Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kirstie AlleyKIRSTIE Alley wants to hit the dance floor!

Insiders say the former Cheers star hopes chronicling her weight loss on the reality show Kirstie Alley’s Big Life will lead to her taking part on the smash hit US TV show Dancing with the Stars.

“Kirstie wants to lose weight for her health and well-being, but her big plan is to shed the pounds and then be named the headlining performer on Dancing with the Stars next year,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She’s always been a huge fan of the show, and she’s been bragging for ages that as soon as she drops most of her excess weight, she’s going to launch a full-court press to be named a contestant.”

Kirstie — who ballooned to over 200 pounds over the past few years — is hoping to lose around 80 pounds, the insider said.

Kirstie Alley’s Big Life — which airs on A&E — follows the actress’ current weight-loss battle, and she’s already launched an organic weight-loss program called Organic Liaison.

“Kirstie’s hoping the network honchos will make a surprise announcement about her participation just before Dancing kicks off,” the pal added.

“Kirstie is a woman on a mission — body overhaul this season and Dancing with the Stars next year.”

Alley, 59, recently admitted she enjoyed piling on the pounds — but she’s now disgusted with herself for putting on so much weight.

“It was the greatest thing in the world getting fat,” she said earlier this month.

“Every meal out was an event. We’d go to Italy and have pasta, truffles and dessert and then plan the next incredible meal. It was a happy-go-lucky time. I never had so much fun.

“It was insane. I’m disgusted with myself! I let myself down and, worse than that, I let other people down. People were looking up to me for losing all that weight and then I went and got all chub on them.

“When we get fat, we fool ourselves with every kind of lie imaginable. By 2008, my weight started creeping up and I said, ‘Oh, I still look good at 150 [pounds]. I still look good at 155. I still look okay at 165. Some of my clothes still fit at 175. And nobody was saying ‘You’re fat.’ I was like a bank robber who was getting away with it.”

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  • evelyn

    When you lose the weight do something with your hair. I think you use your messy hair to detract from your weight. try and groom yourself head to toe..

  • Tamara

    I saw you on the internet (as I’m sure everyone else has). I admire you for wanting to shed the weight again. I know you hear this from everyone, but I would truely love to meet you. I saw the piece where you were talking to your kids & telling them about your unborn child & what the public turned it into, I personally think that was wrong of them. I admire someone who can turn their life around & make something better of it. I also think you are very funny.

    • Francine

      You should be ashamed of yourself calling Kirsty names. She may have a few extra pounds, but she still looks fabulous. I hope I look like her when I reach 59. She’s an amazing woman and I look forward to seeing her on Dancing with the Stars whether she’s thin or not.

  • Wimbeck

    Ugh. Ya gotta be kidding. This psychotic cow is proof that Scientology doesn’t work…

    • Tosha

      No, you’re the one who’s “gotta be kidding”. Name-calling is a sign of a feeble and immature mind. And just for the record, the reason Scientology doesn’t work has nothing at all to do with Kirstie Alley.

  • Jack Johnson

    Kristie Alley can go on “Dancing with the Stars” now. This thing with her being overweight is BS! The woman for her size is still hot, sexy, voluptuous and would never be kicked out of many a mens’ bed and probably some lesbian women as well. She has a photo wit ha lavender neglicee’ sitting on a guy like he is being crushed. Let me tell you know that she can sit on me on my face and any other part of me and enjoy herself for I would and we both would enjoy each other. Kristie Alley has class and sexy and term many men wet dreams into great waterfalls!

    • Mitzie

      Why would she need to see a shrink? If true she is 59, well hell. I pray I look like her at that age. Even at my age now at 42 I wish I looked as good as her!

      Some people just have certain genes and it does not matter how much or how little they eat, they will still gain weight. Unless they starve or have a gastric bypass and even then the weight comes back. She is fine the way she is, as long as she is happy. If she wants to lose weigh for herself, then good for her. But it should be for her! The only problem I see is how hateful people are towards her weight, of course she will be hurt with all the mean rude comments about her weight. That would be like telling a guy he is to “small” get what I mean. Some are just born that way..God created us all beautiful.

      I think Dancing with the stars should have a season where all the guest have meat on their bones. Not all the anorexia looking people all the time.

  • jim

    I have admired her work in Cheers but always had an opinion. Her battle with weight loss is mental. She really needs to see a shrink! Just an opinion.

