Taylor Lautner Spotted at Gay Party — Report!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Taylor LautnerTAYLOR Lautner has been getting his groove on with the gays!

According to a new report, the hunky Twilight star, 17, attended a party at the home of a well-known gay socialite last weekend.

The party — held at the home of openly gay X-Men director Bryan Singer — kicked off last Thursday evening, and Lautner spent a few hours there before leaving well into the early hours of Friday morning.

Taylor — who recently split from country music star Taylor Swift — wasn’t seen kissing any other party-goers (who were predominately gay men) but “got the party — and now the gay community — buzzing about his presence,” a source said.

“Taylor is the new great gay hope,” said one insider. “Ricky Martin coming out is about as exciting to the gay community as Larry King posing naked in Playgirl.

“The mere thought of Taylor Lautner being gay is what gay men everywhere are dreaming about.”


  • Crazy kitten

    Just because he attended a party like that doesn’t mean he’s gay??? And I hope not, I am never buying another Ricky Martin cd ever again either.

    • Mista Laneous

      You are really ignorant. What does Ricky Martin being gay have to do with his music. All of a sudden now that he come’s out, his music suddenly gone to shit? Or somehow now everything he sings about is somehow connected to being gay. Don’t buy his music ever again, you wouldn’t want to be a supporter of such awful things right? You’re a friggin’ idiot.

    • Jerry Kang

      You’re a hypocrit. Just because Ricky Martin is gay you all of a sudden hate him? So grow up you discriminatory selfish bastard

    • bexyboo

      what has this got to do with taylor launter going to a gay party

  • Lala

    that’s bull. because he was in Paris last Thursday doing the Star Ambassador thing…he was in Europe all week LOL

    • Even is he is gay… who gives

      AT A GAY PARTY IN EUROPE. XD nothing wrong wif being gay anyway, dont get defensive… i have nothing against taylor. gay / bi/ straight.

  • amy

    From another news site:

    “Meanwhile, Bryan Singer is on the hunt for a young actor to anchor “Jack the Giant Killer,” his potential franchise at New Line”

    casting couch?

  • Harvey

    Of course the kid is gay. Have you heard him speaK? He’s as queer as a $3 bill.

  • ariel

    wow… does this mean taylor cant get a boner looking at me?????

  • Tanquitie

    HELL YEAH TAYLOR LAUTNER IS A LITTLE FAG!!!!!!! But just because he likes sausages down his throat doesnt mean he is gay right…. lol just expermimenting… NAW he is as Gay as ricky Martin

  • Antibullsh*t

    Um he’s been in Spain , dumb Asses. How about you all stop making suff up for publicity. If Taylor is gay, so be it. But at the moment he is completely heterosexual and no one has any reason to think otherwise,xoxo

  • Sue-allen

    Fact check: Taylor Lautner was in Europe (Paris and Spain) while this party was taking place. I guess you all are too lazy to do a bit of fact checking.

    • Mili Jonhs

      hey your an IDIOT he is not gay and he isnt 17 or 18 he is 19

  • tina5


    he gay

    and he’s 18 not 17

  • yeahyeah

    Ok one there is no evidence that he was even there…. he has been seen in france and spain all week. next if he attend this party hes an actor that went to a directors party… him attending means he is loooking for a new movie role. also apparently the person that wrote this article does not know what they are talking about. the person cant even get his age right much less anything else. the boy isnt gay.

  • Brneyedgrrl

    First of all, your facts are wrong, because he’s 18 and he was in France on April 8th and Spain on April 9th. No way he could get to Singer’s LA home on the evening of April 8th. Sorry, gays. He’s hetero

  • E

    You mean a Twilight star that might be gay?! This isn’t shocking. What would be shocking is if they weren’t all playing some weird, group dating game. The girls hook up with each other,and the guys hook up with each other…and then? They just share the “LOVE” lmao

  • http://None The Big Z

    “Crazy Kitten” needs a reality check. Perhaps he/she shouldn’t buy any clothes, products, etc., for fear of supporting a gay person who perhaps created them!! Hey, as a gay woman out for 20 years, my gaydar rocks, and Taylor Lautner has always set it off. He may not be gay, but he’s at least bi. So what? Does that make him any less of a great actor? Any less of a heartthrob? Any less of a human being worth admiring for his talents? Nope. He can pair up with whomever he wants. He’s got my vote.

