Jennifer Aniston: ‘Gerard Butler is Manly’

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard ButlerJENNIFER Aniston has heaped praise on “manly” Gerard Butler.

The actress — who’s widely rumored to be dating Butler, her costar in new movie The Bounty Hunter — says she likes to goof around with the Scottish hunk whom, she insists, is incredibly sensitive.

“He’s an extremely hard worker, he is unbelievably fun,” she said. “Not only is he fun to work with but he is so manly.

“I think what people would not expect is that he’s so unbelievably sensitive and really compassionate.

“What you see is what you get.

“It’s nice to have someone to goof around with.”

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  • http://showbizspy luvbug66

    Slut find a man and settle down. Jeez……….she have been with a dozen men since Brad.

  • Monique

    Yeah…but she hasn’t tongued her brother yet…(sarcasam, in case you missed it..)

    • gloriag

      Brad Pitt should thank his lucky stars, that he didn’t have any children with that ho,Jennifer Aniston, but had his babies with beautiful,talented, decent humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Seems every man in Hollywood have been with Jen. So loose G. Butler used his finger in her private in public and as of today is seen dating a news repoter in Italy it seems he couln’t wait to get away from JA.

  • Gerry’s self confessed “Bad Boy”

    Boy, she’s needs to take her blinders off about men. If manly means skanky, kissing strangers on the street, picking up chicks left and right – then she’s in a world of trouble and has deserved all the dumping she’s gotten from players in the past. GB is as skanky and proud of it as they come, JA needs to grow up and find real men and look up what that word actually means.

  • mhie2

    Jen & Gerard seems to be a good pair..maybe if he’s man enough he should not let go of Jen..she’s so beautiful and sexy what more could he ask for? We’ll I know Jen will find the right man for her if Gerard is so busy with other girls…go go go Jen!!!!

  • http://yahoo lisa

    Jen is soooooo beautiful both in and out. She is only trying to find mr. right… just like we all do. Most men are intimidated by her intelligence, and she is soooo picky. Why wouldnt she be????