  • Lala

    I wish I had willpower myself. Im very confident in my looks its just my weight i dont like.I wish I could join you on the road to loseing weight,ITs all in the mind and im just not that strong.I know you can do it,and you will be once agin in the eye of the public as thier perfect woman. I still think you look great and exspecially for 59yrs old. Wow! Oh…And i love your hair,you always look beautiful.

  • http://safari wayne capinegro

    The article about Kirstie Alley states that she has always been “a huge fan” of the show. That’s not very nice.

  • Kathy

    I was surprised to see that you are 59. You look really young for your age even though you are a bit overweight. Do not lose TOO much weight like some of the stars today or you will look dry, wrinkly, bony and OLD. You are beautiful just as you are; it is just good for your health to lose some weight and tone up. Also, I agree with Jack Johnson: you could go on DWTS now; you don’t need to lose weight. I saw you dance on your show and you have more grace and elegance than Kate Gosselin any day! Go Kirstie and keep up that spunky spirit!

  • Suzanne

    I don’t think you should wait till you looose the weight to go on Dancing With the Stars, you should have gone this year, your a Beautiful woman and you sure dont look your age. It’s not easy loosing weight and keeping it off but you will do it, but please don’t let it keep you from DWTS. I love your TV Show, its what goes on in a persons life that has a weight problem, and your hair is always beautiful, keep up the good work…..

  • KodiaksMom

    It is our society that has made women feel like if they aren’t thin they aren’t beautiful or worth loving. Commercials like “It’s great to be thin” just add to the problem. Until our society and the men in our society learn to love a woman or any person for that matter because of who they are and not how much they weigh, it isn’t going to change. Companies make multi-billions off the insecurities of women that our society has helped create. It makes me sick. And anyone who says it is all in your head, or have some willpower etc… has never had to deal with a weight problem so keep those opinions to yourself.

  • Mitzie

    I say do it! I admire Kirstie and feel she is beautiful regardless of her weight! I have watched her on the screen for many years and her weight made no difference to me. She is a great actress and a loving person. She did not let the fame get to her head. I would love to see Kirstie on Dancing with the Stars next season! I vote yes!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    she should try The Biggest Loser first and then go on DWTS! I always liked Kirstie Alley.

    • Franckie

      If you liked Kirstie, you would not suggest she go on the Biggest Loser. That’s a nasty comment.

  • trainsguy

    the only way she can appear on dancing with the stars would be if half of her was on monday evening and the other half was on tuesday evening…..

    this woman needs her own zipcode!

    • Lina

      Hey trainsguy!
      Has it ever occurred to you to treat women with respect regardless of their race, religion, age and, especially their weight. If you don’t care, don’t write stupid comments.

  • Doziem

    She would have to roll herself on the dance floor.

    • Lina

      Same goes to you Doziem. Kirstie would probably shock everyone if she appeared on DWTS. She’s very agile and dances quite well. Don’t judge people by their appearance; you might be very surprised.

  • Jane

    As I am reading this rubbish, it still amazes how small and hurtful the public can be. That’s why children become mean bullies – look at the mentality of those who raise them! We really miss out on some great people because of your inability to think for yourselves.

    The bottom line is – you have all been reared to adore and worship the thin body. You have made the fashion industry rich (fools)while you clone yourselves into what they tell you what to look like and what to aspire to be. The wonderful thing about people and their personalities and body types is the very diversity we claim we all want. I am thin, but only because it is my body makeup. I don’t exercize nor do I care to. Take all that mean spiritedness and laziness and get up off your bums and do something nice for someone or for animals or for the environment and SHUT YOUR STUPID PIE HOLES!

    WAKE UP, GROW UP and stop following these freaks on the entertainment sites and do something useful with yourselves. Stop being such sheep BAAAAAABAAAAAAA BAAAAA

  • mat

    I adore Kirstie Alley, she is incredibly funny, incredibly beautiful at any size & I was very impressed by her first dance.
    This woman deserves respect, as do all of us. Can you imagine someone picking you apart as some are doing to her? Remember she has children and people who love her and also she does have feelings. Does this not bother those who are saying vicious things about her. How would you feel if someone you loved was being trashed like this? It’s just not right, it’s sad to me that people feel the need to be vicious. Something is wrong with you that would make you say such things about anyone. Please stop being so hateful, not only about Kirstie but to everyone if this is how you typically speak about people.

  • mat

    Oh, forgot to comment about the comment about Kirstie needing to do something about her hair. I think her hair is BEAUTIFUL. Think about it, this woman is 60 years old, amazing! Her hair is so long and thick and just pretty as can be.

    • Fariborz

      too right

  • Veronique Timber

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