Madonna ‘Fills Central Heating System With Kabbalah Water’

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MadonnaMADONNA fills her central heating system with Kabbalah water.

The multi-millionaire singer reportedly splashed out $10,000 for the holy liquid to be pumped into every radiator of her 10-bedroom London mansion.

“It’s cost a fortune,” a source told Britain’s News of The World newspaper.

“She’d have Kabbalah water coming out of the kitchen taps if she could.”

Madge is a strict devotee of the faith followed by other celebs including Demi Moore. So her maid reacted furiously when plumbers tried to drain a faulty radiator recently.

“The housekeeper was in a flap and told them it was blessed water and they could not drain it,” the source said.

“But they insisted they had to change a broken valve. It took almost an hour before she gave in and allowed them to put the water in steel buckets, pleading with them not to spill a drop.

“Bottles cost $8 each and she’s never without one.

“She must be funding the Kabbalah centers alone with the amount she buys.”

Back in 2008 it was claimed Madonna spends $120,000 a year on Kabbalah water.


  • Jennifer

    LOL, well Madge always was and probably will always be a trend-setter, even if this trend is too expensive for most.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    how about donating somw plain water to the thirsty people in Africa? Shame on you for putting tis information out there. I would keep that to myself.

  • David

    Thanks for putting it up there. I would like some myself, I’m here because of some serious crash and burn.

  • David

    so much nicer to be part of the permanent collection

  • Daniel

    This is so bogus. The water is not $8 a bottle.

    The truth is Science explains that our body is more than 70% water, and more than 90% of our brain, of our consciousness is also water. And science now confirms what the kabbalists explained thousands of years ago: water actually absorbs energy. There is a Japanese scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote a book called “Messages in Water”. He took a few bottles of water, and he played classical music to one bottle, played heavy metal music to another bottle, he cursed at one bottle, and said words of love to another bottle, and so on. The molecular structure of the water that was exposed to the classical music formed crystals that look like snowflakes. The molecular structure of the water that “listened” to the heavy metal music appeared random and chaotic. The same applies to our bodies.

    Check out this video

    Every time we get frustrated, angry, or depressed, we affect the cells of our body because our body is comprised mostly of water. This is an amazing revelation. Imagine that year after year, the water absorbs energy, and we accumulate all of that negativity. This is why people get old and sick, because the body reaches a point where it can no longer contain the negativity without being affected.

    Kabbalah Water is transformed like this: Rav Berg, the dean of The Kabbalah Centre, applies a very ancient meditation on mountain spring water that draws a divine energy that actually changes the physical structure of the water. We’re not talking about ‘holy water’ here, or any another spiritual hocus pocus. This is something that has been scientifically proven. When you get Kabbalah water, you can see how unusual it is by taking a bottle and freezing it. You will see the ice forms beautiful crystals. The scientists said that the only thing they can relate the water to is a sample of water discovered in a meteorite that hit Kenya in the 1960s. Now if you calculate the time it took for the meteorite to travel from its source to earth, its can be thousands of years. In other words, this is like water from Creation, before mankind had a chance to pollute the environment. And while the following information is not yet official, a few months ago NASA found out that one bottle of the Kabbalah water has the cleansing power of 12 bottles of regular water. Now the idea is, and this is amazing, that when you drink Kabbalah water you actually replace the water in your body, water that does not a stable structure, and you replace it with water that has a pure structure, the result is that your consciousness also shifts. Why? Because you start to have more clarity! 90% of our brain, of our consciousness is also surrounded by water. The more you drink the more clarity you have. . End of story

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  • Combi Boiler

    $120,000 in one year on water, WOW!. I mean it's her money she can do what she wants with it but $120,000 that's astonishing considering people in some parts of the world don't even have clean water to drink. Although I do know Madge does more than her fair share for charity.

  • harrymore

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