  • Brneyedgrrl

    Good point, The Big Z.

  • melissa deneau

    ha how could you go to a gay party is it because you
    are down with girls? i wish i did have you in really
    life i am breautiful and we would make each outher a
    good couple but who knowns the feature in me hope one
    day we can run up to each outher never known. i never
    had a boyfriend before. but i am not rushing i am
    forking on me geeting my g2. you could come down to
    canada where i live in amherstburg who knowns but wish i
    could meet you

  • http://www.showbizspy.com biteme

    dudes he is gay foo shoo
    i mean look a ricky martin!?
    they just to see him all the time
    in gays
    and no he gay!!
    and humans are humans
    they nevee are perfect
    to all the mother
    fuckers are telling things to ricky!!

  • John Jones

    This is utterly false and, when you think about it, the proof has been before us all along. The day of the alleged party, Lautner was photographed half-way across the world in Paris at the LG Ambassador promotional your. Here’s an example of the paps coming to his defense. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • angela

    its stupid…..he’s not a gay.not at all..it was just a stupid party!

  • http://google Alyssa

    yep he has always been gay and he always will be you mite as well face it people he is gay its on youtube he even atmitted it and robert is much more hott than that fag

  • Cool

    I’m gay and I don’t give a damn about Ricky Martin or Taylor Lautner being gay. Gay or straight it’s just people as anyone else. It’s the 21st Century and there’s a lot more to care about than stupid gossips like this.

    • Clickit

      Hey cool.. ii got somethin to say.. Your aa outta thee closet gay.. Nd so am ii.. Wanna chat..

  • Ridzuan

    ya..i agree with u cool..

  • Emma

    Lautner seems very gay to me although this is certainly not conclusive evidence. I’m sure he’ll try to hook up with some girl during Eclipse promotion so the gay rumors go away.

  • http://online CT Kaja

    So what?

  • Watch Oprah

    Watch the Oprah interview again where she asks him what he looks for in “a lady”. Notice how he circumvents confirming that it’s necessarily “a lady” he’s looking for. When he speaks about what he looks for in a relationship, he quite obviously avoids using gender pronouns the whole time. He uses words like “someone” and other non-gender-specific words to describe what he looks for in “a relationship”. Go watch it again. If you don’t have it recorded, it’s on youtube somewhere. You have to actually listen to details or you’ll misquote him every time.

  • Clickit

    Okay guys.. Hows everyone.. Im sure your all like wht thee fuk shuld ii believe.. Gay or not gay??? My name is Shia Labouf.. Yes thee actor.. When ii heard bout Taylor’s whole party conflict ii had to check sites out nd see wht ppl had to say.. Well guys everything bout Lautner is False.. He was there for aa reason.. Nd guys so was ii.. But ii dnt see any rumors bout me.. Funny its always the big hot shots tht rumors go around bout.. Cause everyones jelous.. But guys nd girls Taylor is not gay.. ii would luv to say why he was there but it is non of your business sorry.. But no.. Taylor is a hetrosexual nd he will do wht ever he wnts.. Even if he were to turn gay.. Oh bout the opera show.. He hates giving personal info bout himself dats why he sounded queer on thee show.. Okay lets summarise this guys.. Taylor is not gay.. Purpose of going to the party was for a reason.. Nd the opera show is non of her business to ask him questions like tht.. Kk take care guys..

  • ohjeez

    Im with the Big Z. I knew Ricky Martin was gay back in his General Hospital days, and Lautner doesn’t have the swagger to be hetero. Did you see Valentines Day?, its not there people, even if he was the worst actor in the world, a 17 year old boy shouldn’t need acting lessons to learn how to kiss a girl. I just wonder how many takes it took to get what they got out of him. Its got nothing to do with gay parties, its his body language that tells the story. And shame on you Crazy Kitten, Ricky Martin is a wonderful singer, especially his latin music!!

