeremy Spokein

    Dirty Sanchez! I thought everybody did that??

  • http://facebooks charles

    mo money mo porn.

  • http://facebooks charles

    i guess money is not enough

  • http://yahoo Karen

    How is eating shit sexy? Somebody call a priest!

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    I think they should be able to make all the vidios that they wanted It is a private thing meant for them. Anyone who looks it up is invading their privacy. See is a great person and one of the most talented actress we have FYI remeber how would you feel

  • kristy

    It must be a slow news day for you to resort to printing that crap. Shame on you!

  • Argos

    I think she need to leave the bastard. He is an adult, he knows what he was doing. There is no denying it. He made a choice now he needs to live with it for the rest of his life. Once a dog always a dog. You deserve better Sandra. I have always a great fan of you and i will always be a great fan of you.

  • http://facebooks charles

    Debbie! What? Its not meant for privacy see where it has landed. what do you have on mind? The oscars fo extreme sex(lol)

  • http://facebooks charles

    Anway its a sex millenium,it depends who does the craziest
    the Pope the Tiger or Sandra, maybe iam left out(what does Debbie think?)

  • I Support Sandra Bullock

    Drop Jessie he is a piece of shit.
    T. Grant & uknowit & Chris go get a freaking motel room and have a 3 way.
    The way you write you dont like ladies.

  • JMH

    If she stays that tells me the tape is real

  • donkey punch

    HAHAHA, Jesse gave her a FILTHY SANCHEZ! HAHA- I guess next time she’ll be getting a HOT CARL or a CHILI DOG.

    • Julie


  • Cheryl

    Sandras grandfather was a german rocket scientist. FACT.
    The man Sandra eventually married after being single for decades is a neo – nazi degenerate.
    I therefore don’t think it’s much a stretch of the imagination to think this story might be true.
    I don’t think Sandra is any better than Jesse either.
    They are both weirdos. It takes one to marry one.

  • Connie

    Once a cheater always a cheater. I know, I got rid of one.

  • Elsie

    I hope this is not true. What goes through people’s minds when they are filming a sex tape? Especially if you’re famous? Jeez don’t they know that is a really bad idea? If it is true, then she must have been crazy in love with him. Women do crazy stupid things for love and sex, and to please their man. Of course there were red flags even before she married him. There always are. Like he had a porn star ex wife covered in tattoos. Ding, ding, ding. Men never change their tastes. Always marry a man who had girlfriends who look like you. That is my advice to any woman.

  • Mary Quite Contrary

    So what if there is a sex tape and Sandra roll plays? Big Freakin’ Deal.
    What IS a big deal is if Jesse doesn’t hand it over to her with all the grace he can muster. Anything less would show him for what he just might be…

  • Rita

    If she is reconsidering the divorce, he’s probably blackmailing her with the nasty sex tape. If that tape comes out, if it is real, it would ruin her. She couldn’t afford it personally or professionally. What a mess.

    • FM

      Yah, it would be the ultimate revenge to destroy SB through and through. It looks as if this was the going plan in the back of his mind. Having troubles with the plea of ignorance to consequences for a high profile affair?
      If he wanted to play the wounded party for attention and to get SB to take time off to cater to him, then maybe….
      She needs to get off the need to please JJ.

  • http://shoebizspy ritzi

    t grant is a fat racist welfare collecting ni er

    • bored

      Hey ritzi, apparently SO ARE U. Stop projecting the ignorance that you and t grant clearly share, and try expanding your vocabulary past the masterbation of your own self loathing. Putz.

  • Monica

    Jessa James sounds like a male romeo borderline personality. A guy with a wife or girlfriend who sees nothing wrong with continuously cheating. They usually perverted sex as well. Tiger Woods is also one. Jesse is a classic borderline because when they can’t have you, that’s when they want you and they’ll do anything to keep you. If she returns he’ll be up to his old dirty tricks in no time. Borderlines can’t be cured. He won’t get better. She needs to ditch the train wreck and own up to the tape, if in fact it’s real. Which I think it just might be. You think he’s going to be kinky with these sleeze bags and not want the same stuff with his wife? He probably cajoled her into it little by little. And then one day when she was into it and comfortable, “hey honey, I’m just going to shoot one scene of us.” Ok?
    Kept it in his back pocket for safe keeping. Wow. Sounds like a sociopath. Maybe just married her for the fame and money? Ooh, I hope that is not why, but it sort of seems like it. She was never really his type, was she? She’s too wholesome for him. He wants sleeze, not nice.

