Janet Jackson: ‘Don’t Ask me For Marriage Advice’

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Janet JacksonSINGER Janet Jackson says she isn’t the go-to gal for marriage advice.

“I’m really the wrong person to ask,” Janet, who has been married and divorced twice, told Parade magazine. ” I’ve been married twice and divorced twice, so I don’t think I should be answering this question ‘What have I learned?’

“There are going to be hills and valleys and what I’ve seemed to have noticed is that a lot of the young people today, they seem to want to quit at the first drop of drama or issues that they have.

“Even with my parents, there were the bad times. It’s always going to happen and you need to work through those. If the love is there, you get through them together with trust and communication.”

Janet, 43, then discussed her marriage role models.

“It wasn’t my parents,” she said. “It was Sydney Fine who was a composer and his wife. I considered her my second mother. She was our tutor for years. And that’s who I really looked up to.

“Looking at their marriage, they were just very loving and very close and always connected and always communicated.”