Nick Cannon ‘Bored of Being Called Mr. Mariah Carey’

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mariah Carey and Nick CannonMARIAH Carey‘s husband Nick Cannon wants to be his own man!

Insiders say the 29-year-old America’s Got Talent judge — who wed the pop superstar in a secret ceremony back in 2008 — is sick and tired of people suggesting he’s only with Carey for her money or to further his career.

“Nick is a pretty easygoing guy,”  a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“He’s been a good sport about people giving Mariah credit for everything — even when they implied she helped launch his career. But now he’s getting fed up with hearing he’s Mr. Mariah Carey.

“He says it’s insulting to both of them to say he’s with Mariah for her success or money. Nick loves Mariah and he’s proud of her work, but the only thing she changed for him is his personal life.

“She did not change who he was professionally.”



  • Harlequin

    This is what happens when you date a woman older than you, especially one that’s more successful. I think Nick should just ignore all the comments, because he should know he’s gonna get them anyway. Or make a joke out of it instead of being angry. I wish them both all the best!

  • autoprt

    nick was doing fine by ignoring them and just the fact they were still longer than anyone ever thought possible, slowly people were beginning to shut up. once you say something to acknowledge people are getting to you, he is just going to give people something else to talk about.

  • Fred

    He has a profession?

  • Witch26071

    Mariah is so pretty

  • tahoegeminii

    it looks like Mariah is dating her son-if she had kids with her first marriage they would be just a year or 2 younger than Nick-plus he is kind of scrawny and has a baby face so he could pass for 19 or 20 any day-Mariah is getting very thick and top heavy and she wears clothes that would be pushing it on a 18 year old let alone a 41 year old who could pass for 45 easily-the result is the photo above-an aging prima donna with heavy narcissistic tendencies -trying to get assurance that she is not getting older from a much younger man who likes the notoriety he gets from being arm candy for an established celebrity-I think Mariah still thinks of herself as the arm candy but she is really delusional and drunk alot of the time-if you can’t stay sober to accept an award-the only award she has gotten in the last 10 years too! then I am guessing you spend alot of time in altered states-like the delusion that she now wants children with her boy toy- Mariah doesn’t really want kids-then she wouldn’t be the baby anymore no matter how many diva drama fits she has-she wants to TALK about babies with Nick cause it makes her think she is still at the stage of life Nick is at-she missed that boat while she was fame stalking her own career after that disaster called glitter and her mental breakdown cause the whole world didn’t fall down and tell her how beautiful and wonderful she was-she got an honest film review not sugar coated by her then sugar daddy and her crew of yes freaks and she literally fell to pieces-and she wants kids? after she quits dating children maybe she could adopt if she has expanded her mental capacity to care about something other than herself-as far as having them naturally-she will be taking BIG chances with a variety of health problems for her and the baby-for all the “a woman is never too old to have kids” idiots -oh yes it is proven women over 40 that have kids double and triple the health risk to mother and baby-not to mention high instance of downs syndrome, autism, retardation, asthma-generally your reproductive genes start to fade after 35 and your kids will be the ones to suffer for it

    • 20sg

      Well you are just a regular cup of cheer, aren’t you.

  • christ

    Wow, sounds like someone’s jealous!!!

  • Giorgianna

    tahoegeminii = You Are A Regular Glass Of Respectable Realism = Being Responsible And Truthful Is The Right Attitude, Especially When Children Are Involved.

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