  • http://facebook APACHE

    WHO CARE…..

  • Debbie Turman

    What they did is their business..they are married and its no ones business but theirs!! Sandra Bullock is the kindest, sweetest person! If she’s kinky so be it!! Stop thrashing her!!!

  • lynn

    people should mind there own business if u love him stand by him, it hard but the best thing in life is hard.i was always told its to divorce but it s hard to stay together and it is a full time job. i wish u all the best only u can make the chose.not noise people. good luck hope it works out.

  • S Johnson

    Seriously is the news that dull u have to print that kind of info about sex acts..I mean comeon should we write about what the staff does behind closed doors..Let Sandra have her space and not comment on every single act she does. Our society has gotten so bad that it doesnt let people heal themselves in their own way..
    I would rather hear news than made up stuff.

  • lilben

    Sounds like all of them are trash to me. Why go on about these people. Please focus on something positive for a change like when not to eat beef.

  • thegoodbob

    drop the bum !

  • http://yahoo sandra vazquez

    I don’t think that Sandra shouldn’t forgive him. Because he is going to do it again and the second time its going to hurt her even more.Because I’m sure he made a promise to her that he won’t do it again. all the therapy in the world can’t help him because he’s a true horn dog.

    • Julie

      You got that right. But with tatoos from head to foot and running with a bike gang, do you think its fair to say that its a surprise? What was Sandra thinking? I think she likes a cheat.

  • Julie

    Poor Sandra! She marries a guy off the back of a motorcyle, covered in tatoos and then complains that his manners are not the same as a guy that takes his family to church every week. Heck! If this guy wasn’t covered in genital warts when you met him I will be surprised. Heck! If you don’t know you have Herpes yet Sandra I will tell you that you do! Good luck finding a guy now for true love as you had your chance and you blew it!

  • mark

    The Big Questions is, who is the guy who wants to be Sandra Bullock’s post-Jesse boyfriend? I mean, it’s like a sharing a toilet paper with him.

  • Skip


  • tadd

    Alot of women like getting fucked in the ass…big deal..probly was a chocalate bar around her lips though…

  • Garry

    I’m saying this totally objectively (even though I’m a fan of Sandra Bullock): How do we know the story is false? Maybe there IS such a video, maybe Sandra DOES partake in perverse sex games with her husband. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, just like you can’t pass people on the street and know what they get up to in their bedrooms.
    But I’m not really interested in whether the video exists or not. If she wants to dump her husband, considering the facts that are established already, then who can blame her?

  • tallulah 2mato

    Hollywood is a place much like Sodom and Gomorrah. Anything goes…nothing is sacred, hopefully it`s demise is near.

  • Maddie

    Dump him Sandra!

  • http://YAHOO.COM maggie kenzie

    People should not judge the couple. There are a lot of unstable men but you cannot tell this untill you are n the marrage. when the truth comes cmes ot you would to die, but some of us find the prayer an the determination does help. some well wishers will g[ve wishers will try give advice, but you follow your inner voice for you gome to th correct decision, with Gods help you to, come to that, this is Sandra’s an JESSES deceases only.
    keep the faith Sandra, every thing is alwright. all my love to you.


  • Mzinterpreted

    Monique, did you really make this stupid comment:

    “He did try to be back with her 4 years ago. She didn’t take him back. Now I feel bad for that previous woman, if she had given him the time, she would be enjoying the wonderful man I am enjoying now.”

    Poor Girl!

  • ZynWoof

    Well… If this story is true, then she’s done.

    Something of this magnitude actually makes sense, in a way, with the continued hiding and covering up for weeks on end; that she needed him out of house, like in a rehab setting, to be able to get that tape out of the house—a home were kids live!!!

    Compared to Tiger’s wife, Sandra hasn’t suffered half the humiliation she did, yet Elin isn’t acting nearly as strangely week after week, which begs the question does Sandra Bullock, America’s Sweetheart, have something to hide?

    Unfortunately, I have my doubts about Ms. Bullock now, starting from the first day I saw Mr. James in the “Heil Hitler” pose, actually… someone had to be on the other side of that camera while they were dating in 2004, was it her?

