George Clooney Dumps Elisabetta Canalis?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

George ClooneyGEORGE Clooney has reportedly dumped his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis.

The Hollywood heartthrob apparently called time on the nine-month romance shortly after their appearance at the Oscars last month.

The break-up, sources say, was sparked by a row over Elisabetta’s partying.

“George loved her, but didn’t want that lifestyle,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “They’d been on the rocks since February, but held on to make it through awards season.

“They decided to go to the Oscars ceremony in LA together, but they didn’t attend any showbiz after-parties together. George jetted straight out to Hawaii on his own for a few days later.”

George, 48, has previously revealed how he prefers quiet nights in over partying.

“Priorities change as you get older,” he said earlier this year. “You find that the older you get, the more you are able to participate in other parts of society. The more sort of secure you are in your career the more you can focus on other issues.

“But I also find I have this great group of friends – and they’ve been a great group of friends for twenty years — and we find out that the older we get, the easier it gets for us to stay close and spend time together, just in quiet ways. Rather than how we used to.”

It had also been claimed that Clooney and Canalis came to blows because she’s jealous of the actor’s friendships with other women, it has been claimed.

“Elisabetta is crazy about George and she gets very possessive when George pays too much attention to another woman,” a source said earlier this year.

“When other women get too close to him she always slips her hand around his arm as if to say, ‘He’s mine!’”



  • billy

    too bad that Elisabetta Canalis was spotted in Hawai near her still boyfriend just a few days ago!

    • Suzy

      for sure she is still running after his fame and his money .
      when is wedding ?

  • http://google ANNE

    This is pretty easy to solve George………
    Get a woman around your own age instead of the little young ones who LOVE the fame.
    She is really pretty……looks like Cyndi Crawford as bit.
    But i mean really when are you going to get over the mid life crisis.
    maybe a gap of 10 years is ok but anymore is just plain asking for trouble.

  • anonymous

    Sorry Billy, but there are absolutely no photos of Canalis near Clooney in Hawaii. There is a tiny pic of one of the crew members next to Clooney that some of Canalis’ PR people have been saying is Canalis, but that’s hysterical. Paps are all over Hawaii, and there is no way Ms. “Paps-On-Speed-Dial” Canalis would let herself not be papped there.

  • anonymous

    The only part of this story that isn’t true is that George loved her.

  • Doreen

    Dear George, Get over your midlife crisis and find a woman of more or less your own age, but women of his own age are not interested in him anymore, he is too much used by other woman, that is his prize for fame, he will end up lonely.

  • JoAnn

    true or not..leave George alone…he needs privacy in his life

  • anonymous

    Not that she loved him, either.

  • anonymous

    George must get a real woman, but the thing is he loves to have a pretty ones that are hungry for fame!!!

  • anonymous

    The horse was causing him night-mares.

  • anonymous

    She’s sending her own press releases as Clooney denying the split. Now if he actually does make a statement confirming the “split,” she’ll look incredibly desperate and crazy. She’s taking a chance that he’ll remain mum on the subject.

    • Suzy

      What a load of bs . He’s going on acting as a media clown .
      I’m just a fan, but it hurts me to see him losing his credibility and becoming more and more ridiculous with this ugly affair .

  • sandra

    Get someone your one age. Bleeeh. GEORGE YOU ARE BOOOring. And nothing wrong with that. just keep away please. thanks!

  • ME

    What the ffff did she have shoved down the front of her dress at the Oscars? Perhaps she should have brought a few shopping bags with her to hoard all the free loot.
    BTW – she does look like a donkey. hee haw.

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