Brad Pitt ‘Disappears For Days on End’

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brad PittBRAD Pitt is continuing to fuel rumors his romance in with partner Angelina Jolie is on the rocks — the Hollywood hunk allegedly disappears “for days on end” while the actress is busy filming.

Jolie, Pitt and the couple’s six children are currently in Venice, Italy, while the Tomb Raider star shoots new movie The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

“Brad went to Amsterdam earlier this month for a bit of a break without her — sometimes he needs some time and space to get away,” a source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“He’s making the most of being in Europe and, when he’s not with the children and Angelina, he likes to go on road trips.”

Recent reports claimed Brad had begged his mom, Jane, to fly out to Italy and help him look after his and Jolie’s kids.

“Brad gave the nannies the week off, as he was determined to show Angie that he could look after the children all by himself,” a source said earlier this week.

“However, after only four days he called in reinforcements.”



  • menina

    Pitt, you look ugly, shave the beard. Heck you knew what you were getting into with Angelina and the kids. hope the kids are not victims of Angelina’s capricious ways. I’d dissapear too if I had to deal with the likes of her. nontheless, you made a committment. Spare those lovely kids the fallout from your and Angelina’s folley.

  • Ingrid

    menina, he might be growing that for a movie


    jealous of angelina much???

  • Avonman

    The end of a Hollywood Power Couple!?? Um, duh.

  • daniel

    well,do they always have to be together?,some people are so dumb,they have to work and need rest we are tired of this break up trash please write other things.

  • furrrball

    cant agree more, Menina. ingrid, you sound ridiculous. grow up.

    • Ky

      you are an idiot.

  • In L.A.

    First, Angelina is gorgeous and it’s obvious she is beginning to tire of Pitt (Who un-attractively appears in public like an old, haggard homeless man these days). Rare confident women like us just cannot be contained, nor satisfied in melancholy domestic relationships for long periods of time. If prolonged, the relationship will simply develop into unhappiness and resentment – time apart is a good way to test the relationship.

    • Ky

      no , i meant you are an idoit….

  • Bratt

    Brad said he is Bored!!!!LOL His bread has nothing to do with a movie! Just Brad being Bored!!!!!But with What Should of benn the next Question?

  • Bratt

    There’s a difference between being hot and photographing well.Angelina not hot anymore. Angelina developed the anorexia Look and looks like shit now. In L.A, if you were to arm wrestle her, it would turn into that classic scene from the fly….Oh, and those gigantic man hands don’t help either.

  • Noris

    I agree he has to shave that horrible beard.He looks like a goat now.What is his for?And people stop saying that he is in troubles.He looks like he is.Angie is too skinny.Who said it’s pretty?Unless she plays a role of a zombie now or a client of a Funeral Home, she dreamed about when she was younger.

  • Mona

    It’s true. She has to fix herself.She looks horrible so people say a lot about her. She is like in 50-55-ies now.When she smiles her teeth look yellow and miserable. What happened? She has no money to clean them and bleach?

  • Kelly

    Come on!Give me a break.Angelina is not gorgeous any more.Look at her. She looks like a shit now, so Brad too.Her arms are ugly,can’t you see, or may be u need glasses? It’s even scary.She can play a role of mummy without any make up.Her skin is pale,like she is sick.Both of them are getting old and have to already retire and let other more younger actors go ahead!

  • Laura

    Who can be jealous to Angie now?U make me laugh!I feel sorry for her now. What to be jealous about? She looks pathetic, u can count bones on her without problems. And she is already OLD.

  • pam12

    brad pitt is old. he looks older than he is. And angie is old too , looks to be in her 50′s. I wish they would stay over seas for ever.

  • janet

    Come on give these people a break. Its seems some people see from this famous couple are negative things, these people who are saying negative things must be blind or got nothing else to do. Why don’t they examine and focus on their lives. Brangelina done nothing but more good things than most people.

  • stopmakingupstories

    Yes, he was with Angelina April 17th 2010 (walking with arms around each other after filming that day).
    When are these TABLOIDS ever goint learn to stop making up stories for the brainwashed to read and comments.
    People are so stupid and dumbed to still believe in these stories.
    Brad and Angelina are so much inlove that is no joke!
    THe joke is on you guys still believe in this garbage!