    But… If the story is true, then she really did “earn” that Oscar—to answer her question during her acceptance speech… Because she fooled us all into believing she wasn’t a racist, white supremacist, or pervert.

  • rick

    Low self esteem. Maybe Sandra doesn’t want her sex tape to be released by her cheating hubby. Why else would she even consider taking him back. The poor children will be the butt of jokes when they reach school age.

  • Hollywould

    Monique the first poster up there is a complete assbag. such a loser of a whore.

  • Murphy G

    I don’t believe this for a second! How NASTY!

  • LL Cool J

    Jesse, Jesse, Jesse! I thought you’d be the last one to cheat on someone like Sandra. What happened?!
    Ultimately you gotta own up to it, But..It’s not all your fault though bud…


    This is what the muthafricken PAPA-RATS-SIES do to someone like you with a “great thing like” Sandra Bullock. Think of the show, Temptation Island, a while back. It’s what I call a one-two or even one-two-three punch.

    First these punk asses sexually harass(SH)you with gay innuendo and sh*t. Actually it’s not even SH, they insinutate you’re gay for a very long time with careful planning. (Let me guess, this occurred probably more while she was On Location/AWAY right?) … After this, they pay a fricken call girl or have a chance meeting with a Hottie what they know as your favorite hot spots. 97.97% of guys with a fricken dick will cheat on their wife or girl in this situation. You know how much planning and stupid sh*t they threw at him for him to cheat that many times. Think of other celebrities also. It’s either carrots or sticks or a combination of both. Atleast you didn’t react like that guy on Jenny Jones Show who killed that gay mofo. But you get the idea about these seeds that lead to this SH*T.

  • kris

    STILL sounds like an april fools joke.

  • donna

    why would you print such “crap” even if its true, its nobodys business. You should be ashamed. I have never been to this site before but will return to see if you’re always stupid or if you just had a massive brain shit!

  • JP


  • FN Cee

    Are we having fun yet?

  • chuck longcock

    That Movie would make billions of dollars…right on Jessie James !!

  • Dick

    A dirty Sanchez, that is AWESOME!!

  • bellagatta

    What ever happen during their marriage it’s between Jesse & Sandra, What happens now~ if she takes him back…respect for her is down the drain BUT remember she also had a past she dated many, many guys and she picked Jesse among all.
    Sandra knew about his past and ex wives…Sandra was not in her 20′s but late 30′s when she married Jesse. No spring chicken here! She knew what she was doing! I wish her luck and happiness, Hopefully, she thinks clearly with the next guy! Sandra still looks pretty and is in perfect shape~ the world is at her feet!

  • http://na annette

    Hey,Sandra,please wakeup.I have been there,the bad boy experience.They do not change…… although it was hard to leave,I do not have aids,and he does,so glad i left…

  • http://showbizspy TAG

    I believe,leave It alone.Yhis could better the both of them.Jesse getting help may change him into a better man.Maybe Sandra will not work away so much.Men do tend to need sex more than a women. I say let It be.

  • Ewes

    Where the f does Ian halperin come up with this stuff. He is a very sick man. He needs treatment and he needs to stop harrassing celebrities.

    • http://yahoo Cool

      Best response I’ve heard!!!

  • winddancer09 c caponetto

    First of all, I think whoever wrote this is opening themselves up to a lawsuit. I also did not want to answer such a trashy article b/c it would be lowering myself to unbelievable depths of “whatever it takes to make a buck.” To repay one of the best directors/actresses in Hollywood with this stab-in-the-back cheapshot at depravity is unnerving. The media never stops and the bullies doing everything but breaking the glass in the vehicle the other day won’t stop — don’t they have any laws out there in Hollywood or must JJ slash tires to get a stalker to leave him alone — and HE is charged with assault???????? Yeah, ok, we get it — JJ is a sick guy but one trying to get professional help — and no one cares about what the children are reading about their FATHER in the internet. NOW no one cares what they are reading about Sandra, a woman held in high-esteem and who deserves better than this trash reporting. IN OTHER WORDS, no one in Tinsel Town reporting this TRASH really respects Sandra — hope she is taking notes. AND no one cares about what three innocent kids are reading. SHAME ON WHOEVER WROTE THIS TRASH. Leave Sandra Bullock alone – she did not do anything wrong — let JJ get professional help — and do you have any COMPASSION whatsoever for those kids. DISGUSTED IN MISSOURI

  • DJ Mona-Lisa

    Are you for real? That is what I call a “shitty” relationship. We need to stay out of it. Those two belong together. They sure are bonded-like they say-birds of a feather–stick it out-stay together. I lost my freaking appetite. Honestly though I’ve heard stuff like this b4-ain’t nothing new under the face of the sun. By the way that’s not sex. Yuck!Don’t give sex a bad name..I love it.Sandra..u need help!!!

