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Jim Carrey’s Depression Caused Jenny McCarthy Split?

Posted by Adam

Jim CarreyJIM Carrey‘s battle with depression caused his recent split from longtime partner Jenny McCarthy, it has been claimed.

Sources say the sexy blonde grew tired of the almost five-year relationship being such an “emotional roller-coaster” — but the former couple has vowed to stay friends.

“While they always seemed so happy in public, behind the scenes was a different story,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They were always busting up and getting back together.

“Jim’s problems with depression were a major issue for Jenny and apparently that proved to be the final straw.

“Jenny was constantly on an emotional roller-coaster.

“At the worst times, Jim would simply vanish off the radar, not picking up her phone calls — even hiding out in hotels or one of his homes.

“Jenny is a gorgeous and talented actress and very much wants to move on with her life.

“She knows there’s someone out there who can make her happy — and without all the drama she had with Jim.”

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  • Jennifer

    I think Jim may need someone more attuned to him… Depresseion can be dibilitating… Remember Richard Jenne? Jim Carrey, you need someone who is there for you, and that you can make laugh! I’m a really big fan! I don’t know you, but I hope you are seeing a professional for your depression. I love you, you are my favorite actor! “Alrighty then!” Remember that you are going through a transition, and that “this too, shall pass”! Best to you! Jenn =]

  • JIm Kari

    STay on the meds, she was hot, to latae you blew it idiot.

  • aspergerschick

    Is anyone surprised? Jenny McCarthy couldn’t even handle her own son’s seizure disorder/ She had to turn it into a money making adventure for herself! She hijacked the autism label, though her child, according to even Time Magazine, probably NEVER had autism. This chick is perhaps one of the most manipulative bimbos to ever infiltrate the autism community. RUN Jim. Run. You deserve much better! This moron McCarthy is out of your league. She’s only with someone so long as they can bring her something. Too bad she isn’t in it for her son, who spends most his time with nannies, while Jenny gets facials, massages, has a personal trainer, driver, bodyguard, talant agency, stupid lying publishers and parasite professionals who feign they know something about autism, the autism her son never had. This is such a JOKE! No disprespect to her son. He’s a doll. But he never had autism.