  • L

    Jolie look so bad– no wonder they pay $20 mil plus profits a film.

    we all should be so lucky.

  • stopmakingupstories

    L says:
    Do you know what you are talking about?
    She is the only woman who gets that kind money in the film industry.
    How old you? Go to bed tomorrow you need to learn math and other subjects like reading real news at school!
    You are so pathetic and dumbed!

  • http://yahoo peachie

    it’s impossible for a man to stay with a cheating wife. angelina is a cheating lustful woman everybody knows that.she had sex with his own brother other men and women.shes just making it look fine for them while brad really wants to leave her shes using the kids.

  • stopmakingupstories

    peachie says:
    Are you for real ? You comments is more dumbed and so pathetic that even 2 year old would WHAT??????
    Do you know angelina? NO
    Do you know brad? NO
    Where do you get you news? TABLOAIDS and MY FANTASY????
    MMMM… so its a make up stories= YES!!!
    Shut-Up and don’t even say anything unless you can answer those questions??
    Be smart and use your brain for the good and not wasted by reading TABLOIADS cause they make you look dumber and stupid !!!!!
    Get Smart !!!!!!!

  • Olivia

    When are you all going to see that Brad has done alot of good, like building homes in New Orleans, also has donated alot of money to specialorganizations. If he was still with Jen he would be smoking pot, and be out with the boys drinking and playing in some slizzy bars.
    He has done so much good to help out the needy. Angie was raised different and she’s trying to do good and she is doing some great humanitarian work, while still working on movies, and it takes two to raise a faily.
    I truly believe that they are truely in love, but he needs to stop talking with his ex, abd prove his love to angie and his parents. It’s been wht almost 5 years, and jen needs to let go, grow up jen see the love angie and Brad have between themselves. Now how many costars have you Jen been sleeping with and which one again are you in love with, girl you need to make sure to use protection, that many men probably more than Angie really has been with, so who’s calling the kettle black.
    Brad and Angie please stay together and work together with the kids also, and Angie take turns on making a movie so you both work together as a family. You two are my favorite couples, and all of you’re kids are great!!!
    God bless and be with you always.

  • marie

    Dear God. What forms of life do I see living in that bush? Brad, SHAVE YOUR PUBES OFF YOUR FACE!

  • stopmakingupstories

    If that is the only reason for a comment that please, check the mental place.
    Brad is still handsome person both inside and outside.
    New Orleans and others … all I have to say !
    Get a life!

  • L

    stopmaking stories..

    can you read sarcasm? think about it.

  • nina

    Total bu..shit. The Daily Mail never talk anything positive about Brad and Angie!! They haven’t written anything about Brad’s parents being in Italy with Brangelina family!!! not fond of the DirtyMail lies!!!

  • nina

    And…They are getting married!!

  • Ella

    menina, you are likely uglier. Why not shave your head?

  • nq

    Taking a break is always good, but you can’t take a break from being a parent, if you are a father or mother, wouldn’t you agree.
    Have you ever left your kids because you are tired of everything ( which, if he is not working, it would be them.. but yeah that is a job but you choose it)?

    Oh yeah, UN, humanitarian work, they need publicity to find funds and to show the work that they are doing that is one of the reasons they publicize her work so much, like they do with Hayek (they talk about her work in Latin America). Other people that do humanitarian work are more private about it. Certain organizations publicize actors help so they can attract people so they can contribute.

  • Pamela

    Whose jealous??? Most of the world HATES her.

  • Roberta

    Not most of the world. Just the woman. So Half the world.

  • http://BradPitt MICHAEL FRY

    ME and Pitt are old friends from Oklahoma.He Just forgot about me seeing how i didnt want to be the star.i wanted be like the left hand from GOD

  • http://BradPitt MICHAEL FRY

    GO kickapoos.fro the might FLY

  • Molly

    I graduated 1994 from Bev Hills High. It was common knowledge that Jon Voights son and daughter had sex together. She looked really pale and sickly.

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