  • mike d

    so i guess she is just another racist i wonder why everyone isn’t talking about his white power girlfriend tattoos and her neo nazi affiliation so i guess that is how it goes in america these it is alright to be that way now but if this was tiger girlfriend what would be said and they say racism is dead lol

  • erika

    I hope all of you psychos who write this trash are sued for slander and libel. Most of you need to go back to the seventh grade and have grammar, syntax, and social skills re-taught to you.

  • Hitter N’daChitter

    Gotta tell you that I’d love to pump Sandra’s chocolate starfish!

  • Chyrl

    Jesse needs to be neutered and sandra needs to walk away and never look back. come on people none of us would put up with a lying cheating partner, why should she? he doesn’t deserve. any one?

  • connie

    This is the sickest thing I have ever read in my life! What the heck happened to Sandra Bullock? Did she really need to stoop this low???

  • Mel

    This stuff is trash, and I can’t believe I am reading it!
    Give Sandra and her husband a chance to work this out!!!!!

  • http://yahoo lola

    Stupid. Totally false.

  • whomever

    Anyone can say anything about anyone. This sex tape thing being put out there is just wrong unless someone can produce such a tape, until then it is just a way to get readers.

  • Billy

    This James guy is a total freek, and by the way, once a cheater always a cheater. He’ll do it again….

  • denise

    Whether anything published about Sandra and Jesse is true or not, is less of an issue, than the media’s desire to smear sh…. about these two human beings – I say leave them alone, already.

  • DJR

    Jessie probably made a sex tape and told Sandra if she divorces him he sells the tape for millions.

  • Jim

    WHO CARES!!! Sandra,Jessie,tiger Pour little spoiled rich people. Leave them alone and get your own life!!!

  • D Sanchez

    Sandra’s next movie is going to be called -

    The Brown Side

  • http://MSN seeker5058

    If she goes back, she is just going back to get even. Or to get something she can’t get right now, like the kid.

  • jdawg23


  • Laura Alexsis

    If that horrible tape is in his hands, Sandra would be scared to death that he will make it public like sell it for a lot of money. That would be so embarressing to Sandra and she will try to prevent that no matter what. Even stay married to that horrible monster. It’s a very sad situation. The lesson from it all? NEVER EVER MAKE A SEX TAPE, because you can never tell what the future holds. Besides making sex tapes is sort of sick…..

  • ffffffuuuuuuu

    Waiting with dick in hand

  • D Sanchez

    Miss CongeniANALY

  • Princess Gabby

    If what we are reading about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James is true then they both deserve each other. If a woman allows a man to defile her in that way,by putting feaces on her top lip,then she is just as sick as Jesse.

  • Lolita

    EWWWWWWWWWWW! No wonder she’s taking him back. She’s a real B!tch.

  • Upinya

    I love her so much more now that we know she wants and needs the doodee hole love. Unfortunately I would never kiss her on the mouth due to the uh …smearing of the….I don’t think a breath mint would work…well…The poking her with the shotgun barrel is hot…wish it was my weiner though…while she faces the other way…wow she is aa great actress and sounds like a lot of fun. Is she the girl next door or the dirty girl down the street…???????

  • caesar


  • Ken Littleton

    Sandra Bullock just doesn’t seem like the kind to take a dirty Sanchez!

  • caesar


    • Upinya

      Do you like the doodee hole love?…I won’t tell anybody…ok

  • Jen

    OK, This is what I dont understand, People talk about Sandra Bullock and Jesse, Yea there was an outfit involved, but Sandra was not the one wearing it, and people are calling her a racist. So the hell what if she like shit on her lips. I dont give a shit what she does in her bed let alone anyone else. I could care less and for people to wonder anything about that to me is kind of perverted in the head. DO ANY OF YOU PEOPLE WANT ANYONE TO KNOW WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR BED ROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crimson

    nobody has seen this tape and you all are talking like it ACTUALLY EXISTS. Why don’t you WAIT first then make a judgement. Personally I think one of Jesse’ )-(*@$ started that rumor. ridiculous.