  • OMFG

    Uhm!!!!, wow I love how “Shia Labeouf´´ can´t spell his own name, can´t spell Oprah! or any english words for that matter, but ok, let`s go with it, does it even matter if Taylor, Ricky or Shia for that matter are gay or not? chances are non of you will EVER even be on the same room as them, so gay or straigh, who cares, I am gay, I am hot and I woul LOOOOOVE to screw any of them hell I´d MARRY any of them, but do you know what my chances are?, same as yours, pretty much null!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45mg_e7npQ real411

    Please don’t believe the lies about Taylor Lautner. Just like Rob, he is a nice guy who is Catholic and raised by normal parents that believe you should be mannerly, well spoken, nice to others and kind. Taylor puts off so much testosterone that he could not be gay. He made a video when he was 15 and the girl in it mentioned that the script did not call for kissing but he did it anyway. He is looking for the right girl.

    When a guy knows who they are and has nothing to prove, they don’t have to go around bragging or using girls like tissues. He went out with several girls and has never behaved or said one thing that is remotely gay. He did not answer Oprah because he thought she was pulling a prank like they did earlier on the show where he had to go to girl sorority.

    This is what the gossip rags do—push slime stories about people who are nice and not doing anything exciting in their off time. Taylor is just a young guy. The guy who played in 1 Million Years BC – Strait is very similar–soft spoken and quietly self confident like Taylor. Cut him a break and don’t believe the crap pumped out by the other studios about Rob and Taylor.

    The only person who has not received negative gossip so far was Kristen. The gays in Hollywood covered for her BIG time. Finally, people are speaking up and asking what is wrong with this girl that she pulls this stuff.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45mg_e7npQ real411

    For the record, if Taylor Lautner turned out to be gay (maybe he went to a party not knowing much about the host and got set up) SO WHAT. He is a nice guy and very personable.

    A star’s sexual preference should not matter but what should is how they behave towards the fans, cast,crew and conduct themselves publicly. Taylor is well liked and a sweetheart.

    It is harder to watch a star make out with another actor if the whole time the audience is thinking about their sex life. The idea of kissing an actor that is sexual with others is kind of gross too. I think that is why Rob’s kisses in Remember Me, Summer House, New Moon, Haunted Airman, Ashes are all a little restrained. Acting is hard enough but imagine thinking about whether you are going to get a cold or worse from someone.

  • 1,2,3!

    who cares if hes gay or not?? (but which im sure he is!)its about the ACTING nd he is awesome! even if he is gay! IT DOESNT MATTER! its the character thats hes playing that matters people!

  • Toney

    I went to a party where mostly straight people were partying…Does that make me straight? God, I hope not.

  • http://mylie-cyrus-photos.blogspot.com/ Cherlyn Varron

    Great post! My sister recently saw that Miley <3 is showing up on the next Sex and the City movie. She is so super hot. Click here to see her sexy pictures.

  • ohjeez

    once again, it has nothing to do with his manners or his acting, he has no game!! sorry ladies, this guy’s batting for the other team….and how in the world did Kristen Stewart get dragged into this blog??? every freakin time someone mentions a Twilight cast member, somehow its her fault they are represented in a bad light. trust me, Lautner is gay and it’s not Stewarts fault, he was born that way…..

  • michelle


  • http://www.freshyesh.com Shan

    Rude. I’ll still take Ricky Martin anyday, mmk.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/life-coach-training Lou Tyrance

    Yes indeed, even though I adore her to bits I always feel sad that she went off the rails a while back.

  • http://showbizspy.com joe-.-

    ooo wowww lol… cant believe what u guys are saying mee im still in the closet. And im 15 and i do have a crush on taylor and hope he would be gay but no i kno hes not gay idk why i can just tell hes not but if he is would give me a small chance that i would eva be able 2 meet him idk he seems like a nice guy and u all need 2 stop shitting on him u guys are acting like real bches spreading shit. he seems like a nice guy stop giving ppl hell like that pisses me off
    oo and dont kno when ima come out of the closet-.- or if i will

  • sps

    He went to a party he must be gay…could America be any stupider? Granted I was a little excited to hear the rumor of him being gay but, he was just at the party he didn’t kiss a guy and he didn’t do anything there. Get some evidence like him coming out on film and I will believe you.

