Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whitney HoustonWHITNEY Houston is having daily prayer meetings to help her keep on the straight and narrow during her world tour, insiders say.

The Heartbreak Hotel hitmaker kicked off the European leg of the jaunt in Birmingham earlier this week. The show received mixed reviews, many of them scathing.

Whitney is reportedly reading to members of her team from The Bible.

“Whitney is in a spiritual place now, which is really working for her,” a source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“The meetings are for everyone on the tour to join in, and Whitney enjoys reading out passages from The Bible.”

Houston has received many gifts from fans and wellwishers, the source added.

“Whitney’s dressing room in Birmingham on the first night was full of beautiful flowers and gifts,” said the pal. “There was even a Jo Malone gift set from Simon Cowell.”

Whitney — who was booed during her gig in Birmingham — has already spoken out to defend her performance.

“It was a really tough crowd,” she told the UK’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “I’m still struggling with my throat and I’m sucking these sweets to try and help me through.

“But yeah, they were tough. I heard they were a little p****d off, I understand. I still loved it though, I just love being back on stage.”

Whitney was recently forced to postpone the start of the UK tour because of problems with her throat, leaving many to speculate that she is back on drugs.

However, the star has since laughed off the crack claims.

“At this point, I just don’t respond,” she said last week. “I don’t even read it. My health is terrific.

“But this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.”

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  • kimbra

    We love Whitney and can’t wait for her to bring her tour to the States. Keep singing Nippy! Your fans got your back! Your concert at Nottingham last night was great!

    Of course the haters and tabloids won’t mention it or show clips and they sure wont tell you about the great newspaper review you got.

    The media and tabloids lie and distort. Do the research for yourself! She still very much can sing .

    • Tracy Terry

      maybe she’s praying for more crack

  • Manish

    What a crackhed Whitney is. She probably still fears the legendary Mariah Carey. I’d don’t blame Crackney-has-been, cause Mariah has been successfull since the beginning of her career, so the only way for Cracney to survive was to get into drugs. Crackney’s voice is shot for live.

    • Tracy Terry

      Crackney!.. LOL!

    • Ruthie

      Call Whitney Crackney, I bet you can’t sing like Whitney on a bad. Stop being so critical of Whitney and pray for her that if you know anything about prayer.

  • http://youtube cexi boy

    horiah ant nothing

    • Tracy Terry

      Horiah!… LOL!

  • http://yahoo joe

    Its a shame such a nice looking black women with so much talent get caught up in that crap, but money has a way of distroying folks, dam shame