  • gary

    Boy. I’ll tell ya. You learn different stuff every day. I guess she isn’t “the girl next door anymore” huh? Wow. Kinda sick. Couple of perverts.

  • mike

    Can you even imagine, feces on her face? I guess some people are into weird shit. Everyone said poor Sandra , Maybe she should check herself into a rehab place too. My wife wont even go into the bathroom after I poop, let alone wipe it on her face, Sick people..

  • mike

    Jen your full of it

  • http://showbizspy Sammi

    poop mustache? They are all disguisting people

  • Upinya

    Got Poo?

  • Robyn


  • Krystal

    If anyone is stupid enough to think that your sig. other hasnt cheated or done something on the borderline of cheating maybe not with you but in a past relationship than your stupid!!! Everyone have tip toed at least so quit throwing stones! We can forgive and it is only the couples have the issue to work out no one else!

  • wendymaddy

    This man is a dog. His whole life is worthless trash. Sandra’s determination to drag herself down to the level of such garbage from opera singer mother and decent father has paid off with just what she could have expected. I suggest Sandra get psychotherapy, and lots of it, to find out what is driving her to debase herself by associating with this degraded loser. Her determination t degrade herself long ago foreshadowed this embarrassment. It was inevitable. She should not even consider reuniting with him, and she should not allow their children to have anything but supervised visitation, and never share any custody with him. She needs to get sole custody. I hope to God she has a solid gold prenuptial agreement. You play in a sty with pigs, you’re going to get some mud on yourself. Don’t let him keep the beachfront property, either Kick his ungrateful, sordid a… out immediately! Let him sleep in his chopper shop with his tattooed gold digger buddy; they deserve each other.

    • Upinya

      Wendymaddy,why are you challenging her right to have dirty love?

    • http://Yahoo Sherrie B


  • Kat

    Even if any of the BS is true, and I highly doubt that is is, what kind of low-life shitbag would print such things???????

    T&P to Sandy. Hang in there girl. We’re wishing the best for ya!

  • Smack

    “report claims”… r u f’n kdding me? what a load of crap. what kind of low life scums would trade in this kind of garbage? showbiz spy, be ashamed.

  • Johnnie

    If Sandra and Elin like what they are getting and willing to stay then I say they get what they deserve. They are adults and can make their own desions. Many times in life you will find that those who look the most innocent enjoy the kinker side of sex and life. If Sandra likes feces on her lips and anal sex then for most of us she needs some mental help. However, as I have gotten older I have dicovered that lots of women prefer and enjoy anal sex. It is not for me however. I associate men who like that kind of action as closet homosexual who don’t have the guts to come out. Sometimes they have been behind jail bars to many times and just don’t know any better. I am sure Ms. Bullock is not as innocent as she looks and didnt’ become aware of Jesse sexual attitudes and desires yesterday. After all they have been married for a number of years. We, the public may never understand people who derive sexual satisfation from eating feces or have it rub all over their lips and body but their are people who enjoy getting urainated on too! No one person addicted to this kind of kink can ever be satisfied by one person in a marriage. These women are just as sick as their husbands and deserve each other.

    • frances

      Yah, pretty unlikely if Sandra was trying to get preggers going the anal sex route. Sounds like sensationalism.
      The checking in and out of rehab- Jesse. The cheating blatantly in their home- Jesse. The demands- Jesse. The wild lies told to the girlfriends with his other life/alter ego and make believe life- Jesse. The grab for attention in spite of damaging his wife’s reputation- Jesse. The half witted apology that doesn’t say what he did or a solemn oath to quit that behavior or lifestyle- Jesse.
      It comes down to a slippery slope around JJ for SB- it is a totally greased sidewalk if that is the kind of drama she wants.
      Move on, don’t fall for his pity trip, get tested, and Sandra needs help about coping with Narcissists.

  • http://yahoo G-Funk

    Awesome….Can’t wait to see it. Come on, all of you act like you don’t want to see it but really you know you do. You can knock off that Quaker/Puritan inspired BS. Bullock has been sexy since day one and she is an awful actress, no one deserves porn more especially if she made one like that. Celebrities should just stop making sex tapes if they don’t want them released. Until then they get whatever they deserve while making them. G

  • Upinya

    2 celebrities and a cup

  • Dispatch

    If buy some chance you are reading this…. If you take that “biker trash” back into your life, you deserve everything you get! Get out now and never look back! Those women will always be in the bed with you! I’m sorry but you had to see this coming. I mean, for Christ Sake, he was with a Porn Whore at one time! What made you think he was of any quality to begin with? Let alone for you to marry him, for life? 45 years old is a tough age to find out your most likely going to be alone but better to find out now than after many, many years of deception. Some of us, will always think the world of you!
    Good luck!