  • Ajcrichardson

    It doesn’t matter if Taylor Lautner is gay or not, what does matter is that this article is saying that the gay community is dreaming about a 17 year old boy being gay. If there was an article about a guy saying he dreamt about Miley Cyrus in a sexual way there would be an uproar.

    “The mere thought of Taylor Lautner being gay is what gay men everywhere are dreaming about.”

    If your going to print a line like that make sure its stated that its that persons personal opinion and not that of the whole gay community. Gay people face enough oppression without people also reading that they are pedophiles.

  • JJ

    @Ajcrichardson, Taylor is 18, not 17.

    Personally i would welcome it, could possibly make Taylor Lautner more interesting past his overall cute-ness.

  • http://google.ca stephany

    Being gay is NOT a bad thing and will NOT effect your music and or acting skills it is just a life style people! I really hope taylor ISN’T gay but if he is i will still be his fan :)

  • kayla


  • really?

    This guy doent act like the stereotypical manly man that usually calls for being a jerk. Just because hes a repectfull and sweet young man dosent mean hes gay. And he wasint even around when this party happened. theres always a gay rumor about attractive male actors because theres a bunch of jelous guys out there that cant handle the fact that their girlfriends drool over these stars so they say that they are gay to make themselves feel better.

  • Olivia

    He wasn’t at said party, that is a fact. Whether he is gay or straight, no one knows for sure. But when there are rumors about a male actor being gay that means he made it- so congratulations Taylor!

  • http://www.twitter.com Taylor Lautner

    i am not gay i was in europe at the time of this party so get all your facts right be for you go saying crap like this Gooshh there is nothing wrong of being gay so just leave it im sure half of you that comment this are gay

    • hahaha

      Hahahahahahahahahaahahah get a life. Nd no1 knows his sexuality execpt him.

  • taylor

    If you read all the gossip-one would think that everyone in HW is gay(:”not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  • Ricky

    Hi, I am Ricky Martin, I was at the party too with Taylor lauthner and labeouff, we were all living la vida loca, leave us alone, it is not of your business what we do with our mouths.

  • William

    So what if he is gay or not, who cares, he is a person just like you and your mama. It is not if your business what he likes or not!!!
    It is so retarded the way people thinks, mind your own business, if you are not gay it does not make you more of a personnthan you are, neither a better friend if that was the case.
    He is very good looking and a great actor, that’s what it matters, NOT his sexual preference. Ignorant people every where. Making a drama if things that are nit if their god dammen business. Why don’t you worry about your own ads instead, stupid mofos

  • Paula

    He could be gay or straight, it should not matter.
    Just because he may be gay I won’t stop watching his films.
    Same goes with Ricky Martin, so what if he us gay, his music is still good.
    Anybody can have their own life style it is a free world and it should not be of your business unless it directly affects you. Other way shutt the fuck up and take care if your own shitttttttt.

  • http://gossipstreet.blogspot.com Isabella

    OMG he’s so wrong!!! Everybody knows he is so NOT gay. He’s too cute to be gay!!!

  • vampire#5

    you guys who say taylor is gay are so stupid!he’s not gay,it’s so obvious. going to that gay party doesn’t mean that he’s a gay, we don’t know if went there for business/showbiz purposes and it’s not impossible for an actor or actress to go to another people in showbiz’ parties. i strongly believe that he’s not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://girlsgogames rachel

    i am all over taylor i snog the posters that iv got of him i hump my pillow and pretend its him and hes gay!

  • http://www.showbizspy.com/article/203180/taylor-lautner-spotted-at-gay-party-report.html Sarah.

    Come on! He’s 18 and so what if he’s hanging at a gay party! He must have friends who are gay! Who cares!
    I bet ya’ll have some gay friend and wouldn’t like it to be called gay just cus your hanging out with them.
    God people are so stupid.

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  • Kennily

    I think that that the media goes off on all these whimsical crazy rumors, that destroy celebrities reputation. I don’t belive this for a minuet. And I wish the media cared more about the people they are hurting instead of getting a juicy story. So I say, leave Taylor alone!!!!

  • ~?

    Who cares?? If hes is gay/bi/straight what has it got to do with any of us? His decision not ours. He is hot.

  • http://Google Bikram sarma

    No need 2 debate coz hes nt look like gay

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