  • Sick Stuff

    This is really sick waht you wrote about the tape and what they did. I don’t see a sorce of where the info came from.
    Maybe you will be sued. It would be nice. You media people have gone too far with all the downright sick stuff. You have no class. You are Godless.

  • http://underconstruction Gregory W. Clarke

    Dear Mz. Sandra Bullock

    Your just to good a person to have to go through this, I believe he’s sorry….. he got caught and won’t do it again, I mean get caught. If he has an explicit tape like has been said he has it for one reason to hang over your head when it goes balls to the wall.
    Whatever it takes whatever you gotta do get that tape and copies back you know he has it copied and in a safety deposit box somewhere. If you don’t know how to get it, I do and whats left will be kicked to the curb at E14th St. and Fruitvale Ave. in East Oakland ya know what I mean Jesse “bad boy” James.

  • http://showbizspy luvbug66

    Please don’t let that tape be real…….nothing sexy about feces being smeared on you lips,grosssssss. Sandra gets exactly what she deserves. Instead of trying to take Jessie’s youngest daughter away from her mother, she should have been worrying about her hubby. Of course Sandra isn’t a saint, but she deserves a whole lot better than that loser. He cheated several times with several women, of course he will continue to cheat. Like Tiger, it is in their nature.

  • Larry Lee Moniz

    Who makes this sh*t up anyway?

    It has been reported that there are moving trucks at the house they once shared. Sandra doesn’t seem to be worried about any tape leaking out. It looks like she’s made up her mind and moving on. Seriously, Jesse only went to rehab to try to repair his public image. That’s all he really cares about.

  • http://showbizspy luvbug66

    Thxs for clearing that up Larry………I was really concerned about my gurl with doodoo on her lips. I know they say milk does a body good, especially with the milk mustache. A doo doo mustache, now that is doing more harm than good. I can see that freaky Jessie wanting to do some nazzy stuff like that, but Sandra………nawwwwwwwwwww.

    • Upinya

      Got Doo Doo

  • The Light

    Look people, birds of a feather flock together. She liked his bad boy persona, like the fact he was with an porn star, because deep down she’s just as dirty as he is. This story probably is true. I saw this story swirling around before April. Jesse might be using this tape as blackmail to get back with her, because now I’m hearing she suddenly wants him back. Her career will plummet if this goes public. Picture companies won’t even want to sign her anymore.

  • frances

    Jesse James is a Narcissist.
    He has NPD, an anti-social disordered personality.
    Narcissists manipulate and berate and blackmail and coerce and twist words and crazy make to their target until they get what they want. They don’t know love, and when was the last time anyone believed that a loving relationship involved regular emotional abuse or threats to reputation and career or stepped out or disgracing the loved one. Jesse has no clue as to what love is.
    He and Sandra don’t have a lot in common. He would want to hold onto her since without her his high profile and rubbing elbows with top actors and entertainers is going to be limited to Reality Stars and Porn workers and Celebs in the biker world- pretty far cry from Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep….
    A sex tape would be insurance and blackmail that Sandra would not continue to have more prestige or attention or power or opportunities or grandness or anything that JJ so covets that SB has and he does not have.
    He is doing this to ruin her since he can’t keep up with her.
    She got famous for talent and hard work and accomplishments. He on the other had got infamous for committing sexual debauchery and adultery and violent rape and harrassment and slander and looking like a mean spirited bigotted two faced rat.
    She needs to listen to her friends and family and fans and publicists and once and for all stop stooping to this man’s level. It isn’t good for her or the kids or JJ.
    He is getting his attention fix right now by upstaging her- isn’t that in the competition what he wanted- more fame than Sandy?
    Afterall, when do Narcissists happily give up their objective- themselves while destroying the other folks.

  • Bob

    For Sandra to go with a bad boy it clearly shows her love for cock any way it comes. In this case, badder is better! Go Sandra. Fuck the world and it’s self righteous double standards. They’re already dead.

  • Pete

    Whatever happens behind closed doors is private

  • Fedor

    Forget the sex tape. We all know what a bunch of incurable exhibitionistic birdbrains Tinseltown’s “finest” are. What Sandra needs to do now is own up to the lobotomy she got herself just days before deciding that a tattooed white trash “bad boy” – with a porn star as an ex-wife – makes for ideal husband material. Ergo, she’s trash too. Or did anyone really fall for that Bullocky squeaky-clean image on which Hollywood’s A-listers spend a fortune maintaining?

    Besides, it’s a free country: if Sandra wants her feces on top of her face instead inside the sewer, then let her. She is intelligent, mature, and obviously of sound mind to make her own brownish choices.

  • Stephen Morgan

    News of this supposed tape, only shows that the deepest dregs of the Internet cesspits have again surpassed themselves in their own debasement. Their sick media voyeurism is worse than the supposed revelations they expose. These creeps make a living by destroying people just for the sake of some crumbs of dirty money gathered up from the basements of the web.

  • http://yahoo joran

    sandra needs to give in to his needs..sould of knowing it be for they married??

  • http://none gladys olivencia sosa

    The marriage was instituted by GOD. Even though he was unfaithful to her, he deserves a chance to be with her.

    • bored

      Unbelievable. God helps those who helps themselves – not those who use religion to excuse lazy life and relationship habits. It isn’t easy to leave when you love, but that’s because of our humanity. Stop blaming God.

  • Barbara

    There is info in this article that I just don’t think anyone should know. As wrong as it is……… is their business.

  • http://yahoo felicia

    sandra im not trying to tell you what to do but im a very big fan of your work and your way to good to be treated that way you are sandra bullock for god sake you are my favorite actress ive seen all your movies and i wish you the best with your probelm………..

  • hahaha

    There is absolutely no proof about this so called sex tape and people are acting like they have already seen it. First, i don’t believe Sandra would allow such a tape to be taken, so if it’s taken without her knowledge, she can fcking sue that piece of sh!t! 2ndly, i personally don’t believe Sandra would like to have shit on her face, but then, what happens in their bedroom in strictly their own business – they can go kinky, dirty, whatever – they are a married couple and their sex acts are not open for judgement. Lastly, this friggin’ rumour is obviously just a rumour. Sandra is obviously in a hellish period of time right now, for not only had she loved that scum, but she openly expresses it infront of everybody so many times, and the single most hurtful thing has to come crashing down on her at the highest point in her career! To make things worse, she’s a famous actress, meaning, she knows that the world is concerned about her, for the paps keep reminding her that. That is a tremendous load of stress right there resting comfortably on her shoulders and her head. I wonder if she can take it, or will she need to visit a psychiatrist… life is not kind to nice people.

  • Greg

    Sandra, If you ever get tired of the fast rich men walking all over you, Try a poor old work a day country boy. We know how to treat our women, we have learned from life that women are the precious gift from heaven to be loved protected and treasured. Maybe some women just like to be treated like shit. Maybe they don’t think they deserve any better. I hope your not one of those, because you are the most beautiful woman in the movies.

  • tammy

    dont give up on him. my man cheated o me and i gave home a 2en chance and my marriage could not be any stronger. we worked throught it and it took a long time. but with the grace of god we made it and now it is great. if we can do it so can you. dont give up.

  • Morons please

    Amazing that the disgusting, unfounded story from IanUnderCover is getting press on other sites. I cannot believe that any agency would pick up the lies he prints on his site.

    Also, James is no longer at the “treatment” facility, so he is not getting help for his “problem”.

    For all those women who are naive enough to believe that a serial cheater can change, bad news: Once a cheater, always a cheater. You can pretend your marriage is stronger and that it is great to forgive, but you are only fooling yourselves.

    Again, anyone putting an ounce of stock in the IanUnderCover story about a sex tape, is an idiot. No such tape exists. Anything that idiot has ever reported on has been a lie.

  • chabhoney

    ok so this is absoulutly stupid maybe u should have waited til u seen the video cuz i know u didnt see it yet and once u seen it then judge and acually no even if u did see it dont fukin judge leave em alone 4 reelz like wut if tht was u , u dont want anyone seein u fuk ur wife/girlf

  • ed wood

    Lack of faithfulness is not an illness – it’s a character flaw. His rehab ploy was evidently meant to coax her into taking him back. When it failed, he decided that the jig was up and figured he’d go back to his disloyal, unfaithful ways.

    The idea that he is a broken man because of this is nonsense. He’s broken because he got caught, is now a laughingstock (and if there was any doubt, the world knows very clearly what he is, and will have to make do with his own income. And though that’s substantial by most estimates, it pales in comparison to what she makes and what she has.

    • bored

      Some of the best feedback I’ve read.

  • Jon

    I’m a married man, if Sandra gives Jesse a second chance, then she’s an idiot! I’ve screwed around a ton of sluts and tramps…before I got married! No excuse to mess around after you tie the knot.

  • http://YahooMessenger Tweek

    Puleeze! It’s bad enough he got caught, now it’s an addiction? Yea, it’s called Can’tkeepmypantsonasitis!!! Sandra, I am praying you knew at least not to tape yourself, husband or not! What ever the kinks are, they don’t belong in the press for everyone’s consumption. I now know more than I ever wanted to, and oh, thanks for the sick mental pic! Sin Cerely!!! Tweek


    I agree they should get a divorce. How sad it may be. But why do people and magazines find it necessary smear their names? why post videos? to post things that really aren’t our business. The divorce is bad enough. Why add salt to the wound? Just let them be!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I was watching Blindside last evening and this story crossed my mind, as I had seen it earlier yesterday. I turned off the movie thinking that if she really behaved this way, which I would find very hard to believe, I did not want her movies in my house.

    She did married a “bad boy”. It does seem he has a fetish for nasty acts, could it be that Sandra Bullock took part in his fantasies?

    This is all very disgusting!


    Where’s teh feckin video!!!!!111!!!1!! :mad:

  • Albert Einstein

    Jesus will set them free.

  • Miguel

    All I have to say is that we don’t know Sandra and we don’t know Jesse. All we know is what we hear from the tabloids.

  • gg

    Oh, this is total crap. Shame on you for publishing it.

  • Leanna W.

    Sandra must also be some sort of weird pig herself married to that freak. She knew what he was when she met him with his porn star ex who he cheated on numerous times. He had 2 women that he paid off for sexual harrasment at work, Sandra was dating him then too.

  • anon

    Maybe the sex tape thing is true! Why else would she give him a second chance!

  • sevien

    capital T grant you are been a babe..i can undrstand,you are one of those guys who like to cheat on your wifes and kids.i know and undrstand sandra had big mouth when she told about tiger woods and 2weeks later her ass was on the her sex tape which if there is one its goin to come out ,coz guys like jesse they love avenge their beloved.soon it his kids on the line.. wot ever people we got our own lives to look aftr.learn from mistakes.the moral is not cheat take your wife alone with you ..

  • hannibal

    They just posted the sex tape here

  • Laitnitebob

    Well, well. Maybe Jackass Jesse is not the only freaky deeky party in that relationship. I have not seen anyone verify the shit-lips video but if it becomes verified, my opinion of Sandra’s “Miss Congeniality” persona will be tarnished and she will be just so much another Hollyweird freak.
    A couple of things HAVE been verified. Jesse is a cheater and he is getting treated for sex addiction. His complicit partner in the cheat-a-thon seems to be so much the type of woman Sandra SEEMED to be.
    Anything goes in the actor “profession” that I believe the unbelievable and doubt the believable.

  • Laitnitebob

    Correction of my last post.

    “His complicit partner in the cheat-a-thon seems to be so much the type of woman Sandra SEEMED to be.”
    Should read:

    His complicit partner in the cheat-a-thon seems to be so much antithesis of woman Sandra SEEMED to be.

  • stevie

    Whatever happened to the classy starlets of yesteryear? Now they’re just a bunch of drug-addled skanks.

  • ST

    OMG,I cant believe you guys think this is real,have you seen on which site that tape is,90% of content on this sites are fake,I cant believe how stupid you need to be to think this is real

  • MatisseGroening

    I’m sorry, but she does everything in bed. She was a cleaning woman and less. She is not a high society star. She used sex stuff with me in the movies. She was eager haveing such stuff till I noticed. She speaks German like a housewife. She is very simple. Maybe Americans won’t notice, but if you have heard her German you know she is a simple … . Did not even sound like Highschool. I’m sorry. You can foret her and your dreams. She is a cleaning woman from simple parents.